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Having a great time so far. I love it but i wish we would stop hiding the problems and instead just work with the students willing to put in the work to fix them.
Stevens Institute of Technology is providing me with a degree where I will be a top candidate in my field of study.
Stevens has very good academic programs. Most of the professors are very knowledgeable in their fields and do a good job teaching. However, some of the professors are there to do research and have no interest in teaching, yet are forced to teach a class anyway. You end up learning next to nothing in these classes because the professor could not care less, which is particularly concerning as some of these classes are really important for your major. God help you if you end up with Mukund Iyengar.
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I started going to Stevens as an international graduate student. I am habitual to Indian food so I wasn't expecting the campus dining hall food to be so good and have a vast variety. Plus their Washington Wednesday part is great for students to be able to use their meal swipes off campus.
Stevens allowed me to spread my wings. In Junior year I joined a fraternity, and the brothers were great. I was able to be recruited right out of college, with a great offer. The professors were there to always help out. I was also able to obtain, online my Masters Degree in Systems Engineering.
The campus is very small and home-like. The professors here are very well in their own respective fields as well. They want you to succeed.
Even though we graduated during a recession, my friends and I all landed high paying engineering, computer science, and business jobs. The co-op program is amazing and finishing with real work experience puts you ahead, as well as the campus recruiting. I had better internships and experiences than friends who went to NYU and were basically pointed to and told good luck. The campus is fun if you get involved in clubs, but it is a smaller school so you have to be willing to get out there or go to the city. I made life long friends and we all keep in touch and have 6 figure salaries; it's a school focused on ROI for your career in STEM.
Extremely expensive but flexible major and has room to maximize your education and network, can make the most out of your major while doing your undegrad here
it's a chill college, fun place to grind for a bright future. of course, there are certain issues with this little community, such as the constantly "under maintenance" gate, and unstable food quality. but if looking for a college that is fun and also very academic, this is the place to go
The campus is absolutely gorgeous and the class load is bearable. Teachers and students are very friendly and welcoming. Campus location provides easy access to New York City and the cute town of Hoboken.
Stevens is a 3rd rate school without a single full or distinguished professor. Almost every prof is the lowest grade assistant level who and now only they can advise a PhD even though the only people even close to advisor level professors were all off campus. Most Stevens professors just got their PhDs are aren't any better than TA's in good schools. Stevens is trash that only gets by because it's near NYC and they know you wasted $45k per year and must have a family or more likely you'll never pay back the loans you took out for the absurdly overpriced degree.

If you attend this school make sure you actually learn something from your own study and resources and get involved with good people, likely not at Stevens, and hope that continues until you make up for wasting 4 years of your life. Unlearn the really bad attitudes they teach to fool employers and people into thinking you're good even though you went to Stevens. Stevens attitude doesn't make up for a good quality education.
Stevens is the perfect match for you if you are looking for a well-paying career after investing in it. Do NOT let the price tag scare you!
Great engineering curriculum. Very rigorous, but being determined is the key. Form study groups or reach out to professors for help. Stevens gives its engineering majors a flavor of every branch of engineering before they go out into the workforce. Take advantage of every opportunity the school has to offer for help - tutoring center, office hours, or a study group with friends. It will be worth it once you have a highly coveted "Bachelor of Engineering" Degree!
Worst school for AI. Professors and staff openly say AI research should be stopped and cognitive reasoning 'would end the world' and 'hope it never happens.' If interested in AI research and innovation stay away from this openly AI hostile school. Treat people poorly. Contacted new AI department never heard back and now working elsewhere.
Stevens Institute of Technology gives students the tools they need to succeed. They allows students to interact amongst all types of students by bringing them together in a warm, friendly community. The teachers are dedicated to bringing the best out of students, and the students are dedicated to bringing out the best in each other.
I found Stevens people to be mean. Many professors are cruel and bash people. Hoboken is a 3rd rate 1 square mile pittance with a very high crime rate. No one has ever heard of Stevens, to give such a glowing rating to such an unknown school with such questionable quality is wrong. Do schools pay to get such good reviews? Most professors are assistant or less and most at the school are so severe or strict students will not be prepared for a good job or for life. Life is not about cheap bantering, bad attitude and undesirable personal competition. It's about being the best you can and working well with others. Stevens just pushes bad New Jersey fake above it all attitude which if attendees aren't careful may set them up for a very undesirable life and career.
Everybody is so kind and i’ve made several forever friends. There’s something for everyone, and my major is 100% placement. Some of the freshmen teachers really aren’t the best, but the deans and academic apartment are willing to work with you. I feel like i’m learning a lot and am in a positive environment.
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While a little pricey, its location and connection to many companies will certainly benefit anyone that puts a little effort into it. Academically, the coursework is fairly light and professors are more than willing to curve grades to your favor if you put your best effort and reach out to them. The area also gives student access to many activities in their free time, all within a 5 mile radius.
As a commuter, it's hard to find places to lounge around on campus (especially if it rains). A lot of self teaching!! Community around campus is one of the best I've seen. Variety of food available all within walking distance. Safe to walk around at night and early mornings commutes. The best way to study is to find a group of people and teach/ work together. Professors are hard to reach.
Stevens Institute of Technology is an incredibly small school with an even more incredibly helpful staff of professors. Most professors encourage students to give them feedback throughout the course and will try different ways of teaching something if necessary.
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