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Overall, the classes & academics at Stevens are great, however the housing and student life are absolutely absurd. It is not worth the time and money spent to have an experience that is far below other campuses. Please try to commute or do not go through SLH if possible (even though that will hinder your ability to be active on campus, but at that point its better than spending the amount of money you would spend). Additionally, the school is absolutely horrible with housing for studying abroad. There are no real options for when you return, so yet again better off going through your own resources and not through stevens.
Stevens Institue of Technology is really a College that is constantly striving for improvement in every sector. New things are constantly happening and building. The atmosphere among the students in fantastic and everyone is involved in some way. Finding friends is simple, even for people who don't like to put themselves out there. The party life is as good as it gets. Academics is difficult, you always have to work hard for the grade you want, but there are so many tools the school provides you to help. The administration is somewhat disorganized and that is the biggest improvement that could be made about the school.
Offers strong academics and great professors. The co-op program is a great way to gain experience. The campus is beautiful and Hoboken is very fun. Close proximity to New York City is good for internship and co-ops opportunities. Stevens students are welcoming and kind.
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The part I love most about Stevens is the community. It is a fairly small college, so you tend to see the same faces everyday. The classes may be difficult, but there is always someone there to help. There are countless free review sessions and tutoring opportunities, primarily run by other students. The school itself also offers various extracurricular activities that can be purely social, academic, or a mix of both. The classes can be challenging, but I think Stevens courses are extremely well designed for preparing you for real world engineering. Stevens also has a fantastic career center since it is a co-op school. The only downside about Stevens is that the financial aide department is not very helpful or generous, which can be detrimental considering the high cost of tuition. Despite that, I would still highly recommend Stevens considering its financial aide office is not the only source you would have when it comes to needing financial assistance.
Great campus/area but ultimately academics matters the most. Most professors can't speak proper english and some even repeat material in different classes. Business students suffer the most because most recruiters want students with tech backgrounds. Business and Technology students get better jobs than Quantitative Finance students even though the workload is SIGNIFICANTLY different. This school is overrated.
It is a great school located in an awesome city with one of the greatest views of any campus in the country. Although it is known for engineering, the business school recently reported that 100% of its graduating students either received a full time job or decided to pursue a masters degree. Stevens also has a great athletics program. One drawback is that the school employs people who were very successful in real world jobs as their professors, but sometimes they have difficulty teaching and connecting with the students.
I love the campus and campus location. Stevens is close to NYC and Hoboken has lots of great eating places. The staff and students are all there make everyone feel welcome. There is help for academics, joining the many clubs, finding your way around and help learning the system at Stevens. The professors are available and willing to help. Students just need to approach the professors. The staff is friendly and is always available. The campus feels safe and the Stevens police are always there looking out for the safety of students. The engineering classes are difficult, but the are plenty of study groups. You have to work hard, but it is worth it.
Very helpful when you need them. Because of the small class sizes they can really help you on a personal level.
Graduates from Stevens do amazing things and they make the highest salaries in the nation.
Very safe campus. Police drive around here no stop. If there is a problem they are there in 2 minutes.
On campus housing is pretty bad but it's definitely livable. It's very clean because they clean the area twice a day.
The Greek life is pretty prominent here. It's about 1,000 students and they try to welcome you and make you feel included. The process of getting in isn't as bad as it is in other schools.
There are a lot of students who participate in sports. Also there are a lot of different club sports that you can choose from making the experience at Stevens more enjoyable.
The school is quite small so it's cozy but because of the small size you get a lot of personalized attention. The school has great connections and that's why it's placement rate 6 months after graduation is so amazing at 95%!!
Fantastic career placement and alumni network. This school is the only one I looked at that made me feel confident in finding a job after school.
The classes are rigorous and the professors challenge each student to be the best they can. They also help plan and solidify students' futures.
In a difficult city housing situation, it isn't bad. Getting the housing you want can be a struggle, but they are overall of good quality and very clean.
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Hard work while you're here pays off when you get a job, which you almost are guaranteed to after you graduate. All high-paying fields.
My major has had 100% employment within 6 months of graduation for the past 5 years.
Lots of cops. They don't do all that much but they definitely act as a deterrent to would-be crims.
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