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Stevens-Henager College - St. George Reviews

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All the workers to get me in are very helpful and informative I cant wait to start. The canvas website is very helpful and informative and the student website is easy to use for people just starting out.
Overall my experience at Steven's Henager College has been good. The instructors and professors are very helpful. However, I do feel like the administrative staff could be more helpful sometimes. The classes are small and that is generally a good thing. Sometimes it would be good to have a little more people in the class to get more ideas from different perspectives. When I have expressed a concern they are always willing to listen and at least try to do something about fixing it or making it better in some way.
I like Stevens-Henager College because of the small school environment, but it does not end there. Everyone is there to help and give there extra time just for you. They also have great resources for every thing you might need help with as a student from writing to career services. I feel very successful in mu college journey.
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At Stevens Henager, the experience has been great! The teachers are very understanding, helpful, and positive. College has been a very enjoyable experience. I have been in construction my whole life, so college has been a very different change for me. I am taking the business class. It has a very great diversity of subjects and it has been fun to learn. It is a 20 month course, and am scheduled to graduate 11/2020.
The instructors are amazing, always willing to help and go above and beyond in helping you succeed! I have been so impressed with my education! I had a tragic life event, my instructor came to the hospital picked up my work and checked in on my daily. She did not have to do this but she really cares about the success of her students. If you need extra help or need to pass things off she is always willing to help and go in after hours if needed. I have learned so many different skills and feel I am going to be prepared when I go out into the workforce. Everyone at the College is simply amazing.
Ver friendly, personable, learning things i never would have without his college
So far things have been great, everyone has been very helpful and friendly, a huge plus to this college is your professors are also professionals in the field they teach.
I applied to this college because I had read some great reviews. I passed all of the required tests and even the interview with the head of the financial department. I have been here almost a year and could not have found a better school. All of the teachers are very well educated, professional yet makes learning very interestingly fun. The classroom sizes range from 2 adults per class and the biggest one I have been in so far had 7 adults. There is so much more hands on learning and real life experiences going on, not just memorizing information out of a text book and taking notes. I will continue my journey with this college and will keep referring people I know to this college above the rest.
As I've explained before, everything is straight-forward and convenient! I'm able to work full-time at my job and as a parent, and still have plenty of time for studying and assignments.
This school offers everything i'm looking for; accessibility, convenience, accelerated courses... it's fantastic!
So far, so good! I'm only halfway into my first week online, but the curriculum is straight forward, the professors are friendly, and the sites are easy to use.
This school is all about offering the necessary tools to advance you toward the career of your dreams. This school offers personalized courses, professors who are pros in their field of instruction, career advisers who assist with resume, job application, and interviewing skills, and the staff is all around personable and friendly!
Who doesn't enjoy working at their own pace? Plus it's extremely organized and easy to use! I feel I have all the help I could need (and more) right at my fingertips!
My financial adviser was straight forward and made applying for financial aid simple and painless! I had very little questions.
This career center is phenomenal! I love that I can continue to attend classes and discussions on campus even AFTER I graduate, and the staff offers "how to"s with job applications, resumes, and interviewing skills!
I love that the professors are real pros in their field of study!
I like that all my tools and courses are available to me online!
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The campus is small, but personable; the staff is extremely friendly and polite! The campus centers offer the necessities and has great availability. Because I'm doing my schooling online, this campus works well for me!
from what i have seen
great people to work with
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