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Independence University is over-all the completely best choice for myself and my educational needs! I feel very comfortable and excited to be going through school along side these magnificent people!!!
Stevens Henager has an awesome staff that are always willing to help with any questions. The professors are very intelligent and understanding about student's outside lives, like family and work.
They releved the pressure, and gave me the information I needed to go back to school without a excuse not to.
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The way they treated me, and explained everything made me excited to go back to school. The pressures of being 30 plus going back to school seemed almost impossible. Then I met at Stevens Henager in Ogden, and now have no more reason not to attend. I really look forward to starting.
Very easy going and online program is fantastic. Teachers and staff will work with anyone on getting their degree. They are very determined to help their students accomplish their goals. You'll meet a variety of great and genuine people. This has been an awesome experience for me personally. I would love for the word to get out on how welcoming this school is and what they're willing to do for the students.
I know that people have a lot questions about this school and if it's real or not. I have to say I have attended here since June of 2015 and I have enjoyed every moment. You are never alone from the second you decide to start until you graduate. I had the best instructors and advisors to help me with any thing I needed. I liked that it was not a go at your own pace type of school, it's at the same pace as a regular college is, which makes time go quicker, you have tutors at your fingertips available whenever you need them. It was bittersweet when I left. I graduated with a 4.0 because i had so many wonderful people and resources. I never had a bad experience with them.
I love how welcoming they are and how attentive they can get with each student. They really are genuine about wanting their students to graduate and do good things. They always keep in contact just to check and see how we are doing. I think that they could probably change the different opportunities they have regarding student loans, have more options than what they do. Now.
I'm currently enrolled and very excited about this next stage in my life. I've been extremely encouraged and motivated by the instructors,admissions advisors,financial advisors,etc. has been an awesome experience.
Stevens-Henager is a great college! I graduate in 3 months and I am SO confident in my abilities as a Surgical Technologist. I have had 2 amazing professors who have taught me so much more than just surgery. I enjoy the small classes, it really does help in retaining information. I love that the teachers work with you if you have any personal issues. There are a lot of benefits in going to a small, private college. It is a great college and really worth the cost.
I am in first module online. It is great. Not a day goes by that at least one of my advisor, teachers or counselors reach out to me to check in.
I like how thorough and friendly the staff are and how professional and knowledgeable the professors are.
It is incredible, the classes are small and the professors really do care about you. They focus only on the courses you need for your profession not any of this mindless generals courses.
They're really trying to make sure I get this whole computer fundamentals thing I'm so glad I chose this school.
Love the small classes and the one on one interactions with the teachers! It is kind of on the expensive side but I really enjoy the environment and you learn so much in a small amount of time. The accelerated classes are well planned out through out the 4 weeks so that you get all the necessary information. Love my school and recommend it to anyone who is looking to further their education in the healthcare field.
Waste of $ and time! Worthless degrees that are paid for not earned! 100% acceptance but only 34% graduate?!? Run away! You've been warned......
They have morning class from 11:45 to 2:15 or you can go to night classes from 6:00 to 8:00. I haven't transferred credits yet so I would not know.
I haven't taken any online classes but from what I have heard it is very easy to switch to online classes. You can always text your professor or make an appointment and come in to get help.
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The school knows a lot of other businesses. Those businesses will actually come to Stevens Henager when they need a new person in that career.
The value of the degree from this school is the same from any other university. Most of the students in the school will have a job before they have graduated or after they graduate.
The professors at this school are very helpful. You can email them, call them, or even text them to get the help you need. Courses are only a month long so you are finishing your classes and learning the stuff you need faster. The class styles depend on the teacher. The class sizes are very small which means you have more hands on help with the professors.
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