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I have taken 5 classes and it was all i imagined. Awesome professors great staff. All the help and guidance you could ask for. I love the online atmosphere and they keep you engaged with being social by having weekly discussion posts with the class. A very hands on feeling, learning in the comfort of my home. As a stay at home mom I need my school to be on my schedule and it very much meets all the criteria i was in need of.
Just starting here. Can't wait to start my classes. So far the people here are nice. Would not change any thing so far.
Never ever ever going to recommend this school to anyone. Horrible and outrageously overpriced. Even worse is that after I got my AOS I didn't get a pay raise in my field. I previously only had a certification (which cost me $250 and a month's worth of weekends to get) and I made more with that than I do with my AOS that I'm now almost $40K in debt for. Complete garbage.
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I am a brand new freshmen, Love it so far , excellent staff.. they help you feel comfortable .. change ? well the lunch/ break room id put a fridge in there ! some of us should eat better? vending machines .. they are OK for the most part. teacher so far is awesome , has a sense of humor and is educated. we have free tutors! we also have open doors , so you can visit with the staff quite frequently if needed , they are here for us
I am finding that they so far have held up to all of their promises. It is fast pace, however I find that the first class that they have you take during their trial period is very educational and extremely worth taking. I would recommend this class and this school to others
I recently graduated from this school and i am look to start back up for my bachelors degree. Its a great school.
I cannot express my love enough for this school!... I have had a great experience so far and i would definitely recommend this school. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they really are with you every step of the way. Great School!
I don't start until April 17, 2017! But my counselor is wonderful helps me every step of the way! Jesse Rodriguez 800 291 9445!
I've enjoyed this school the most through my college journey. I feel like the admin staff is up front and warm, easy to approach. The campus is easy to access from the main highway and public transit. I also enjoy having the opportunity to work for the school.
The instructors are knowledgable, friendly, and approachable. The curriculum challenges students to push themselves without being daunting.
I do not have to drive anywhere.
It is a mystery class each Mod.
It is what I make of it.
It is all new to me and I have a long way to go.
I knew what to expect and I am OK with it.
The employees make sure you understand everything before going on to the next student.
Small Class sizes help alot.
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I like that there are no surprise costs.
I just started so I will get back on that.
You can go to the dashboard and look at your grades after you done an assignment.
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