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I was excited to see a program that had all I wanted in a college course of graphic design and there was always a day I would be able to come into the school if I need help. What I would like to see change is a bit more hands on classes for the Graphic Design program, for all are online courses.
If I would have gotten my transfer credits in I would have been able to miss some of the classes that I am currently taking.
There isn't a lot of student professor relationship because it is all online.
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I am going to look for something that I can use my degree to get the right position for. I am willing to learn everything there is to know about computer information
You get to learn when you are wanting to learn they only ask that you participate four out of seven days.
There was no application fee and they walked through everything with you for all the financing.
It will help me get my bachelors degree in computer science.
It is a easy going school.
It is very convenient and I am able to do the work that I need to do.
It easy and it is easier to get a hold of the teacher. Also you can work at your own pace and not at the teachers pace.
It's all online and it is amazing. It is super easy and I am able to the work at my own paces.
The classes are small and the teachers get to know me.
the classes and everything are geared to getting a job with my masters program.
I just wanted to get my masters.
I have gone here before and I love the campus
Day and evening classes for those that need them. perfect!
I haven't had any online so far. But I will.
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Almost everyone gets a job.
Professors are the BEST! Class sizes are AMAZING! You can get one on one teaching any time you are behind due to the fact there is small class sizes. I love it.
So far my major is Medical Assisting. I aim for higher but for now I am studying for MA. It is to be honest, very hard! A lot of homework to do every day but it is so worth it at the end.
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