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I really like the fact that I'm not just another face in the crowd. The largest class I've been in had only about 10 students so it is more comfortable of an environment for people with social anxiety.

I would like to see the school challenge their students a little more, however. I have received 100% in many of my classes, simply for the fact that I turn in all the assignments by their respective due dates.
I went to school there and I really enjoyed learning and getting my education until I realized that I paid way to much for it and now her 6 years later I am still trying to pay it off
So far I am loving the hands-on training and the easy flexible schedules they have for those of us who work full time or part time jobs. The staff is always friendly and eager to help whenever you both are available with homework, library assignments, disscusions etc. They actually care about your goals and success, which makes me glad i chose this school.
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My major is great and you can get a Bachelors degree in just a few years. There are a lot of other students taking the same class so that is helpful.
Transferring credits was easy for the most part, and I love online classes. The hard part is trying to get someone from the school to call or email you back when you have an issue. I have been trying to get a meeting to review my econ class and it is very challenging.
I love online because I can do my work when the kids are in bed, or on my lunch hour or whatever is most convenient for me.
Most of the courses pertain to my degree and many of my teachers have been great. There are a few that are harder to get a long with and trying to get someone from the school to call you back is really hard,
What I love about it is the online classes and being able to login when it is most convenient for me. The reason it is just ok, is because communication is lacking and if you miss a live session, because you are at work, it is hard to get a recording from some teachers.
I have truly enjoyed my classes and instructors. They have been awesome and very knowledgable about what they teach. Many are graphic designers with many years of experience in the field. They work and teach or are retired and are now instructors. Some have been students and have received their master's degree and now teach at the college. Professor/student relations are excellent; the teachers care a great deal about the students and push us to learn. They take time to work with us by having open labs on assignments so that we have a better understanding. The teachers want their students to succeed. Peer to peer interaction is part of one of the assignments each week on what ever topic the class is on, for the week. The workload is reasonable, but, time management is a very important factor because each course is only four weeks. Online college is fast paced, it is important to manage your time wisely and work with your instructors and the tutoring center if you want to succeed.
There is student career services at Stevens Henager. My last two classes in my Associate's helped me to put together a resume. I am in college now receiving my bachelors. I cannot truthfully say how the student services is. I have not used the schools services yet. I do intend to once I receive my bachelors degree. I am a online student and out of state so this also complicates things a bit.
I love the instructor's that I have had, they are open and willing to help. They are available by Skype, email, and phone. The instructor's are very knowledgable about what they teach and have been in the business of graphic design for 15 to 30 years. The live lectures are recorded, so that you can review anything that you need to see again or to keep in your own files.The courses are four weeks and you have to study harder, this is for online classes. The campus classes are regular term classes. I am a online student, which means that I must study harder and at a faster pace.
The tuition is high but the school is good. I enjoy my instructors and enjoy online college. It is nice to have the freedom to be able to study at what ever hour I desire. I also like the fact that I can watch my weekly lectures again if needed, because they are live plus recorded. This is a great plus because if I were to have a doctor's appointment I can watch the lecture later. The workload can be stressful if you do not use time management properly. I love the tutoring center, the tutors are wonderful. If, I do not understand something in the lecture the tutors are great;I love the fact that they will go over with you and walk you through the steps of what you do not understand and walk you through the steps so that I do fully understand. This is a great benefit to me. The school also uses the zoom platform as well as Skype. These platforms are great for working with your instructors on assignments or to be able to study with fellow classmates. It is amazing how students from all over the world can study together using these platforms.
I think SH is great. I attended years ago and I returned to get my next degree because of the ability to work online or in the classroom.
They were awesome. They helped me and explained every question I had. They made sure that I felt comfortable with the school as well as made sure it was the best fit for my education.
Everyone, staff and student alike is like family here. It's always so awesome to just walk into class knowing I am welcome and can get the help I need from not only my instructors but from the amazingly friendly tutors. Right now I am one of 3 people in my class, and that makes it so amazing to learn everything. My instructor makes sure I understand, and that the other 2 do before he moves on to the next part. I not only can get the help I need, but I have FUN in class every single day.
Helped me make my dreams reality
The advisor listened so well and helped me pick the right subject and degree to go for that suited me.
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Everyone's very helpful and sportive of your goals. No one talks down to you.
The resources on campus are fantastic. there are tutors to help students who are struggling on criteria the student don't understand. There are also Student Services to help the student flourish toward success. The last thing this college has is Career Services: this unique service, helps the average student learn about resume and project portfolio and teach students about great interviewing tips.
this is a private career oriented college. Most students are working parents serious about there education.
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