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Very nice and small campus. The people here are very nice and welcoming. Classes can be difficult to find sometimes.
Stetson University is a wonderful college filled with amazing professors who are always willing to help you out. Being at a small campus lets you really get to know your classmates and the faculty around you. The courses are rigorous and require a lot of study-time outside the classroom and attendance is required for most courses, but the knowledge and skills gained from the university are things that you will be able to utilize and apply in your daily life. The only downside is the cost of tuition. Unless you get a full-ride or near full-ride scholarship, you will graduate in a cesspool of debt.
Picking a college to attend was a really hard decision for me considering I am not a very good decision maker. When choosing a college it had to have a gorgeous campus and not too many students. Stetson has just that. Stetson campus is so pretty it makes walking to class that much better. The best part about stetson is the student to faculty ratio which is around 1:13. All of the teachers I have had so far knew my name and who I was as a person. That is hard to find in a University. The teachers at Stetson want you to succeed and go far in life. They are always willing to help all you need to do is ask. The opportunities and help Stetson has is awesome
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Although Stetson is a small school with some retention concerns, students must find themselves at home while on campus. As an incoming senior I know I made the right choice with my education and I understand my peers that transferred earlier on- the small population and small class sizes weren’t fit for them and that’s okay! Stetson offers great , in depth courses where you truly get to know your professors and feel like you’re not just student #123
I am only a sophomore but I have learned a lot about this school from my first year. It is a private college with very small campus and small number of students, which is the perfect environment for me. They have decent resources and faculties where you can ask questions and get good answers.
Stetson has been a great first year Freshman experience. I have become very involved on campus and have received great academic support. The small student to professor ratio provides an atmosphere that supports success.
Food needs improvement but that should be helped by the new dining facilities opening this fall.
The Csmpus is beautiful and the town has a lots to do. The school has clubs or groups for everyone not matter your likes
Great Academics and professors, however, administration does not seem to care about students voice. Required meal plan for freshman and sophomores are just about making money. Tuition has gone up every year I have been here and there has been zero change to my scholarships.
Stetson University is a great place to receive not only your education, but also an all around college experience. Stetson hatters are some of the nicest people your life will expose you to!
Stetson is a beautiful campus with high student involvement. The class size is very small which makes communicating with the professors very easy. The professors are amazing.
Nothing special about the school. Lots of wooded areas for biking or walking which is fun but nothing to do party or hang out wise the school is more for work in my opinion
It’s a hard school in the middle of no where. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you really like nature
They Don't Call It Dead-Land for Nothing. This town is quaint and small, but unfortunately this means that you need to leave it if you want to find something fun to do. If you're a nature buff, you can go Blue Springs Park or Deleon Springs. Also, the beach isn't too far away. If you're looking to party though, look to Orlando or Daytona. Deland is pretty lame. There's one club: Ace of Clubs, and a couple of bars. Deland is really only good because it's close to other fun spots.
It’s a good school if your just there for the academics. There’s really nothing to do, if you like to party or go out your screwed and would not recommend this school
I am in love with Stetson University. For those of you who don't know about Stetson, I recommend that you visit. I love how it feels like I am back at home with my family. I feel safe, loved, welcomed and happy.
im so bored its in the middle of nowhere. if you like nature then you found your home but if not then have fun trying to find any decent parties
Nothing to do at this college and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t feel like a real college experience..
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just finished my first semester and Stetson and it was the worst 4 months of my life. The classes are way too big and you get no individual attention as a student. It’s like nobody would notice if you weren’t there. The new dorms are horrible and made with cheap materials. All this school does is try to suck money from you for the most stupid reasons. The parking is the worst and nobody listens when the students say this over and over again. I will be transferring to SJU in Philly next semester and can not wait for a better college experience. Think twice before attending Stetson unless you want to be just another one of the thousands of students. Even the counseling department does a terrible job at responding to clients. This school is a scam and its educational quality is significantly less than my high school. It was a waste of my time and ruined my spirit.
i should have transferred when i had the chance. theres nothing to do on campus i feel like im trapped. They say the small class size is helpful but really it just makes it easy for the teachers to point out your mistakes. they treat you like kids here.
Stetson University has given me the experiences and the support I have always wanted in a college. The small class size allows me to develop close relationships with the teachers and students, building a network of valuable connections that will be important throughout my college career and beyond.
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