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I wish I could give Stetson less than 1 star because it was truly the worst experience I have had in my life thus far. I went for one semester and wish I could take those 4 months back. The dorms are absolutely disgusting, which they force you to live in for 3 years. My roommate was an awful person who only made my experience worse, but it seems that most people from Stetson are all like my disgusting excuse of a roommate. The classes are small and also just strange honestly. It’s in the middle of a cow pasture, and the nearest target is almost 30 minutes away, so if you need milk then good luck. There’s absolutely no party scene, it should really get an F for partying, NOT a B. The only anecdote you need that will explain the party scene there is one time I was invited to a party (that was in a frat kids dorm which is just ??) and they told me to wear a cowboy hat. They weren’t joking. If you’re in high school looking into going to Stetson, I really advise you reconsider.
I am an international student from Brazil and I already feel at home here at Stetson. As I walk around the small campus, several people say hello and want to know if I'm ok. I don't feel like a number, but as someone who makes a difference in the Stetson community.
The classes are small and the professors are very good. The food surprised me because it is of good quality.
I love the fact that Stetson is a small campus with a student population of a little over 3000 students. That way, professors will be more attentive to their students vs a university with 60000 students and classrooms with 300 students. The campus itself is very warm and friendly! As you are walking around campus, you are eagerly being greeted by students, staff, and administration that are willing to help give you directions to your destination or even answering questions that a freshmen or transfer student may have. Stetson University is the university that you’d want to go to if you love a close, welcoming atmosphere as well as a stable relationship with your professor.
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AACSB accredited in both Business and Accounting. Small school with strong academics and excellent professors!
I was 17 when I started my Freshman year at Stetson as eager to have my independence and start a new journey similar to all of my peers. Though the town the school was in, Deland, was nicknamed Deadland I did not mind. Not having much going on was ok because it allowed me to focus on my academics. Even though I did not get as much from my philosophy degree as others did. I had some of the best professors I think I will ever have. They challenged us to think beyond, to consider other ways of reaching a conclusion and they were passionate about their lectures. One thing I would love to see change is the activity in the town. To go to a good mall you had to travel at least an hour.
Stetson is very diverse and the student life is great there, the professors care about your success and safety. The athletics are all treated equal no sport is better than any other and the campus is nice just like their food.
My experience with professors is great at Stetson, because of the small class sizes. Also, relative to my friends at public universities the education is more in-depth. Lastly, the education does not just focus on theory, but practicality too.
I love the campus and the overall atmosphere. All of my professors know me well and I am able to get academic resources very easily. And the people are great!
Everyone is so helpful. Staff and other students helped to make my transfer so easy. The campus is amazing. Overall could not be happier!
So far I absolutely love all of the teachers; they are all extremely invested in their students and in helping us. Beautiful campus!!! Wonderful library and computer access (though it'd be helpful if there were more Macs instead of in two labs that have been closed at the same time before). Food's pretty good, too, lots of options.

Inter-departmental communication is a big drawback though, and there are plenty of big events where you're told you need to go one place for this one thing, and the people there know nothing about it. And response to dorm situations has been...okay. I'm paying a lot of money for this dorm, and I would hope the problem could be fixed.
Stetson is a wonderful place to really branch out and explore different areas beyond a single major. As a music student, I love surrounding myself with such confident, supportive, and creative people that do more than just play an instrument or sing. Many even double major, which makes their jobs even more difficult to manage practice time with homework, meals, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, sleep. The services provided by the school also benefit students with resources to use in the future.
Fun, welcoming environment. Everyone is polite and willing to help. The campus is beautiful with tons of palm trees to make you feel like you are in Florida. Great location too. Lots of food downtown. And close to the beach.
Stetson is a lovely school aesthetic-wise and has a very friendly staff. It really seems like a school that prepares you to come out a success since most kids come out with jobs, and I don't hear many complaints. My biggest issue is that the website is very difficult to navigate to find appropriate information, and sometimes it's difficult to get a clear answer to your questions. Other than that, I think so far it's great.
I have absolutely fallen in love with the atmosphere of Stetson University and I can't wait to call it home for the next four years!!
Stetson University is one of the best schools in the nation. All of the staff wants you to succeed in and out of school. There is a huge school culture and a lot they are doing for their local community and giving back.
Everything at Stetson is great. There's great people and clubs and teachers. The only thing that I had a problem with was the lack of effort to make diversity on campus as important as everything else.
Stetson is a great school! Since it is small, professors really get to know you and they actually care about you and can spend more time helping you. Everyone is super nice, including the students. There are tons of opportunities for you to grow and get involved. The town DeLand is a cute close-knit community, there are tons of way to be involved outside of campus as well. The only downside of this school is the cost, it can be pretty expensive and there are many ways that you can get charged (like losing your dorm key). If you're looking for a party school, Stetson is not the school for you. Stetson is very academic and rigourous, so the lack of a party life may be downside if that is what you are looking for.
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Nice enough school with a nice campus and interesting ways to get involved in student life. Small student body and in a relatively small town. Not a ton to do in town, but not too far from Daytona or Orlando, so a car is recommended. Not a lot of parking depending on your housing. Very expensive, but you'll have a more personal relationship with your teachers.
It is a beautiful campus in Sunny Florida! I have fallen in love with all the staff, and anyone I have met there, its a dream school to go to. The classes are small which means you can have 1 on 1 with teachers and get a real connection with the class, and fully understand what you are doing. At this campus everyone is friendly and seems outgoing and like they have a bright future ahead, which is what you want to believe if you go to school here. If you have the chance and or the funds to go here it is a no brainer to attend Stetson and to experience all the amazing events they always have going on.
Opportunities are fantastic. Teachers are great. Good resources for students, both academic and non-academic. Lots of opportunities to volunteer, learn and grow into productive members of society.
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