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It's my favorite school ever. The dorms are nice and everyone at the school is very friendly and welcoming.
I love the way professors are, so helpful. I am from Puerto Rico and that means that the English is my second language and they help me even more with my works. I am doing my best and they see that. I am not just a student.
Classes are great, I love my biology class so much.
I know I made the right decision to move to Stetson University.
The campus is a lovely place, quiet where you can be yourself and nobody judged you.
The tuition is overpriced, but the professors are great. A lot of one on one time with your professors. If you have a question, you can just knock on their office door and they are there to help you. Space wise, Stetson is accepting more people that the number of people they can accommodate. The music program is top notch, but we still do not have a performance hall. Instead of the Welcome center, we need to build a performing arts center for all the musicians.
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Being a Stetson student means being a thinker, walking across a glimmering campus that is the home to historic brick buildings and palm trees, and enjoying the lovely downtown area.
Stetson University has incredible faculty, staff and students that strive to create an inclusive and challenging educational environment. I felt very at home at Stetson, and greatly appreciate the time that I spent there.
Over the past few years, there have been a few administrative decisions that have been questionable, such as unusual aesthetic additions and a large enrollment increase without sufficient housing opportunities. Much of the campus has been under construction as of 2017, which created some short-term inconveniences but will (hopefully) lead to long-term improvements!
I'm in my second semester and love it here! The environment is so healthy and it is a beautiful campus. The small class sizes allow you to get your teachers and classmates better, and allows for more discussion based classes instead of lectures.
It's a good school, nice atmosphere, very calm too. But too small for my taste. Lot's of school activities to be involved in and lots of cultural events that allow you to obtain cultural credits as well.
Although it is expensive, the professors care about the students and I have no complaints about the school.
I liked the classroom and how students have connections with the teachers. Th campus is also beautiful. The atmosphere at the college is breathtaking with positivity overflowing.
The campus is beautiful but the price to come here is pathetic. The dorms are average - unless you live in Chaudoin Hall. Greek life is horrible. The professors are average and the staff are barely there.
The Stetson Music school is a rewarding program to be a part of. My complaint is simply that Stetson is trying to increase enrollment and our music building doesn’t have to capacity to take more students. Currently we do not have enough practice rooms and we need a concert hall for the opera program as well as the symphonic band.
Currently a student at stetson. Terrible experience. The academics are good, but the campus is so tiny you can cover the whole thing in 3 minutes tops. You see the same people over and over so if you don't have great friends it can be tough. The party scene is non-existent so don't plan on going out. Alcohol free campus. Deland is a dump, and the food on campus is absolutely awful. One small buffet every day for each meal. Do not come to Stetson unless you want to go to high school all over again
Just started here so not the best review, but overall positive experience so far. Only a freshman so still learning, but love the friendly atmosphere and tight campus.
I am starting my sophomore year here and I love it. All of the professor are great and the students are good too. The professors are willing to help you and meet after class; all you have to do i ask or go to them during their office hours. The food in the Commons (the cafeteria) is pretty good. We have an Einsteins Bagels and Johnny Rockets on campus. We are in the middle of expanding, so there is quite a bit of construction going on though. We have a lot of P-Safe (Public Safety) people around we also have emergency buttons that you can push to notify the local police all over campus. If you are out late at night, all you have to do is call P-Safe and they will come to you with a golf cart and take you anywhere (as long as it is on campus).
I went to their orientation and professor and students there were so nice. The lesson that they thought you were not boring and they made it interesting.
Stetson has a beautiful campus. The administration has a lot of work for improvement, but the teachers at Stetson truly care for their students. There are so many ways for students to get involved on campus.
I had an incredible experience at Stetson. Many professors are still close mentors and instilled in me a passion for academia. I loved the sweet town of DeLand and the proximity to natural springs and the beach. I was also able to get involved in several campus organizations and build an incredible community of peers.
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Cliche small happy buddy-buddy atmosphere. Really good teachers and very big library. I'm excited to attend.
I was truly amazed with the amount of information, quick responses to any questions and engaging staff that Stetson has. It is because of their genuine care to help make me significant and not just a college number that I have chosen Stetson University to continue my education.
Stetson University is a wonderful institution full of eager students, inspiring professors, and an opportunity to better yourself personally and professionally. Many professors care a great deal about their students and will do anything to help them succeed.
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