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I am in love with Stetson University. For those of you who don't know about Stetson, I recommend that you visit. I love how it feels like I am back at home with my family. I feel safe, loved, welcomed and happy.
im so bored its in the middle of nowhere. if you like nature then you found your home but if not then have fun trying to find any decent parties
Nothing to do at this college and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t feel like a real college experience..
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just finished my first semester and Stetson and it was the worst 4 months of my life. The classes are way too big and you get no individual attention as a student. It’s like nobody would notice if you weren’t there. The new dorms are horrible and made with cheap materials. All this school does is try to suck money from you for the most stupid reasons. The parking is the worst and nobody listens when the students say this over and over again. I will be transferring to SJU in Philly next semester and can not wait for a better college experience. Think twice before attending Stetson unless you want to be just another one of the thousands of students. Even the counseling department does a terrible job at responding to clients. This school is a scam and its educational quality is significantly less than my high school. It was a waste of my time and ruined my spirit.
i should have transferred when i had the chance. theres nothing to do on campus i feel like im trapped. They say the small class size is helpful but really it just makes it easy for the teachers to point out your mistakes. they treat you like kids here.
Stetson University has given me the experiences and the support I have always wanted in a college. The small class size allows me to develop close relationships with the teachers and students, building a network of valuable connections that will be important throughout my college career and beyond.
Stetson is my home away from home. The campus is beautiful. The dorms could use a facelift on the interior. Students are friendly and professors are willing to help when needed. My favorite place on campus is the duPont Ball Library.
Academically rigorous, but faculty and staff are all very supportive and want you to succeed. There are loads of resources in all different areas should a student need additional support. The campus is simply beautiful and they care about the environment. They use native plants and build green aspects into all of the new buildings. Classes are very small when compared to state schools and that results in a very personal experience with the faculty. People know each other on campus. It is a tight community feel and a diverse population. I would definitely recommend.
Knowledgeable and caring professors and rigorous academic study. Plenty of clubs and organizations that one can join to provide community service or simply to learn about other cultures and demographic groups. A very enriching college education experience.
I am finishing up my first year at Stetson and I love it. Everyone is super friendly, great professors, great academic resources, and the campus is beautiful.
Stetson University is a great institution with very knowledgable teachers. In my 3 years at stetson, I have been exposed to great literature and an abundance of knowledge from the faculty. Stetson is a small school which provides a smaller student to teacher ratio. I believe this is extremely important when considering what university you'd like to attend. The teachers here know you by name and care about you succeeding.
Small school feel. In the middle of nowhere. Not much to do but there are a lot of parks if your into wildlife
Nothing to do at this college and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t feel like a real college experience..
The times i have been at stetson were the greatest of times. I will be attending in the fall and Stetson is a great school and I would pick any other to go to.
From first look, Stetson's campus is very beautiful and very well-organized, but on the inside I can tell that the school is more heavily focused on getting things that needs to be done and less of a party mood. I very much enjoyed this type of mood because I care about finishing college without any distractions and that is the vibe that I get from Stetson University.
I went for one semester and had to take an early medical leave. The majority of the staff is really nice and super helpful.
I liked that the professors usually do attempt to be available for their students. The food isn't the best and they can easily fool people into thinking the dorms are better quality than they actually are due to the buildings being of differing quality.
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Nothing to do I’m so bored here. No social life everyone is so full of themselves and stuck up. Should have gone to a bigger school
Very affordable campus in Central Florida. small class sizes and the many resources available to students to insure academic success.
I'm currently a junior at Stetson University. First things first, IF YOU'RE A DIGITAL ARTS MAJOR DO NOT GO HERE! Their digital arts department is severely lacking. They have you follow step by step to tutorials but hardly explain what you're doing or how the software you're using works. The food is absolutely god awful. The dorms are horrible, small, & outdated. I moved off campus as fast as I could, & if you're not a senior it's almost impossible which is crazy considering they don't even have room to house freshmen. The campus is beautiful, but it's small. You're always going to run into people you don't want to see. You can only party off campus. You have to pay for a parking pass, & there's hardly any parking. If you have to park in a lot that's not in your assigned color zone, they'll write you a ticket. I've met some great faculty, staff, & teachers, but overall it's just not worth it. It's basically high school round 2.
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