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Really enjoyed the small class sizes and care the faculty took to connect with and guide students. Everyone felt genuinely like family (students, faculty, staff) and were extremely supportive. Never felt proselytized to, although it is a Christian school. But it made me feel like I had a choice to learn more, rather than a requirement to be religious. Everything (the college and the town) had that small town feel - supportive and friendly. But small towns also don't have much to do. I was always pretty happy to interact with the student community and stayed busy and happy. But it is not a busy city, by any means. So to each their own.
I love attending Sterling Collwge! Everyone is super nice and will not shy away from having a co cessation with you. It feels like a home away from home.
Sterling College overall is a decent school. Like other schools, there are things that I enjoyed and things I would like to see change. Some of the things I liked about the college were the student to teacher ratio. Sterling College has small class sizes, making it easier for professors to connect to students on a personal level. One thing I would like to see change at Sterling College is the friendliness of the Administration. Some of the faculty and staff members were not the most enjoyable people to be around, and it makes the Sterling College experience less enjoyable for the students.
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The people and community are great. Due to the fact that the school and city are small, everyone knows everyone. In the community everyone supports each other, everyone communicates with each other, and everyone feels as if they are at home.
One of the things I love about Sterling College is the class size. They are small and very hands-on. The professors know everyone by name and are willing to help at all times. Also, the people I met there will be my friends for the rest of my life. They are the kind people I would always like to be around.
Awesome college to attend. Professors really care about you and your education. Small camps with a family atmosphere.
Sterling is very welcoming and feels like home. The professors are helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone here does everything they can to help you succeed.
The people on campus are very helpful and patient while you are there on visits or there for college. While on campus visits, the students where very helpful and kind. I feel very safe when I am on campus which makes me want to go there even more. The Christ-centered atmosphere and education is another big thing I look for in a college.
I visited Sterling College a couple weeks ago. I loved the campus and how friendly and inviting the students, coaches, and staff were. I liked how they sent me postcards right after the visit and the track coach contacted me right away as well. I loved the look of the campus.
Sterling i a great place to attend class sizes are good and you get to build relationships with your professors due to the smaller class settings.
I truly enjoyed my time at Sterling. By the end of my time there I had made friends for a lifetime and grew in Christ.
Attending Sterling College in Kansas has been a very pleasant experience. The campus is small and well kept, and the food is decent (for being college cafeteria food). The housing is not exactly state of the art, but it is safe and well-kept. The classes are small, allowing for more personalized attention from professors. The campus is very involved, with plenty of groups and activities for all types of people. While being a non-denominational Christian college that requires some religious courses, the faculty and staff do not ostracize or penalize anyone for choosing another path in life. The only downsides to the college are the location (Kansas has little to do, and small town Kansas has less) and the cost. The private school is fairly expensive to attend. However, all things considered, it is definitely a worthwhile college to look into as an upcoming freshman in college.
I had a wonderful visit to sterling and am starting in the fall. Sterling college, though small, has much to offer. The classroom sizes are going to allow for more quality one on one with teachers. And during my visit, the football team did a spring scrimmage for new players. The coaches and there family and children treated the team like family. I'm a punter/kicker and the current kickers have made me feel so welcome. They contacted me before attending my visit and have even commented on some of my practice visits telling me how they are looking forward to me joining their team.
The environment and instructors here are amazing. Everyone pushes each other to succeed. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because it is a little bit inconvenient. If you want to eat out, most the time you go the next town over. I grew up in a small town though, so I don't feel so much culture shock coming here to another small town.
Very comfortable enrollment process. Everyone's like family. People care about you and lift you up. Lots of social events
I really enjoy the atmosphere of the college. Everyone is so kind, helpful, selfless, and loving. The college is the foundation of the community where everyone is willing to come together for prayer, sports, and family gatherings. The professors are willing to give some tutoring hours for students. Tutoring is free and the library has a writing center where writing assignments are peer-edited. Plus, the professors are willing to get to know and understand their students. The college truly cares about the well-being of their students and staff. There are chapel services provided every Wednesday and Sunday, prayer services very on dates, and many spiritual guidance opportunities available. If anyone is looking for a spiritual, quiet, small town, and caring undergrad college, Sterling College is the college for you.
In reality, there were not many pros to this college experience as I had hoped for, but the main one I truly enjoyed were some of the professors and the Christian service obtainable for all students. My advisor was an amazing individual who helped make the path towards my master's an easier road to travel, yet some professors lack that dedication towards their students. I would change the diversity and preference given to certain students. The staff and athletic coaching staff can also improve on their quality of interaction with their students.
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The town is nice and friendly and open and the college is for the most part. We have a lot of professor turnover and each semester brings in new adjuncts. The school is overly focused on athletics and they overpower the academic and performance activities. The school could work on building maintenance and upkeep so they look nice and are structurally secure.
My school is unique because of the experiences you get as a student. There are job opportunities and internships on and off campus. At a large university, you would not get those same opportunities.
Awesome....Sterling grads are well prepared and hired.
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