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I enjoyed my time at Stephens College, mostly due to the friends I made and the 7 teachers that I liked that taught at the school. The turnover rate of teachers and students was quite high in my opinion. A lot of my favorite teachers/good teachers were fired or transferred because they weren't paid enough and so my learning of anything was impeded upon due to very green, very inexperienced teachers teaching classes on subjects they know nothing about. The facilities often looked like they hadn't been renovated in many year. It's charming for the exterior of the buildings, but the interiors, seriously? I also think they focused way too much on prospective students when they should be focused on current students. The dining room food was the worst food EVER. There's a great sense of community, which is enjoyable and everyone is very empowering and supportive. The teachers I did love, were amazing at their jobs.
It is a small, all women, private college, allowing individuals to express their creativity in all different ways. I also love having relationships with all of my professors.
I have had a very good experience within my first year. Great activities and student involvement. Classes are also small and allow you to learn what you need. Some teachers may be unwilling to help as much as they could, but most of the time it is just right. As a student apart of the design program, I would of liked to see an easier way to obtain the fabrics and materials I need. Sometimes, I just dont have the money, and wish I could use my school money. The meal plan is amazing! The food is delicious! I could not ask for a better cafeteria. They do such fun things like midnight breakfast too. I know it is an old school, but I wish the rooms were a little more up to date. Everything is close by and near on campus. Getting to a Walmart of Joan's, however, is difficult without a car or bike unless you are willing to wait until Sunday when the school bus takes you. I absolutely love my school! GO STARS!
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Everyone, from staff to students, to the furry friends are the warmest people you'll ever meet. Everyone is so willing to help out and answer as many of your questions as they can. I definitely love everything about Stephens!
I love the diversity with Stephens College. Before attending, I came from a very low diversity town that had very different viewpoints on things like politics. This school, while it may be very liberal, has opened my eyes to viewpoints that did not exist in my hometown. The academics in the varies arts programs are amazing as well, with having top equestrian, fashion, and theatre programs, our school really is open to making the women who attend this college's dreams come true.
This college is truly amazing. The professors are super supportive and go above and beyond to help one succeed. They are always accessible and take a genuine interest in seeing that everyone understands the academics completely. They just don't admit anyone to the school. They have a knack for choosing diverse students who all get along and aren't competitive. I love my school.
Stephens is a beautiful college that takes pride in the way that the campus is set up. This also applies for how they treat their students. Even visiting campus people are very friendly, and willing to help. The staff treats students like their own family, while still keeping the professional atmosphere.
Teachers in the Biology department are amazing, they truly want to help you succeed. Student success center is an excellent resource. Cafeteria has excellent food, lots of variety. The campus is small and quiet. Easy to find places. Dorms need work! They need to update several of the buildings. Scenry outside is beautiful, in walking distance of downtown. I was a transfer student and there was several problems that have come up throughout the year.
It's a good place that needs changes. The professors are the best thing about the college. They are amazing. The administrators are awful. The president has been known to be manipulative and political. The college to career program has driven many people away. But the sisterhood at the school is great and the teachers go above and beyond. The campus is beautiful and the class sizes are built for success.
Stephens is an extremely underrated school in my opinion. I have really enjoyed my time here. The staff and students are all so welcoming. When I first walked on campus it felt like I was entering a different world. Completely different from all other colleges I toured. Because it's such a small school you get to know the professors really well and they challenge you.
There are many things to like about Stephens College. It is a place that encourages creativity, boldness and passions. Most students are striving not only to grow academically but personally. The professors care about the students success and the schools stands behind their future endeavors.
My experience at Stephens, overall, has been amazing. They have done such an amazing job to make everyone feel welcome and through activities, I have made many friends effortlessly. The campus is also diverse. Stephens is a perfectly sized campus and the view on the way to classes is just so beautiful no matter the weather. I always love going to sport events when I have the time and the teams are playing at home. I am not one that parties, but I haven't heard any horror stories from the "party scene". I have loved the professors I have had so far. They all have so much personality; they are also inviting and quick to help. Living in a pet friendly dormitory, the dorms are super cleaned and are kept well-cleaned. I have always felt secure and felt like Stephens is my first true home.
I absolutly love Stephens college. I never would have seen myself going to an all Women's aollege. But I love it! I have so many friends and the teachers are always so nice and so eager to help.
I love Stephens college. Its so diverse and all the faulty are so helpful and nice. The community welcomes you like you are apart of their family. The college makes you feel as if you have a home away from home which will get through the days.
Stephens College has a atmosphere of great potential floating around everywhere. The fashion and film program are very self sufficient but also give much to the community and the students they serve. Financially the college has a lot to work on thus effecting the appearance of the dormitories and the ability for certain departments to do they job. With that being said most individuals, including the president, have an amazing attitude and really want to see the whole entire campus in a place representing success
Overall, this was a terrible experience for me. My personal beliefs were attacked both in and out of class. A lot of the women who attend are petty and rude. My program was extremely underfunded (as were many others, essentially, go for fashion or don't go at all). Finally, from year one they screwed me over by never informing me that the academic plan I came to take part in had been dropped (plus they had dropped it while other students were still involved in it).
I went to Stephen's College for about three months. My RA was awesome. Dorms were okay. They had a roach problem for my first two months and i also heard about it in a few of the other dorms. The professors were average. Unless you are a fashion major or dance, you won't get the attention that you need.
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This school is one of the most amazing communities for strong young women like myself. Everyone there is helpful and understanding. Each professor is personable and easy to talk to. The class sizes makes the college feel more like a small family than a school. All the staff there are welcoming and helpful in anyway they can be. Plus, students can have their dogs on campus.
Really great facility. The school has really set up a lot of programs to help you succeed. With the community engagement grant, so as long as you are involved in stephens, you can get up to $3,000 grant. Small, close campus near downtown with great atmosphere.
Class sizes are small. Classes are a good range of easy to challenging. Most professors are really good. They care about the students. Administrative staff sometimes isn't very organized, but the campus is small enough that dealing with them is easy. Dorm rooms are larger than most schools, but not all are in the best condition. Dining hall is great.
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