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Amazing school with such great diversity! Also very adaptable, almost anyone coming from any background can find a home at SFA.
I like how SFA is a small campus, I feel like I can get to know the professors better that way. Even though they are small, the competition is still tough in certain fields, which Ii think is a good thing.
SFA is a great school. The campus is not to big and the enviornment is very peaceful. The classes are not over crowded. You can get free tutoring in the library. You have access to internet and computers if you do not have one. They have a large variety of people the culture is nice and pleasant. They have several options for dorms and apartments. The food courts offer different variety of foods. The cafeteria also has a large variety of the breakfast is the best.
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I loved how clean the campus was, and I really loved all the people I met there when I went to go visit to make my final decision for attending college. The student life has a lot of envolvement and I heard the football games are really fun to go to.
I personally like it here at SFA! I wish that there were better food choices here. The academic opportunities are great. I wish the housing prices were better and living off campus rules were not so strict.
If you like small classrooms sizes, the small-town feel, and partying out in fields than Stephen F. Austin State University is the place for you.
SFA is a nice school that doesn’t feel too big but is also not too small. It’s got a lot of extracurricular activities and their AARC tutoring and walk in tables can be extremely helpful when doing difficult assignments or studying for difficult subjects.
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I'm am looking forward to attending this college, and like the small class ratio. The campus grounds are beautiful. All staff, faculty and students seem to be very helpful and helping me make my decision on which college to attend this fall.
Stephen F. Austin State University has given me a great college experience. The professors know what they are doing and are caring to their students. The campus is absolutely beautiful and well taken care of. This university also has a lot to offer, from great classes to a gym, to a movie theater, and to a beautiful arboretum where you could take your senior pictures!
The best part about SFA is the ability to connect with others since it is a small town. It is a very homey college.
The campus is absolutely stunning! There are tons of things to do and many organizations to get involved in. Stephen F. Austin is a perfect place for individuals who wish to succeed.
SFA is an amazing campus! There are so many opportunities to get involved and many great fields of study from which to choose!
I have gone a few times to visit for Showcase Saturday and everyone looks amazing I love the university overall, which is why it is my dream to go there. Although accepted money of course is the huge problem in this situation. I would like to see the diversity expand. There is not enough diversity as you do see a specific race for the most part and you can tell of the lesser of the people. However, overall it is a good school everyone is nice and friendly and extremely helpful from the looks of it. Especially one of the professors during the orientation had a great sense of humor that I loved.
I like the overall atmosphere of Stephen F Austin. The campus size is just right so a student can walk from on side of the campus and be at the other in just 10 minutes. The class rooms are 25/1 student and professor. The professor gets to know you if you get to know them.
I enjoy the small town and school feel that SFA has to offer, the only down side to that is that there isn't always a whole lot going on. SFA is an incredible university that I love and am so happy that I came here.
I've been attending SFA for a year now and can definitely say the music program is incredible! The staff is amazing and outstandingly skilled for teaching. In addition, I've become pretty close to several of my instructors despite this being a larger school, which was something I was worried about.
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Stephen F Austin has made my experience feel as if I was right at home. The atmosphere only speaks positivism and excellence all over. The student body and faculty are highly interactive with one another which shows that education is a top priority for individuals to succeed in the future and make a name for themselves. Also, even though it is some hours away from home, the location gives you a chance to be away from what your ordinary home town and expand your horizons with new people and a new perspective on life away from your parents.
SFASU was the only school I applied to. It is one of the cheapest state schools and it has the best Education, Nursing, Business, Forestry, and Agricultural departments.
I loved my time at SFA. The campus is beautiful with the trees and flowers everywhere. It’s big enough but not too big to where you have to drive to get around. The classes are relatively small except for some of your basic classes. The teachers there really care about their students and getting them what they need. Yes, it is also known as a party school with some of the best parties.
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