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I liked the fact that I graduated from Panola College early, and they got me in to continue my education in such a short notice.
SFA wasn't my first choice, but I'm glad I came. Being here has not only enabled me to see the world differently, but it's also allowed me to grow as a person. I've met so many amazing people and love the various organizations I've joined. I love the inviting atmosphere of the town itself along with the University. The faculty and staff here are some of the best and have the highest degree in their area, so you know you're getting taught by the best. SFA was a good fit for me and it might even be a good fit for you as well, you never know. Axe 'em Jacks!!
I love Stephen. F. Austin State University because of the beauty of the school. Nothing can beat the pretty pines and the scenic nature of the university. Not only do I love Stephen.F. Austin State University for the nature, but the great lengths that the staff AND fellow students go through in order to make sure you succeed.
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I love that this is a small college and gives off a small hometown vibe. Facilities are nice and clean here.
Love the proffesors and environment, they are dedicated to hlp you succeed. Friendly place to be, very homey feeling. The school is just crazy expensive, and resident hall staff in the all girl dorm are rude.
My experience at Stephen F Austin is mediocre. The campus is small and relatively close together, and the east Texas trees are beautiful. We have a phenomenal basketball program at SFA and our student sections shows up at all home games. The disadvantages to this college is that if you are not an education, or forestry major, your major may not be as completely advanced as it could be at another campus.
As a current freshman here at SFA, I felt a sense of acceptance and friendliness when I first started my fall semester because of the extent they reach in order to integrate incoming freshman with the hard task of transitioning in adulthood. They go above and beyond to assure there are plenty of activities, resources, and and faculty that you can rely on. The campus to student ratio is pretty okay if you enjoy a small, cozy environment with a great walking distance from place to place.
The fact that every decision is made by people on the campus because we are not apart of an overall system (UT, A&M, UNT, etc.) as an independent university the responses you give to issues on campus has an impact even as a student.
Better that what I really expected as an International student!
you can find here affordable, high quality education, offering great facilities for graduate and undergraduate students, small size classes which you can have better communication with other students and professors. perfect location of campus.
There is a lot of school pride at SFA. People are proud to be lumberjacks and it reflects in school and sports events. There are a lot of helpful academic resources that are provided and SI session are truly worth the time. The campus itself is beautiful and not too big, making the commute to class much easier. the only problems I had when I attended the school was the dorms lack of elevators and the parking situation.
My experience so far at SFASU has been wonderful. In such a small town, it is nice to see such camaraderie between the student body. Everyone is always so friendly and willing to help out their fellow peers, it really makes one feel like a part of a big family.
They are very on top of their things. All of my needs have been met to the best abilities that I could see.
I really enjoy being at Stephen F Austin State University, this school is very welcoming. I enjoy all of the events that are introduced and the employees are so welcoming. I am a dance major and both of my professors push me more than you can imagine so that I can become a better dancer.
This past semester is my first year at SFA & it was a pretty good semester. It was the first year I've finally had A's & B's and it was because I had amazing teachers. They really help you when struggling and ensure that you have all the tools needed to understand the material. The school does the same thing, ensuring that the library is open for everybody until midnight and also having resources like the AARC who have certified tutors to help each student get all the help we need.
Stephen F. Austin is a great state university to attend if you are looking for a small university. The classrooms are small which allow professors to help students one on one. The professors are also great helping students who are not able to understand the course material.
SFA is a small school but not too small. Students are able to build a connection with their professors and have more opportunities for help.
I loved the size of SFA. It was a small enough size where you get to see your friends all the time. All the professors I had for the most part were friendly and taught the subject well. I loved how there is always something going on at campus because of the student activity association. Our basketball team is also one of the best in Texas so they are fun to watch.
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I love the campus it is very safe and beautiful. The professors and staff are very good. I would add different food choices to the cafeterias, like more vegan options.
SFA is a great school and a beautiful campus! The faculty and staff want you to succeed! I am very involved on campus and that has definitely made my experience the one it is.
Stephen F Austin is a very beautiful and quiet campus, there is hardly anything wrong with it except there is no 24 hour library and the cafe food is not all that great.
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