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Stephen F Austin State University Reviews

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The professors at Stephen F. Austin are very nice & helpful. The food is also great as well. I felt welcomed when I first came to campus & hope others will feel the same way as well when they first arrive.
I have just finished Summer II and the college went out of their way to make my 1st year there a great success
Stephen F Austin is a great school full of variety in its academics, professors, campus amenities, dining options, etc.
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I was a freshman in the college and it was fine. I decided to transfer though because they made it seem like it was impossible to get into their nursing school, which was what i was studying.
SFA is a great university. The professors for the most part care about the student if they apply themselves to doing better. They challenge the student to do better and make new goals for themselves.
SFA is a small campus with a lot of opportunities to get to know your professors. Networking is easy and courses are average.
SFASU has a beautiful campus with pretty azealea flowers everywhere and tall trees. It’s a small campus and you can walk from one end to the other pretty smoothly. The student center is very nice and is kept clean. Some of the buildings are getting old especially out dorms. I enjoy hammocking and going to Banita Creek Hall to dance, but it would be nice if there were more places to eat and places (bars, etc.) to hang out. You can make a 30 minute drive to Lufkin where they have an HEB, Target, Cheddars, etc. I would STRONGLY recommend SFA!
I spent 3 years at SFA and had such a blast. The on and off campus living is great. All my favorite places to eat were in walkable distance, and the class sizes were small enough to where I felt like I got personalized attention when needed, but could also hide in the back if I wanted to.
I absolutely love SFA! It was my first choice in colleges because of how beautiful the campus is and how friendly all of the students and staff are. One of the biggest reasons I love it is because Nacogdoches is a small town and I was raised in a very small town so being at SFA feels like my home away from home. If you go to SFA join SAA(student activities association). They are like my family and it's a very welcoming organization on campus.
The campus is a nice size and everyone is friendly. Most professors have their students best interests in mind and will help them out in any way they can. The social scene is great as well as the academic scene. Students are allowed and encouraged to enforce change around campus.
I love SFASU! The atmosphere is so welcoming and the campus is gorgeous. The professors connect with their students. It’s located in a small town, so it has that “home” feeling to it. One thing I would change is the amount of parking available on campus.
Stephen F. Austin is an amazing place to continue in higher education. Their professors, campus, and student help are excellent.
I loved the atmosphere and the people in my classes. The food is great there and the classes are amazing, besides one, that I have taken. My dorm was great and the people around me were amazing people.
This College had a small town feel even though it was a large D1 school. The memories I had a SFA were one in a million and I would never take any of those experiences back.
I love Stephen F. Austin! The campus is absolutely beautiful and the professors and administrators are very welcoming and caring about your education. The learning environment is really great and being on campus with the amount of school spirit really warms the heart and gives you that home feeling every college student looks for.
I love how peaceful it is. The school is medium sized, so it's not too big. The layout of the buildings seems confusing at first, but it's easy to learn. There's over 200 clubs to join. There's also a strict hazing policy on Greek life if you're interested in joining one.
The college is what many people call a "suitcase college" because there is often nothing to do during the weekends due to the colleges location and the lack of anything surrounding it. If you don't have many friends or don't know where the parties are, you're going to be extremely bored.
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I like the fact that SFA state university has small classes. Not to mention, I like SFA state university's academics. However they did have problems with advising me to take useless courses not in my degree plan. In addition to that they charge outrageous fees for extras you will not use and demand you pay them.
Stephen F. Austin was a very good choice I made in deciding a university. The campus is beautiful and the people are so nice
Amazing school with such great diversity! Also very adaptable, almost anyone coming from any background can find a home at SFA.
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