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My experience so far has been GREAT! I actually like going to class and love how they go above and beyond to help out the students there.
There are many things I love about my school. I love the friendly students, the beauty of all of the trees on campus, and how it is the perfect size college. The AARC tutoring center is incredible and helped me a lot this passed fall semester. The involvement center is also very friendly and offers so many clubs and organizations that reach out to students. The recreational center is awesome and I took a rock climbing class that was so much fun! My one complaint is that the recycling on campus is not good. There are very few recycling bins on campus and the only ones that are there are for plastic bottles. No aluminum or paper? I think that something should be done about this.
SFA is a great campus. No matter what you are looking for there is something for you. You can join a club and support the local athletic teams. You can also join a club team.
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I really love SFA! It is very easy to fit in with others. The scene is very easy to enjoy. The toutoring program is very helpful. The smallest of questions they are there to help.
The scenery is beautiful and its a perfect quiet college for nature lovers! but theres not much to do in the little town. But besides that its one of the best for sure.
SFA is a great 4-year education! I am personally attending in an online program through SFA to earn my Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (4th-8th grades) with a specialty in Social Studies. We attend campus one time a semester for 2 days of meetings. Every time I attend the college, the professors, advisers, students, and staff are some of the best people I have ever met. The college is grade A in hospitality. The professors we met with genuinely want each and every student to succeed. They are very quick to help in any way to reach you goals of achieving your degree.
It is such a beautiful campus. Nacogdoches is a wonderful little town with more things to do than some people realize. Everyone that you speak to will always have a big smile on their face and will be one of the nicest people that you have ever met. There is no better place than SFA! Axe'em Jacks!!!
Great college! Small town but big culture. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here. If I had to do it all over again I would get involved a bit more .
I can not say enough for the school. It was home for 4.5 years and I miss it daily. It really prepared me for the jobs I have since held and the life I plan for myself. It is still my home away from home.
It is an amazing university and has an amazing small community. The small town is invested in the school and it's students. It is a second home to me and I have found many life-long friends.
Overall, Stephen F Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Tx, is a good school. I wouldn't say it's great, but it does have some good points. The biggest problem I would say I have, is the schools constant demand for money. You may be charged for the littlest things at this campus that you may not be charged for at other schools. But this school does have the "home" feeling to it. Everyone is friendly and it's very easy to meet new people.
I enjoy my life in Nacagodoches. The weather, scenery, easy access to stores and restaurants make living here great!
SFA is a fantastic school. The professors are involved in your education and really want what is best for you. There are many areas of study and the classes are small which is amazing.
I love the culture diversity and the passion of the people there. There are so many kind people there and they make your stay there welcomed. The classes aren’t too far away, and I like how almost everything is walking distance away.
I applied to several schools and got into all of them. However, because of financial reasons I ended up at SFA. I think the school overall is okay but I don't think I'm fond of how small it is unlike the other comments on here. The food at the dining hall isn't worth the price. When it comes to the atmosphere, I don't understand what everyone is talking about, yes the campus is alright maybe even comfortable but I wouldn't use the word "beautiful" by no means. I don't regret going here but I do wish I would have looked into more state schools before making my decision, also note that if you aren't a fan of cowboy boots and country music then you will hate this place. It took me 2 years to finally get use to it and grow to love it. NOTE: if you live on campus the best dorms are Lumberjack Lodge and Lumberjack Village, for freshman then Lumberjack Landing. The rest are awful, if you can't get into one of those then just live off campus.
I liked how it was in a small town. Also that freshman are treated nicely there. It’s close to home, and the food is really good.
It was a very beautiful campus with plenty of nice people. There was also a lot of history at the university. the university is very tradition-driven, in the sense they like to keep the history flowing. I enjoyed the three days I spent on the campus. The town of Nacogdoches, where SFA is located in a very plain town with many choices of restaurants. The STEM program at the school is an absolutely amazing facility with many hands-on centers.
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I give it 3 stars because I am familiar it the university because I have had family members go their and so I know its a great school for what I want to pursue future during my life .
I love Stephen F. Austin State University. I love the classes and the people on campus. The city is great. If you love a small town this is great. I would never want to go anywhere else .
I'm a senior in high school and I came to visit the campus and I enjoyed it. There wasn't a moment where I thought I didn't like the school it was small, pretty, and a nice atmosphere.
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