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Stautzenberger College - Maumee Reviews

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The class sizes are small and instructors try to help whenever possible. Only bad thing is the wifi sucks.
i havent started just yet but from what ive seen so far the counselors are very supportive and helpful !
Stautzenberger College is a great school to go to. I transferred to Stautzenberger for the Medical Assistant program and ever since I been there, I feel like that was the best decision I made. The teachers care and are very understanding. I have learned a lot here then I did at my previous school. I recommend people all the time to come here. I have not had one problem here. Its an awesome school with an awesome staff.
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I liked how no matter how many questions i had they would always be answered and i always had help no matter what my problems were.
I absolutely love that Stautzenberger allows us to work hands-on with shelter animals. Also, the classes are so small it really feels like a one-on-one educational experience every time we are in class. However, the one thing I would change about the school is the fact that we are never given adequate notice of our schedule changes.
This was a Good experience learned a lot about nursing. I would recommend this to a friend. The school is small enough to help make your college experience personal.
They keep losing my transfer credits or going back on their word...
They suck at anything IT. Expect it to always be broken.
Looks like theyll hire just about anyone...three vet tech professors quit this quarter. One walked out in the middle of class and it turns out was instructing students incorrectly. The replacement, the program director April, was so much worse, boasting a 20% pass rate...
Its just the only school near Toledo, its not the best. And with the class hours, no one wants to hire you while youre in school but if you dont work in the field youre made to feel inferior.
Spend the extra time and money to attend a real school. This one is all corporation, and they dont care about their students.
I love (some of) my instructors, but the schooks terrible. I wish i had never gone here, but i csnt transfer out. All the teachers are quitting, they changed the program in my second year and delayed my graduation. We were forced to repeat classes that regurgitated the same information, and the administration doesnt care or listen.

15 out of 20 students failed a class because our instructor walked out in the middle of the quarter and her shoddy replacement just made things worse - i notified the school president at multiple points in time and nothing was done.
Overall, I am very pleased with my experience.
The resorces are there, administrative is nice and friendly
If I could do it all over again I would of went to a real college!
Normal workload and easy to figure out how to use it.
Tuition is outrageous for the poor education you get. Most of the teachers are inexperienced and have no teaching degrees.
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Jobs are there but just not very desired jobs.
This school isn't really respected by alot of employers, there standards for the teachers that they hire is very low.
Courses are only offered some quarters and the times of classes are poor.
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