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I love this little college. I found the perfect major and because I am an online student I go to class when I want to go and not at a predetermined time. I love being able to study in my boxers or read my text on my mobile at work.
I loved attending this College, their Animal Welfare and Business Management Associate's degree program is exceptional, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves and is looking to work with animals.
I think think the degree will be beneficial from this school, but on-campus events I can't really comment on, since I'm an an online student.
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Some great teachers, terrific course materials, classes very oriented towards your degree.
Very good and comprehensive material.
Coursework is very applicable to what you want. Not a lot of fluff classes.
I would choose the same school because of the degree options. Most teachers are great. You have some that make it it obvious they really don't want want to want to be there.
The professors and staff are available to the student to achieve success in obtaining a degree. I also like the small class size and being in an adult learning environment. There are multiple resources that I can utilize in order to succeed. Most importantly I can take classes needed specifically to my program along with general education classes with the option to test out of certain subjects so my time and money is not wasted.
All of the staff have helped me and my classmates are a big help.
While I did enjoy my online course more than I thought I would, I do not like that fact that I pay what I pay ~ Close to $150/day of my schooling and I do not feel that I get the same instructor/student interaction online as in a classroom, because I don't. I can not ask the instructor questions and get immediate responses.. ever. I can email them, and they do respond w/in a reasonable amount of time, but I am not a fan of online courses, although they are more convenient for some, I just prefer classroom classes.
Most of the professors are great! Most of them. Every once in a while, you run across one or two that you don't 'click' with, but hey, that's just part of life. I just say get over it. I will not like everyone in this world, nor will everyone like me. And that's OK. When it comes down to it, I am here to learn, not make friends ~ although a plus!! Just be aware that there is ALOT of information to cover in a SHORT time!
We are in college. I understand that it's going to be tough. What I think is BAD business is when they change the program, half way through with the grading scale, and expect that to be okay with everyone. Then, you have to jump through hoops when you 'fail' with a final grade of a 78% and fail because you got less than a 77% on a final exam. I mean, above a 70% but less than a 77% and they act as if that means that you do not 'know' the material. I get it that you are supposed to know material, but THEY state that students loose a % of what it taught. Then, expect you to score excellent on exams. I get it, there is the VTNE to take afterwards, but I feel that it is a different type of test. One that we will be studying for, separately. Those who know more of the material, or retain what they learned back in 1st quarter, are going to pass w/flying colors, it doesn't happen! TRUST ME!
Everything now adays is expensive but at this school the money is well spent
This School Is a Joke – You will question what you "love" when and if you graduate. I can count on one hand the amount of teachers that are there to help you- the others could care less. I have 3 weeks left in my very last quarter, and I can tell you this- I cannot wait to get out of that hell hole and never look back. The dean is a joke to talk to when you have a problem, and if your not a teachers pet or liked by the "clique" of teachers, your screwed- you will have a hard time passing your classes. Your literally afraid to ask those teachers for help or question your grade (which is exteremely unfairly graded in surgery lab with gebhart) for fear you will just set yourself up for more ridicule either behind your back or, and I do not lie, straight to your face. This school is the worst thing I could ever done for myself. Do yourself a favor, wait on the waiting list for tri-c.
The tuition isn't atrocious, but it could be better. Financial aid helped me straighten out everything that needed to be, but it'd be nice if the school could offer some sort of scholarship for good grades or extra volunteer work or something. I'm still going to have considerable debt after school is finished...
Hands on – There is absolutely nothing to do on campus, but its nice that when you get to the upper level courses, we have surgery suites where you actually get hands on experience assisting in surgeries and working with the animals. Teaming up with the local APL helps us to get that hands on experience that employers are looking for.
Little Bit to High – Stautzenberger's tuition is a little bit to high. For a single mom trying to support herself and kids it will be hard for me to afford Stautzenberger.Even though Stautzenberger offer financial aid I really do not want to graduate knowing that I'm in debt.
The financial aid office could have been a little more helpful. I had asked if the college if they offer scholarships or grants. They do not.
I'm sure the education that I will be receiving will be worth the money. I really do like the college.
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