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All the professors are amazing! Each one of them has their own unique personality and are really knowledgeable in their field of study. I have enjoyed all of my professors and their classes because of this.
Also, if you are not interested in on campus courses, the college offers a huge variety of online courses. They have one of the largest selections that I have seen!
The college also works really well with Kent State University and The University of Akron if you want to transfer your classes to either one of them to continue your education.
Great Professors, price is right and has the classes I need to help me achieve my educational goals and take the next step in my career.
The class sizes are small and I can always find a tutor or resources to be successful in my courses. I have never had to retake a course at Stark State.
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Everything is good about it other than the food is expensive. Overall a great school with great staff
Stark has affordable classes and wide range of majors. The campus is easy to navigate and there are no issues with parking or safety. I'm currently in the dental hygiene program and it's amazing so far! The teachers are all hygienists themselves which I think is super helpful for us. There is a high teacher to student ratio and they are very involved in our success.
It is very down to earth, easy going atmosphere. The professors are knowledgeable and kind. They put their students first.
My favorite thing about going to State State College is that the classes are small and the campus is easy and convenient. Another extremely nice thing is that the students are all age so those who are getting a later start on education do not feel out of place! The campus' are small and very easy to navigate. The classes are very personal and the instructors are always willing to help. The material is not overwhelming, even in the summer for the shortened semester, the material was easy enough to understand without getting behind.
I would like to see change by, the satellite center coordinators held accountable. One in-particular was never there and when we asked for assistance it was always a burden or just wouldn't help get the help, it's important for us to have the help and support we need at our centers too.
Great school. Teachers and professors are very helping and nice. Some of the teacher in effecting speaking or English classes can be hard when it comes to grading and giving feedback.
Great education for a great price! The professors are easily accessible and qualified. The college offers many courses in the classroom and online. I have heard from many other students that they would highly rate the career tech courses, too. Also, you can easily transfer to a 4-year university in Ohio if you decide to continue your education.
I had a good time at stark state last semester it a community college so it not many kids in my class. So all the teacher knew each student and they could help out each student.
I am currently a senior in high school taking all of my classes at stark state college. I have enjoyed my classes the past two semesters. Professors are very nice, classes are cheaper than most universities, and there are smaller class sizes meaning more one on one time with professors.
Am currently in the application process. The staff has been very eager to answer my questions. I am very excited to start my studies here.
Affordable and a great transfer program to an undergrad school. Small classes give you a hands on experience and personal attention from the professors. Professors are extremely knowledgeable in their field. They have 5 cadavers and it is a lab that will help any future medical student.
If you're like me & want to start off at a community college, Stark State is for you! Tuition is affordable, teachers are very good & overall great school. No athletics or housing options since it's a community college, food is decent & parking is close & available.
I take CCP through my high school at Stark State College, and it is completely online. While the classes offered are diverse, there should be more options. The system used to run classes and turn in assignments on is also very clunky and not very practical.
What I like about the college was it had flexible hours, good coursework, and academic help centers. The flexible hours helped students, so they could go to work and school. The course work along with the flexible hours helped student gasp concepts and understand the concepts to make observation based on the information they had already learned. Which helped build dynamic and critical thinking skills for the field. Also, the academic help centers allowed students to have time to study alongside professors and academic professionals to get a sense of what their going to be learning in classes and their applications in the real world.
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I absolutely love Stark State. Their Canton and Akron campuses are beautiful and they offer many resources. I am very thankful for all of the opportunities that Stark has given me.
I thought it was really easy to go to stark by getting everything done to start right away. The staff is friendly and very helpful.
this is a really great school going back to earn 2 certificates in my IT degree to add to my resume to obtain a better job
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