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Stanly Community College Reviews

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Stanly is a great school in a small town. They offer many classes and many programs. The program I have been accepted into is nursing. They have a high graduation rate and ranked #11 in the state.
Well known community college in the locals area. It’s a great start to getting back into school to wrk on furthering your education.
Stanly Community College has excellent teachers who are always willing to work with their students. There are multiple clubs in the school that are especially targeted for just about anyone. The only problem I have seen is the members who are supposed to help students register with their classes can be a bit reluctant to specify details to students. Overall, the school has great teachers and facilities; however, the team who work to register students and help students are the only problem. Which is why I will give the school four stars
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I like the teachers here a lot because they are very understanding and helpful when you need help. The campus is small but comfy. The student resources are also very helpful and available when students need it. There is also good food but it can be kinda pricey sometimes.
This school will provide you with all the help and resources to succeed. Professors and faculty staff will help in any possible way. The teachers of every class are always willing to help and provide support when needed.
Teachers are very understanding and easy to reach and ask questions. Has a variety of clubs and activities to participate in.
I love that staff at Stanly they are all so helpful and friendly. Shoutout to my instructor Cyndie Osborne, you are an amazing teacher and have scaffolded my learning so much!
Stanly Community College was a wonderful experience for me. The staffs are wonderful, and they work with you to make sure you succeed. They truly care about students who are struggling to make it work. All you need to do is be open with your problems, and they will be more than willing to help.
For a community college, SCC is pretty great. The vast majority of the teachers really want to help you and see you succeed. Stay away from online maths and sciences and you'll do great!
Stanly community college is a safe, clean and perfect size college. It has a good record, good location as college, excellent teachers and low cost. it is not overcrowded and has good neighborhood shops. Also it is one of the highest graduation rate college in North Carolina.
There are a good many employer recruiter opportunities at SCC. There are also great career resources on campus that are available to students.
The professors are great to work with and want to help you succeed. The class sizes are small and this allows interaction between students and the professors.
The associate in arts degree at Stanly Community College is a great degree to be able to complete because it educates you in each subject that you need in order to advance your education
For a community college, the family atmosphere with the professors was an amazing experience. The small class sizes really help with staying on track in your classes and makes learning the material easier
I would choose this school again because my professors are very understanding and willing to help with any problems I have,in regards to my schoolwork.
Had a good overall experience with the school.
This school has been grate so far, I absolutely love it.
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My school offer many academic enhancers like tutoring, times to talk to the teacher, many resources on line and in the library.
I like the way the classes are layed out, I have not started the classes directed to nursing yet but I am eager to start on 8/15/14
I wont to become a nurse and travel while helping others.
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