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Stanly Community College Reviews

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Stanly community college is a safe, clean and perfect size college. It has a good record, good location as college, excellent teachers and low cost. it is not overcrowded and has good neighborhood shops. Also it is one of the highest graduation rate college in North Carolina.
The professors are great to work with and want to help you succeed. The class sizes are small and this allows interaction between students and the professors.
There are a good many employer recruiter opportunities at SCC. There are also great career resources on campus that are available to students.
Review Stanly Community College
The associate in arts degree at Stanly Community College is a great degree to be able to complete because it educates you in each subject that you need in order to advance your education
For a community college, the family atmosphere with the professors was an amazing experience. The small class sizes really help with staying on track in your classes and makes learning the material easier
I would choose this school again because my professors are very understanding and willing to help with any problems I have,in regards to my schoolwork.
Had a good overall experience with the school.
This school has been grate so far, I absolutely love it.
My school offer many academic enhancers like tutoring, times to talk to the teacher, many resources on line and in the library.
I like the way the classes are layed out, I have not started the classes directed to nursing yet but I am eager to start on 8/15/14
I wont to become a nurse and travel while helping others.
I enjoyed my classes, I learned a lot and I cant wait to learn some more. I took classes that interested me and that challenged me and the teachers were grate.
This college has work shops that you can go to, to help you get a job or prepare you for a job.
I did good on my online class but I am better at being able to be there in a class room. Online is good it just is not for me.
I am getting most of the help I need with financial aid and every thing I need in helping me make better grades
We have lots of computers, a grate library, and plenty of ways to get help if we need them.
I love all my classes are set up to my best interest.
Review Stanly Community College
The range of students that go to the college I go to vary. It is a good atmosphere to be in and there always so much to learn from the teachers, students, and classes.
I feel like their could be more improvement in all matters.
Recently, I discovered that I had to pay out of pocket for my summer tuition. This is medical school, It is hard.. I have completed a full year of hard work, and now I can not pay for summer semester. The school was not helpful to this matter at all. They said they would not accept a loan for my summer semester. I am a full time student. I work part time, and I have a 5 month old son. It is very hard, and I definitely feel like the school could be helping more.
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