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if you aint afraid to show your actions defenatly go to this college if you are intrested in theater
always show your hardwork and show that you are good at many things never give up and just do what you wanna do in the future
Classes are an experience different from any other. The resources to succeed in your classes makes the university a very capable one to help you achieve your goal.
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Stanford University is the best university you might want to apply. Not only because of its name and selectiveness, but also because of the diversity that is only experienced at the campus. Their campus is the most diverse in the United States which makes it have a better student life.
I love everything here. The architecture, the people, the atmosphere. The classes are a little difficult, but it's worth it.
Brilliant professors. Very accessible through their office hours, and often outside of office hours.
There is no other university like it on the planet. The undergrad experience is fantastic--Stanford really makes sure to integrate first year students into campus life.

Stanford does everything well: academics, extracurriculars, social scene, sports, food, the arts, improv comedy(!), etc. You name it, Stanford does it and does it brilliantly. It even has the best weather!

And don't forget about the grad programs. They are outstanding across the board.
Overall, Stanford is the perfect balance between excellent academics, athletics, and a social atmosphere. One of the most welcoming environments you will ever be in. What separates Stanford from some of its peer institutions is that even though it is an elite university, the students are not elitists in the slightest.
I mean learning online just sucks compared to campus, but that's true for every school. My teachers have been incredibly caring and understanding, and Pass-Fail (I'm writing this Spring of 2020) has been a great opportunity to learn for the sake of learning. The perk to recorded lectures is that you can increase the video speed when the teacher is talking too slow! And it's also super easy to go to events because you just hop on the link and leave if you don't like it.
I'm a sophomore. I had some trouble freshman year, finding my people and deciding what I wanted to do – but now I've found my place here and I love it so so much. While a lot of people love the freshman dorm experience, I'm more of a deep thinker / intellectual type at heart (sounds snobby but idk how else to say it) and my dorm culture largely revolved around partying, hookups, extraversion, small talk, and Instagram. It wasn't until Spring quarter that I found a solid group of friends (outside of my dorm) that I truly connected with. Then pre-sophomore year, during the SoCo program, I made more friends who I truly adore and have had the best times with – smart, creative, hilarious, very grounded people. We baked cookies and made hot chocolate in the winter, drove to SF a few weekends in a row to hike the hills study over coffee and avocado toast. We study regularly in the library together, and stay up til 3am talking. Stanford feels like home, my friends and teachers like family.
For lack of better words, Stanford University is a one of a kind university. The cleanliness, architecture, art, and general energy of the campus are all of positivity, engagement, and other things of that sort. Whenever I am there, interacting with the students, faculty, and employees of the various stores and cafes there, it is a very, very welcoming environment. The bookstore has an amazing selection of books, and I always love looking at the selections of readings at its various libaries. Furthermore, every single interaction with professors that I have had, I have enjoyed them and am very much of the belief that they have been for the better. I am truly glad that I will be a part of the incoming Stanford class of 2024.
Stanford has been an unforgettable experience so far! There are an unlimited number of resources for just about any concern or issue a student might face. Other students breathe new life into the campus on a daily basis with their fresh ideas and the faculty and staff are second to none!
Due to the current world climate the entire academic portfolio transitioned to an online space. Most professors have done a superb job of taking advantage of assistance from the university to deliver their courses online!
Just the absolute best. Had an amazing experience here and wouldn't have wanted to spend my time in college anywhere else.
I took an internship for the Stanford Daily. This was an eight-week internship with Stanford University's student newspaper. Every Monday I would experience a different workshop aimed at teaching key points of what should and shouldn't be done in different branches of journalism. These workshops would also teach you different skills such as graphics, photography, and other multimedia. Every week, I would sign up for an article and throughout the course of the week, I would receive feedback from an editor of the program.
Exceptional student body with a great and well-funded campus. The area around it is also great. You get a small-town vibe around it, but you are right next to a giant city, San Francisco, so you get the best of both worlds.
Beautiful campus. Welcoming environment. Location and weather is amazing. Professors are truly interested in their students. Great diversity in the student population. Multiple interest groups from sports, arts, politics, service and much more. The exposure to alumni, industry leaders, celebrities, politicians, and regular people who are support and encouraging to expanding your learning is unmatched.
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My undergraduate experience at Stanford University was rich and fulfilling. I wish I could have stayed longer than the 4 years that I was there. There is so much to offer and the academics are rigorous whether you are pursuing a degree in STEM or in the liberal arts, and there are an abundance of non-academic pursuits to follow as well, providing for a balanced student life.
This school is indeed at a very high level and will insure success for your child. There are many courses you can take and there are also a lot of extracurricular activities and clubs that you can join to enjoy our college life.
Stanford's motto, "The wind of freedom blows," seems to permeate through all classroom walls, dorm rooms, and dining halls as students at this school are passionate, diligent, and lively. There is definitely a culture distinct to Stanford University, one which embodies free-spirited, unbounded learning. Aside from academics, though, I'd have to say that what makes Stanford unique is its people. Times when I've felt inspired, moved, and at home, were in moments I shared with others in discussions or conversations, whether it was academic or truly frivolous.
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