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A lot of what I expected college to be like came from TV, but arriving at Stanford proved a lot of the cliches wrong. My fears of cramped dorm rooms, dreadful dining hall food, and a drab campus were fully put to rest within my first week of moving in. Beyond that, there has not been a single class that has not enlightened me in some way. The professors are amazing, and their passion for the subject matter is clearly visible throughout every lecture. When your professors are the best in their field, and when they approach every class with the high energy that comes with loving what they're teaching, it's almost impossible to not fall in love with the subject yourself.
Amazing School overall. The best of the best program, with prestigious opportunities coming out of school.
Its object, to qualify its students for personal success, and direct usefulness in life and its purposes, to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization, teaching the blessings of liberty regulated by law, and inculcating love and reverence for the great principles of government as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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I love Stanford. There are so many opportunities and resources here for every student, even those with financial need like myself. Moreover, there is a diverse student body that always provides insights on something new and constantly challenge you to be your best.
My experience at Stanford has really made me somebody excited about being a life long learner. I have enjoyed every single person I have met, and learned so much from them and the professors that have such a diversity of backgrounds and knowledge.
Great place. I was very fortunate to go there. It's like summer camp for 4 years. Best place ever and it gets better every year.
The application process was easy to understand. The campus is beautiful, and they even provided a travel scholarship for me to fly to visit the campus.
Generally a great place to go to school, very easy to connect with faculty. Students are generally happy, and when they are not, there is ample discussion about the importance of mental health and of taking care of the self.
I liked how the campus has a children's hospital or a hospital in general. It shows how the university is very prevalent in ensuring the medical bound students their success by putting them in the medical environment.
Stanford is a private school that costs a lot to attend. But it comes with smaller classes, good professors, and a good overall feel of the school.
Excellent area to visit and hear about their history. Facility, especially aquatics, is amazing and can be hosted for many professional events.
I will always love Stanford for the memories and the people I have met. Stanford, in many ways, is amazing--sunny all the time and a campus out of a magazine. What's special about attending an "elite" institution is the number of opportunities available--funding for projects, opportunities to travel for free, opportunities for publication, opportunities to work with leaders in your field and more. If you're looking for opportunity, you will find it at Stanford. What sucks about Stanford is probably what sucks at any other private institution in the country: change is slow, it seems like administrators don't care what students think or want, the financial aid department can ruin your day, there are a ton entitled white, rich kids here who pretend like they're not entitled, white rich kids. STEM will always have more opportunities than other fields; the influence of Silicon valley is prevalent.
I frequented Stanford University's campus in Palo Alto, CA since close familial acquaintances attended Stanford. Additionally, as I attended elementary and middle school in PAUSD, I have taken various summer program and participated in activities held at Stanford. From my experiences, Stanford is a warm, welcoming school with a beautiful campus and considerate student body.
Amazing. If given the chance, choose this school. The amount of activities and liveliness of the university provided a relaxing sensation despite having to work intensely and be challenged by classes. The classes themselves are also rather intense, and you do need to seek out assistance, and there are plenty of resources available for such.
I love the atmosphere around campus! You meet someone inspiring every day with an incredible story to share.
It is a waste of time. I totally got no support and even if you asked you won't find any. Because English is not my first language and am not a nerd, some Professors do not respect me. I mean am living my life and I like to not act cleaver, so why the hate. And another complain is that many people do not respect your race. Due to the fact I am not Asian, everybody look at me like I am a useless piece of crab.
I am a current freshman and love this place. The people are all so friendly and everyone genuinely wants you to fit in and love the Farm.
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The overall experience at stanford is great, few things that I would like to recommend for a change are housing and campaigning food
Stanford University is a very lovely college. I went on a visit and they were very attentive and they got interested in what I wanted to do someday and they told me everything I could do with it there and what buildings I would go to. They paved out everything I could want to know and made everything so simple to understand. They had amazing facilities and everyone was so welcoming. They try very hard at everything they do. It would be a great place to go for an aspiring athlete or scholar.
It is truly a great experience ! best university in the world , you will have great opportunities and friends.
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