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I visited the campus when I was in 7th grade, and the experience was surreal. The campus life and focus on academics inspired my desire to attend Stanford University.
I like how big the college is and how beautiful the campus is. They have a lot of different majors to choose from. However the acceptance rate is very high.
Am an exchange student in America and I always hear that it is a good university that everyone wishes to go to, this has made me to like it and have a dream of being there one day in my life.
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Loved my campus visit and tour. I felt like a lot of questions were answered and it wasn't too big of a group.
Love the campus so much! Always something going on here. Such a good learning environment. Beautiful buildings and nature.
Everything you hear about Stanford is true. It is one of the best universities you can go to, and not just for the education, but the friendships you form along the way with like-minded individuals.
They should stop pretending like they’re the next Harvard or something . They will always be below Harvard in prestige and opportunities . This place sucks for liberal arts students and basically everyone goes into tech and becomes a no name software engineer with no prestige . I hate this place . Plus, Palo Alto is the worst excuse for a college town I’ve ever seen. If yo get into an Ivy League, go there and stay away from Stanford.
Stanford is beautiful, full of opportunity and life and heart and soul. I'm excited to spend my undergraduate years here and I know it will be a transformative experience!
It is a very good university. Love the are it's in with the smell of pine tree. The food is great there. There are different options to choose from. Everyone is kind there and people like to include others in activities and they have a nice library and stores to shop at.
Stanford is the greatest place on earth. I feel so at home here and love everything about the campus and life here. The weather is amazing (no snow! or freezing temperatures), people are happier than many other schools, and you have the freedom and flexibility to study anything and switch your major around.
Stanford was a great place to sraudy with exceptional teachers and staff. Classes were hard at times but if you managed your time correctly then all was good. As a freshman I was scared at first but then if you open up you can make tons of new friends epecially if you join a sorority.
Stanford is the best university in the country having surpassed the likes of Harvard and Yale years ago. STEM is the future and no one can match Stanford's undergrad and graduate curriculum; additionally, Stanford is tops or near the top in many liberal arts concentrations. The gorgeous campus, amazing weather, school spirit, sports, and proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco are big bonuses. There is a good reason why students, parents, and counselors all name the school as their number one "Dream School."
Great people and academics. Here you get very individualized support on a beautiful campus. I felt right at home as soon as I got here.
Great institution with renowned faculty and elite sports. Palo Alto is a good location for startups/tech but not really a college town.
Excellent place with excellent people. Outstanding academics, not only in STEM fields but also less commonly known in humanities as well.
Gotta be the best university in the country. Is there anything this school isn't good at????? Beautiful campus, lots of diversity, great reputation, amazing professors, could go on forever.
Stanford students have a reputation for working hard and playing hard. Explore these pages to meet student government leaders, future Olympians, talented artists, political activists, fraternity and sorority presidents, volunteers and avid Cardinal sports fans. More than 600 student organizations drive campus life.
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The only downside of Stanford is the party scene, and as someone who doesn't party, everything is perfect. The faculty, dorms/housing, and academics are world-class. The facilities are pristine, the campus is beautiful, and even the bathrooms are always clean. Stanford comes with its own prestige, so the return on investment should be great. Companies are always happy to hire someone with a Stanford background.
Extremely nice campus, amazing programs, and the food there was incredible! The student-led campus tour was very informative as well!
The student to teacher ratio is pretty good for such a big school. The ratio is one teacher to 18 students. Normally this might not be that good but when you consider that Stanford has some of the best teachers in the country, it makes up for the 18 students.
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