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My Experience at Stanford University was amazing. I was fortunate to attended a tour of the campus because of my relationship with the AVID program. My classmates of my freshman class toured the campus which allowed us to see the beautiful buildings found throughout the school. For instance, the library and historical church and the many art pieces displayed around the school and in front of buildings. Our tour guid knew many students around the campus and introduced us to them allowing us to ask questions of their experience of the school allowing us to gain information of how attending this school is both beneficial and smart.
I love the atmosphere around campus! You meet someone inspiring every day with an incredible story to share.
It is a waste of time. I totally got no support and even if you asked you won't find any. Because English is not my first language and am not a nerd, some Professors do not respect me. I mean am living my life and I like to not act cleaver, so why the hate. And another complain is that many people do not respect your race. Due to the fact I am not Asian, everybody look at me like I am a useless piece of crab.
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I am a current freshman and love this place. The people are all so friendly and everyone genuinely wants you to fit in and love the Farm.
The overall experience at stanford is great, few things that I would like to recommend for a change are housing and campaigning food
Stanford University is a very lovely college. I went on a visit and they were very attentive and they got interested in what I wanted to do someday and they told me everything I could do with it there and what buildings I would go to. They paved out everything I could want to know and made everything so simple to understand. They had amazing facilities and everyone was so welcoming. They try very hard at everything they do. It would be a great place to go for an aspiring athlete or scholar.
It is truly a great experience ! best university in the world , you will have great opportunities and friends.
Overall fun and good time. Lots of work. Good for most people. Freshman year was amazing. Sophomore year is time to buckle down and grind like most places.
Stanford is a beautiful, welcoming place where everyone is welcome! There is an overwhelming sense of community to be found by anyone from any background, and academics are challenging and prepare you for anything you may want to pursue after college. The atmosphere and school spirit are always lively, and it's an overall great place to be.
When I toured the Stanford Campus I fell in love with the accepting and kind student body, as well as the learning culture an environment present at this prestigious academy. My guide was very accommodating and encouraged us to ask all of our questions.
I love Stanford! The student atmosphere lives up to collaborative hype, the weather is beautiful, and all the classes are taught by professors that have a true passion for the subject.
Stanford is a great school because it has a lot of resources and connections. I don't think the academics are harder than any other university, but I think they do a great job in selecting students who have a passion for discovery, creation, and innovation. The experience of being able to learn, grow, and collaborate with these people is the greatest blessing.
Stanford has endless opportunities to pursue personal and intellectual growth. The resources and improvement-minded attitude provide motivation and support towards the student experience.
I just finished my freshman year and have had a wonderful time at Stanford. It's a place where you can be yourself and there will be a welcoming place for you. Classes are top-notch. Student life is diverse, and there are many students who are highly smart yet also down-to-earth and unpretentious about it. It's important, however, to keep in mind that Stanford isn't the perfect palm tree academic paradise its brochures try to make it out to be. There are virtually no good food options on campus, and it's quite hard to get off it. Despite being a diverse place, students often go into their little communities, and those often rarely interact. Stanford admin can oscillate between launching programs that are very welcoming to students, and paying lip service to other issues that are important to students. Overall, if you get in, it's definitely cause for celebration. However, if you don't, it's not like you've missed your one golden chance. Really, don't sweat it too much.
I loved the campus at Stanford and the fact that they have their own little city on campus. I think the students who attend are all very unique in their personalities and hobbies, which makes the student body particularly diverse.
A truly unique school that has a great balance of social, academic, and athletic capacities. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Stanford has afforded me the opportunity to explore who I am as an aspiring science researcher, and given me great and numerous free opportunities to get involved with events both on and off of campus, fun and academic alike.
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Stanford offers a great number of majors, and with a beautiful campus and high end resources to boot, it makes sense why so many want to go there. But considering the issues with their application process and how it wrongfully denies applicants' credit cards as invalid (including mine) I would not be surprised if many great minds wasted their time applying here as I have.
Stanford is a place of innovation. Improvements are constantly made to the school. It's easy to make connections with faculty. Since most undergraduates live on campus, it's easy to meet up with friends for meals and visit each others' dorms. The weather is terrific. You can take any class and be any major you want.
The campus is beautiful, the food is amazing, the people are incredible. Stanford is the only place I can see myself being and growing. However, their financial aid policy is complete nonsense. So many people I know are having difficulties or are taking leaves because the school is in no way accommodating.
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