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The campus is a bit small, but its easier to get to classes. The teachers are great! They explain very well and teach at a moderate pace to ensure that everyone fully understands. You can also ask extra questions after class, if you wish. The classes are also small, so you have more one-on- one learning experience. It feels similar to high school, only the workload is more and the teachers are more interesting. College life is amazing, well considering this is my first time off on my own. If you want to succeed and have an awesome learning experience, St. Thomas is for you.
St. Thomas Univeristy is one University I've considered since i first heard about it. From many reviews that ive seen, THe NAF Program is one to join especially i want a career in that path. I actually haven't studied there but it would mean everyhting to get into this great school. The people are super nice and the make you feel as if you're home. Great service when it comes to getting information of the school.
The coursework is rigorous which is a good thing, however education programs do not lead to certification as suggested by the dean and all promotional materials.
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St. Thomas is a great university. The faculty there is very helpful and always want you to strive. The is great diversity on the campus and there is always some activity going on so you will never be bored of the college life.
My experience was good but I think the security is a little to strict because most students or adults move away to school to gain independents but if the school gives you curfew; you might as well live at home and some homes you do not have curfews.
i like that it is easy and to the point and they let me upload my application fee waiver from my computer to their website.
I would choose the school again because the academics are worth it and the school has prestige
I have not witnessed any underaged drinking or drug use.
Professors push for you to be leaders in your desired field and they try to give you all the training needed for your future.
The school prepares you more than other schools for the real world and try to have students involved in their community.
I do not live on campus and I do not see how health issues are dealt with.
I do not live on campus but the buildings are maintained very well and the students have easy access to food at all times. The campus also provides transportation to some locations in the area.
Our school promotes students to join sports groups and stay active but we do not provide all sports. The buildings and equipment are very good and maintained.
This school is a small environment with much diversity. The school opens your eyes to different religions and different people from different economic levels. This school prepares you to be a helpful leader in your community as an adult and employee/employer.
The safety is pretty secure during the 24 hours of the day you have to go through public safety and you need to be a requested visitor or student to be on campus its pretty secure although someone if they liked to could just walk into campus without being seen overall its above average a bit.
Living on campus is pretty average it's not like a big division 1 university so the social atmosphere is okay. It's pretty diverse I can say that people from all different colors and places which is nice so everybody has a different story from where they come from.
The athletics seem exceptional I really do like the volleyball team though there really good in my opinion. It's only the beginning of the school year so we haven't had any real big events yet so we'll just see how it goes throughout the year.
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It's very far away from home but it helps me build character being so far away from home by myself.
STU is small, diverse and caring school. The professors love their subjects and really care about the student's future. You have many opportunities to do well and form connections that will help in the future. It has an amazing research program with those students studying in STEM fields. It's an opportunity to get experience earlier than most students. That opportunity alone makes this school incredible.
I don't live on Campus but they look pretty great.
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