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St. Thomas is an expensive private school but they work with older students who decide to make career changes. The school is most known for their Law School and Nursing Program. I am a law student. The school offered me scholarships when I initially enrolled and depending on what grades you make after your first year, they reassess your scholarship amounts.

I think that St. Thomas was the best choice for me because it is a small community that looks out for each other. The deans have an open door policy and truly care about your success.

The only cons to the law school are:
Private school tuition
Limited parking
Limited food options
Limited professors (if you get one you don't like, good luck. You may have them again)
You can't control your exam schedule
I really love being a Law student at St. Thomas University. I always feel like my professors are there to guide me and help me through anything I need! I am proud to attend such a diverse school.
My two years at St. Thomas has been very pleasent. Because of its small size, I am able to speak to my professors privately and receive help from them. It is a very friendly campus community, also very clean. The dorms are very nice! I
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I’m not a student to to the institution. However I did attend their open house for the nursing program. Base on the info provided, it seem to be a outstanding school. Maybe in the near future either myself will return for my masters or even my children, since St Thomasos next to my oldest son High School,Pace.
I am a current doctoral student in my first year and really enjoying the both online and on campus program
I am new here but so far the service that was given to me from I applied here was amazing the customer service is good I have excited to be apart such great team they have worked with the entire way and they have welcomed me with open arms.The reviews were great and I can't wait to attend here.
It's been real good experience. They very open and awesome people. Always helping out their students if they financial issues. Help find money and opportunities.
The university is really nice, the atmosphere helps you a lot to focus on your studies since it’s always very calm and peaceful. The professors are awsome and very attentive.
Great school with a family environment! St. Thomas does a great job with getting their students, not only a great education, but their foot in the door with where ever they want to begin their career. There are many professors with great connections to the outside world.
Students are well guided. The curriculum is rigid but well-taught by professors. All the professors are knowledgeable about the subject matter they are teaching. Your writing skills will be honed by the assignments and weekly discussion topics. The discussion thread is so much fun with students coming from different backgrounds. Professors interact with all the students online and gave timely feedback on all required assignments especially the research paper.
I haven't been long at St. Thomas, but I do not regret my decision. The staff is always helpful in any department. The students are great people and there is a great diversity.
The people are great, the professors are great, the whole staff is there to help you through your college years. There's a lot of Financial Aid available and a variety of courses from which to choose. It is a good school, very friendly and very green.
I move from PR to fl and i love the university excellent professor and I live at dorms
Good safety at the campus.
I went on a campus tour and was treated with the upmost respect and attitude by the staff, which is the main reason I applied and decided to become a freshman at St Thomas University.The diversity and Academic life, the students currently attending posed, was an added bonus to the already beautiful scenery of the campus. Every building and structure is perfectly placed to move from class to class with ease and reduced stress. When looking for a school with more emphasis on education and not partying St Thomas is a clear winner among others. From state of the art technology for nursing students and a law library open extended hours, this college shows its students it cares about their future as leaders. On thing to keep in mind however, is that its not all work and no play. St Thomas offers many on Campus student activities.
The campus is a bit small, but its easier to get to classes. The teachers are great! They explain very well and teach at a moderate pace to ensure that everyone fully understands. You can also ask extra questions after class, if you wish. The classes are also small, so you have more one-on- one learning experience. It feels similar to high school, only the workload is more and the teachers are more interesting. College life is amazing, well considering this is my first time off on my own. If you want to succeed and have an awesome learning experience, St. Thomas is for you.
St. Thomas Univeristy is one University I've considered since i first heard about it. From many reviews that ive seen, THe NAF Program is one to join especially i want a career in that path. I actually haven't studied there but it would mean everyhting to get into this great school. The people are super nice and the make you feel as if you're home. Great service when it comes to getting information of the school.
The coursework is rigorous which is a good thing, however education programs do not lead to certification as suggested by the dean and all promotional materials.
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St. Thomas is a great university. The faculty there is very helpful and always want you to strive. The is great diversity on the campus and there is always some activity going on so you will never be bored of the college life.
My experience was good but I think the security is a little to strict because most students or adults move away to school to gain independents but if the school gives you curfew; you might as well live at home and some homes you do not have curfews.
i like that it is easy and to the point and they let me upload my application fee waiver from my computer to their website.
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