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St. Thomas University - Canada Reviews

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International students and out of state students are required to live on campus for their freshman year if they don't have a closed by place to stay.
I attend a private university, therefore I get to have one on one contact with the professor, and get to know the people on campus. My experience applying to this school was excellent.
I live in Miami so it is a multicultural state. I love that there is a lot of options in regards to food, and nightlife for example.
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Teams are not very supported by the students. However, athletes are very well prepared on their field.
It is a fairly strict campus, but I do not have a problem following rules.
Small classes, easy workload, and amazing facilities
there is so much thinks to do on campus and out of campus. there are always some activity schedule for the student living on campus. there food o lord taste so good.
Always There for the Student – i came to st. thomas university has a transfer student from miami dade college the welcome of the staff the dedication of the student thier work, they give us everything you wish for you work for and so on. help is always waiting for you to ask.
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