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With all of the application process online enrolling was quite easy. In 2001, I spent a whole day running around campus to complete the enrollment process.
All the staff are very kind and are willing to help in anything. The teachers are very kind and are there to answer questions. What it is very nice is that the classes are small.
What I liked about St.Phillip´s is that all the staff are very friendly. The professors are very nice and are there to answer questions and help their students. What I really liked where that the classes were small.
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St Philips is a solid community college and has many resources to help you succeed. The location is the only downside.
I love everything. Wouldn't know what to change if there needed to be any changes. Overall a great experience that is only getting better
St. Philips is an amazing college to attend. There are a variety of classes and professors to choose from, and the resources available to the students are unlimited.
The admissions process was horrible. There is a huge lack of communication between all departments in the college and seems very disorganized. I had to reapply twice given they lost/did not transcribe my transcript then once applied took forever to clear any holds on student account.
St. Philips has helped me in ways no other college would at the time i first enrolled. Even though i wasnt college ready at the time for my classes they gave me all the tools i needed to make sure i would be college ready within the next semester. The advisors there just love theyre job, they love to help in any way they can. Thats just the first BEST part of St. Philips next is the Teachers, most people agree teachers in college careless but thats NOT the case at St.Philips Teachers want to make sure the Class as a WHOLE passes not just particular students or favorites. They bend over backwards with anything you need varying from Tutoring to afterschool programs.
the professors in this campus do all they can to make us successful towards our major. the clubs in this college has help me with my cybersecurity major and its fun.
St. Philips has been extremely great and truly helped me starting my college experience, have met many great friends and especially great instructors. Very glad I started here first and next year I’m transferring to a University.
St. Philip’s College offers a variety of degree programs. There are numerous learning resources available to students. In addition, the staff at St. Philip’s College is very friendly.
Small community of people trying to get an education and other helping along the way. The school has lots of rich history that connects each individual to another.
I loved my teachers and the flexibility of class schedules. However, I do feel that administration could use some more "hands on" experience with students; they have a tendency to not be very helpful. Overall, I have loved my teachers and my advisors and feel adequately prepared for my future educational endeavors. I simply wish that more information was explained as far as records, applications, and transfer requirements and aide.
The student to teacher ratio is great. Everybody is willing to help you. St. Phillips is great as a good score coming out of high school because the classes are nice huge and as I said before the student to teacher ratio is great whereas like a university there could be 500 or more students in one class. In one of my classes, we only had 10 students. St Phillip’s also offers many different types of degrees and certifications. So in my opinion if you are looking for a smaller campus then a normal university then ACCD is for you.
St. Philips has been overall a great experience. I have been treated with respect anywhere I go on campus. Every teacher and advisor goes beyond the extra mile to help me achieve my educational goals. Since day one I have not had any down days at St. Philips due to such a welcomed environment. Myself as a minority at St. Philips college I personally feel like I belong there with such a diversity group of teachers and students. St. Philips is more than a school it’s home!.
I take dual credit classes at saint Phillips. The south west campus to be exact. Honestly the area is pretty bad in the sense that there is nothing around but its a good school. I like that the facilities are always really really clean. The food selection is not that good. You are limited to overpriced snacks, and vending machines. The professors are good and they stay on top of the curriculum. I also got OSHA certified at the college for free. But some of my friends take the classes at SAC the San Antonio college and the place looks awesome. They have a higher variety of food places around but there is allot of homeless people in the area. But the campus id pretty nice. Also they have a pretty cool observatory .
St Philip's College it's a great school you get help whenever you need it and they really been helping me a lot. St Philip's College it's not like other colleges it's really uniquic and there's nothing I would change about this school.
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Very friendly staff a lot of different fields to encourage, affordable and a lot of different class schedule options
St Philip's College is an affordable college with great professors and a diverse atmosphere. Great place to get an education and make life long friends.
I really love the college the professors not only do they teach well they also give great advice and life experience.
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