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I really love the college the professors not only do they teach well they also give great advice and life experience.
It's a small school so the teacher to student ratio is great with one to one help. But the staff that works in the main building in the front desk are rude all the time and expect you to know what should be done. Advisory staff are extremely nice and incredibly helpful.
Attending St. Phillip’s College has been a good experience for me. They also provide the necessary resources needed to succeed academically as long as you put forth the effort. Also the classes they provide can be tooken online or at the campus whichever works around your schedule.
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I wil be returning to St. Philips College to obtain my RN. I previously attended for my LVN. The staff and instructors always reiterated how they are there to help you succeed. They stayed true to that motto until the end. I have many wonderful memories of my experience there and although it was a grueling schedule and felt that I was at wits ends, they always encouraged me to continue and were forth coming when I needed to hear the truth when it came to my grades. This is why I am returning.
I was very new and afraid about the idea of college and not being able to pass my classes with good grades for the career I am working towards, but the staff and and advisers were very helpful and reassuring me in knowing that there is always help when you really need it.
I really enjoy the college it saved me money and I learned a lot from the professors that teach there. The only problem I would have liked to have joined a club or a sport but they didn't have much to offer in that aspect. Overall I liked the smaller classes and that one on one attention that you could get with the professor and how much they care about your learning and personal growth.
My first time going to St. Philips was incredible. The staff was super helpful and friendly as well as open to any questions you had. The professors on campus is what really made this college shine due to there care and determination towards their students. I can’t wait to go back next semester.
It is a very professional atmosphere, but people are still friendly. As a student, when you walk in to the information center, people are very helpful. There is a sense of community there.
I went when i was 18 and i enjoyed it i can't wait to get back. This time I taking up sonography so hopefully it will be a good course.
I am very satisfied with my choice of education. St. Phillips college is a great way of coming together with other students who are pursuing the same career, The college isn't huge but it is perfect. It is a safe environment and the community works hard to make sure the students are always protected.
Going to this college gave me a new experience of how school should be. With rigorous classes well enough to get you motivated and going, you're sure to do excellent here!
There's nothing I would change about St. Philip's College. It's a wonderful school with amazing teachers, who truly care about their students. Who invest in their student's education and help every student reach success. The tutors were also helpful. Everyone on campus is very friendly and kind. I made a lot of new friends while I attended St. Philip's.
I personally love the st. Phillips college. The teachers are so welcoming and will help you with a bunch of different things. As well as the administrators in the welcoming center help a lot with any questions you have with any classes and places you needed to be navigated around with.
St. Philips is a great school with plenty of opportunities to succeed. The professors are very willing and passionate. Unfortunately the area around the school is not the greatest but the school itself is wonderful.
I like that the college professor had time for you. They would help you in so many ways. They have multiple labs that offer tutors from the professors themselves. The campus is very clean, and well kept. Out of all of the Alamo Colleges this one has the least amount of crimes rates. It is not in a very good area of town, but the neighborhood surrounding the college is very quiet and will not mess with your cars or belongings.
Everyone at St. Philips is friendly. You get a sense that you belong there. Its like a big family. You’re never alone.
I like that it's an open friendly environment not just among the student but the faculty as well. The school is always having job fairs & things like that to help students. The advisors are the best, they're so willing to help anyone who asks for it & are really easy to get along with.
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I am currently a student a St. Philip's college. I am in Vocation Nursing Program. I like my classmates and my teachers. I do wish there were more resources for the evening students.
The faculty and staff are very kind and helpful. They keep you involved with the school's activities, and want to know more about you.
I love St. Philip’s College, it’s such a great college. All the teachers, facilities members are amazing. They are so nice to everyone, if you don’t know where a classroom is they will show you right away. St. Philip’s just opened up the student center where you can watch tv, or play video games, play ping pong, or play some pool and you can always go bowling. They have a Starbucks which is awesome everyone loves Starbucks. St. Philip’s is a great school I’m gonna miss it when I transfer. I love St. Philip’s!!!
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