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I am very satisfied with my choice of education. St. Phillips college is a great way of coming together with other students who are pursuing the same career, The college isn't huge but it is perfect. It is a safe environment and the community works hard to make sure the students are always protected.
Going to this college gave me a new experience of how school should be. With rigorous classes well enough to get you motivated and going, you're sure to do excellent here!
There's nothing I would change about St. Philip's College. It's a wonderful school with amazing teachers, who truly care about their students. Who invest in their student's education and help every student reach success. The tutors were also helpful. Everyone on campus is very friendly and kind. I made a lot of new friends while I attended St. Philip's.
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I personally love the st. Phillips college. The teachers are so welcoming and will help you with a bunch of different things. As well as the administrators in the welcoming center help a lot with any questions you have with any classes and places you needed to be navigated around with.
St. Philips is a great school with plenty of opportunities to succeed. The professors are very willing and passionate. Unfortunately the area around the school is not the greatest but the school itself is wonderful.
I like that the college professor had time for you. They would help you in so many ways. They have multiple labs that offer tutors from the professors themselves. The campus is very clean, and well kept. Out of all of the Alamo Colleges this one has the least amount of crimes rates. It is not in a very good area of town, but the neighborhood surrounding the college is very quiet and will not mess with your cars or belongings.
Everyone at St. Philips is friendly. You get a sense that you belong there. Its like a big family. You’re never alone.
I like that it's an open friendly environment not just among the student but the faculty as well. The school is always having job fairs & things like that to help students. The advisors are the best, they're so willing to help anyone who asks for it & are really easy to get along with.
I am currently a student a St. Philip's college. I am in Vocation Nursing Program. I like my classmates and my teachers. I do wish there were more resources for the evening students.
The faculty and staff are very kind and helpful. They keep you involved with the school's activities, and want to know more about you.
I love St. Philip’s College, it’s such a great college. All the teachers, facilities members are amazing. They are so nice to everyone, if you don’t know where a classroom is they will show you right away. St. Philip’s just opened up the student center where you can watch tv, or play video games, play ping pong, or play some pool and you can always go bowling. They have a Starbucks which is awesome everyone loves Starbucks. St. Philip’s is a great school I’m gonna miss it when I transfer. I love St. Philip’s!!!
My experience with St. Philip's College was horrifying at first because its a huge school, once you enter the campus you are clueless at where the classroom are located and you don't know anybody. I did make it through by going to the Welcome Center, asked for help and they told everything I needed to know about this campus. What I like about St. Philips is people around you are very helpful, outgoing, and full of helpful information. Also the map have numbers on their buildings (even on the real building too) so you know where you are heading towards. There is nothing they need to change everything went fine on the campus and I love everything about my experience as a college student at St. Philip's College.
I've had great experience at this college. All staff is ready to offer assistance to their students. It is one of the oldest historically black and hispanic serving instituitions in the US, and had one of the highest enrollments for HBC in 2017. I am proud to have been able to continue my education at St. Philip's College and recommend them to anyone looking to pursue higher education. The one thing I would change is to have more available gym hours.
St.phillips college was a great place for me to really bloom on my academics the professors there are brilliant ! They cease to amaze me with they're very interactive styles and multiple ways for you to get help on the subjects your having trouble with. I recommend going to math world if math isn't really on your strong side the PhD professors will definitely get to going in the right direction.
The Staff is really helpful on trying to get the students on the right track on their education. I can feel how the professors do care to help us succeed. The advisors are super nice and they do take the time to hear all our questions and try to explain on how we can go on a good start. The Student is a great way to to start new friendships and a great way to wait for our next class start. I am super excited to start my second semester at St. Philips college and continue my education.
The professors and staff are really personable and extremely helpful. They really care about their students.
It was my first semester in college. I chose to attend St. Philips, mainly because it was closer to me, also because my aunt who is two weeks away from becoming an eye doctor, attended St. Philips as well. It was the best decision I could have made. I had the best professors I could of asked for, and the best first semester in college experience I could have ever had. I finished the semester with all A’s and one B, and also made a lot of friends. I’m a published author now thanks to Mr’s. Miranda English instructor, and I absolutely love St. Philips. When I finish and start my career I’ll never forget where I started.
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My first year in college at st Philip's has been an amazing experience. I met a lot of different people and I got to truly know who I was. I'm grateful to have the professor that push me to finish the fall semester. I do have to admit My two favorite places on campus are the library and the game room. The library has so many books that you can just read and relax for a while but the game room is a place you can play videos games, bowling or just hang out with friends.
St. Phillips college was very helpful in me finishing my associates degree. I love Math World. Also very very helpful in helping me in my Statistics class.
The one thing I like about St. Philip's is the manger over the counselors. She is very detailed orientated and helpful. The one thing I would change is the appeal date for FAFSA to match the different program acceptance period instead of having a hard date of October 31.
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