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St. Paul's School of Nursing - Queens Reviews

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St Paul is great, a very small school with small classes that have no more than 30ish people. Accelerated nursing program so oure done in 18 months which is great. Professors know so much information
I did enjoy my first semester here at first until the staff lost my medical documents, cancelled classes before our final, and sometimes a professor will begin our class earlier then what was on our schedule just so they could get home earlier. I also do not like how homework and lab does NOT count unless you have a 78 average in the class, even if your overall class grade is 76, homework and lab will NOT count because that's not passing, so good luck trying to boost your grade. I also had my clinical date switched without notice which affected my actual job. Professors here are racist snobs and very disrespectful and will only favor you and show a little respect for you if you've been involved in the medical field at one point in your life. Nursing skills are only taught once here so you are clueless on how to give an injection or even fill out a care plan when clinical starts. This school is unorganized, I do not recommend this school at all.
There is a lot of job opportunity and job placement after graduation and upon passing the board exam.
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Class size is small. There are variety of classes offered. Although it is a small nursing school with a nursing major, the diversity is incredible and helps learn a lot about our community and society in todays world.
All students are recruited by hospitals affiliated by the school and even outside. According to human resources, nursing students have received offers for jobs from well known hospitals of New York City, which is highly impressive.
My program is nursing. It is very competition, challenging yet motivating. The curriculum is do-able, however, requires a lot of handwork, effort and consistent motivation. Professionalism is taught and practiced throughout the program.
Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Although it is a small school, it is highly strict and expects nothing than the best from students. Professionalism is well practiced in the school.
It's been Great I enjoy being their .the professor are very kind and helpful
Online courses u can do it on your own time and actually be able to do better .
They help u get a job after finishing your degree.
Will obtain a Assiocate degrees in medical assistant, be able to work in hospital .
Very helpful and friendly professor.
Iam currently studying medical assistant .
It's amazing the professors and everyone in the school is very friendly , I use to go to queensborough but recently transfered here, the people in this school is very motivated and want their students to succeed and accomplish their goal. It is a bit expensive that's why I really need this scholarship to help me .
I have not yet gone to this school HOWEVER I can tell you the school cares about me. I went to a community college and yes it is cheaper than Saint Paul's because it is a private school but the school is smaller, diverse, and the students all share the same interest-nursing. Every time you walk in someone says good morning Jasmine, and they are always responding to your emails or phone calls and once you apply you'll get in. During my orientation, the president of the campus said that in community colleges you're just a number. But that's why so many people go to those colleges. It's cheaper but you're on your own. And that is exactly what happened to me. In this school, I will be able to sit for the boards to become a nurse and they will train me like crazy until THEY feel I'm ready to take it. They won't let me take it unless I'm ready 110%. It's small, it's welcoming, it's 110% clean it's professional and yes you have to pay more, but sometimes you have to pay more to get more.
Compared to my community college, this school is way more expensive! I have no clue how I will be able to pay this. I mean I have some help from my parents but it'll be nice to just pay on my own. I know it'll be worth it. I tried financial aid but I didn't get squat. I work part time and that really isn't helping although I have saved up to help me get by a couple months. I have to pay like 1000 dollars every month which is a payment plan instead of paying the full price but you have books, uniform, drug screening, cpr class etc. it's insane! Not to mention I have my phone bill, gas money, etc. But like I said for this college I'm sure it'll be worth it. The students at the school look very happy and the staff too.
My college affiliates with LIJ hospital so it'll be great to start a job there. There is a career center that will help you find a job and will help your friends or family members who are looking for a job.
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I honestly haven't started the program yet but based on what everyone else tells me you'll learn a lot.
Since it's a nursing program, I'll be learning anatomy, and a lot of nursing classes. I'm sure it'll be great because it's been my dream to wear a scrub lol
I used to go to a community college and honestly you're just an ordinary average joe unless you did something major like that makes you stand out. I came here to Saint Paul's School of Nursing and they are so friendly. They know my name, they are very respectful and I am so glad I found this school.
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