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St. Olaf feels like home. All students live on campus so you form life-long friends. I was challenged academically and feel prepared as I enter medical school.
St. Olaf was an excellent institution in terms of education and preparing students for the real world. Although you are up on the hill and separate from the real world, faculty and staff do an amazing job of challenging students' ideas and encouraging them to rise to the occasion.
I am really enjoying my time at St Olaf. Although there is not much to do outside of schoolwork, but there is always a possibility to go to Minneapolis/St Paul.
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St. Olaf College provides students with an environment that bolsters a sense of community and drive to learn. If you are looking for a school that will be a phenomenal education experience this college will not disappoint. The social atmosphere of the campus is very hit or miss depending on your idea of fun.
Attending St. Olaf was the best decision of my life. At first I thought the size and remoteness of St. Olaf was something to be wary about but, I came to realize that they made Olaf special. I met some of the best teachers in my life and was able to interact with them on a personal level.
St. Olaf offers a very close-knit community with plenty of things to do on the Hill. The cities are easily accessible and the classes and professors are phenomenal.
I would say my experience at St. Olaf has been a bit different than most of my peers. I come from the city, the actual city. And it's been hard adapting to people who come from such homogeneous places. Now I wouldn't necessarily say it's a bad thing but trying to experience a school that prides itself on open mindedness and acceptance of all people becomes a bit blurry when so many have never known nor cared how the poorer half, have experienced life. As a gay man, I do feel more than welcomed by my peers and faculty. I must say, there are some pretty incredible people at this institution that have impacted the way I value personal relationships and my incredible privilege to be given the right to such an education. There are parts of St. Olaf I like. Such as the beautiful campus, eclectic professors and teaching methods, and the feeling of belonging. St. Olaf is a world class place for academics. Despite its many flaws, the education you receive here is definitely worth your money.
The best part about St. Olaf is the people. Students here are very friendly. Whenever I pass by someone, I guarantee you that if you smile at them, they'll smile back 9 out of 10 times. Student body seems small but it is actually a perfect size for you to see people you know a couple of times each day but still have the potential to meet new people for four years. All my professors know my name and they are very eager to help you if you visit office hours.
As a St. Olaf student, I feel like there are so many opportunities I have access to. Whether it's research or internships or pursuits fo further education, proactive St. Olaf students have many resources they can take advantage of. The curriculum is tough no matter what department you take courses in. Professors have extremely high expectations for their students, however they do everything in their power to build your way to those high expectations. It can be difficult to find a study/social life balance. If you cannot develop strong study habits, classes will be a struggle. There are a ton of resources available to students who haven't established study habits and professors are happy to work with students. The open-door policy is an awesome thing to take advantage of. There can be a sense of a competitive atmosphere, but usually there is a stronger sense of community and camaraderie between students because everyone is facing many of the same challenges in an academic sense.
I love going to school here! Academics and music are great, the food is awesome and the campus is beautiful.
St. Olaf has a great community and is an amazing overall school. Brand new academic buildings, nationally ranked proffesors, and amazing food.
St. Olaf is such an inclusive campus and it has a place for everyone. It seems as though students, faculty, and staff here are very nice all the time (to me, this is a major factor) and they are also very welcoming of new students as well. There is always someone to help you with literally anything. The food is amazing. The facility on campus is modern and up-to-date. It is also a very diverse campus to live in.
Overall, it is a great place to spend your small, liberal arts college experience.
The environment here is great: nice clean sidewalks, fresh air, beautiful green scenery, prairies and forest paths, etc. The professors here are in general pretty welcoming and friendly. There is a pretty strong sense of community because you will not feel awkward when asking anyone for help on anything, and people are willing and want to help. The only downside is that the food really isn't as great as I expected.
St. Olaf boasts rigorous academics and truly excellent professors who are invested in their students and teaching.
It has a good music and sports program if you are majoring in them. However, the variety of classes that are offered (across all departments) is limited. The food is good, but tastes the same after a while (since they do not rotate the food on some of the stations). Some of the dorms have recently been upgraded, however, there is no AC in the dorms and the some of the heaters (depending on the room/dorm building) are unreliable. Great networking system.
I really enjoyed my first year at st. olaf, though it didn't come without challenges. I am a student athlete there, competing in football and rugby, that alone comes with challenges but here at st. olaf the student body and administration seem to be against all athletes and are always looking for wasy to single us out and make us look bad while all we do is go out and represent the school on a larger stage to the best out our ability.
The academics are wonderful, and professors truly care. The Piper Center is a resource vital and willing to preparing students for life after graduation. St. Olaf offers many educational and personal resources. Many classes come with SI sessions, a study group led by an upper-level student. Resources are usually easy to find when you begin to look for them. The academics at St. Olaf go above and beyond. The social life on campus does not fully compare. I have found it to be difficult to get anywhere off campus if you need to. St. Olaf is a dry campus, but that does not mean there is not drinking. A few of the party houses do seem unsafe, but overall the party spots are safe and fun. The student organizations on campus are abundant. There is something for everyone to love. Most of the dorms on campus are very nice. Even though St. Olaf has a price tag, it is a degree you want. The academic and networking opportunities the school provides are essential to succeeding after a degree.
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St. Olaf has a great campus location. It is surrounded by plenty of trees, plenty of fields to play soccer and football, and a huge windmill. The professors are friendly and accessible. However, they don't really speak on diversity issues and current politics unless the student government body brings a speaker to speak on behalf of those issues. Overall, the students and professors are friendly, and the college is beautiful.
My experience at St. Olaf college as a first year has been fantastic. I knew from the first tour I took of the school my junior year of high school that I could accomplish great things here. The supportive community, outstanding resources, and overall generosity of students has demonstrated how amazing this institution is.
St. Olaf is a small liberal arts college in rural Minnesota, about 40 minutes away from Minneapolis. It is a fantastic school if you're looking for a well-rounded, liberal arts education and a community-oriented environment. The music program is fantastic and very in-depth, and the school is known for its choirs. You can double major and choose concentrations that will end up on your degree, allowing you to study a wide variety of things. The campus is beautiful when it snows and in the fall, and there are several historic buildings.
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