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If you want to go to school with rich, white, closed minded students here’s the place. It’s embarrasing the lack of diversity for ethnicity and socioeconomic levels. A university is supposed to be about more than academics but exposure to the real world.
There isn't much depth to the programs here because it's such a small school. The professors are pretty good but couldn't last at a top college. I actually don't mind the snow but the lack of sunshine seems to be endless.
It is really small school, so that enables to build a bond with professors easily. Professors are enthusiastic for teaching and their own research.
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In love with this school. Everything from the campus to the academics is outstanding. Community is emphasized here and I’ve definitely felt included the moment I stepped on campus. Food is almost too good and the people are lively.
St Norbert College is a great school. Professors are very personable, students are friendly. The winter is pretty rough. Snow is pretty for a little while, just realize there's a lot of walking through it.
St. Norbert is such a welcoming place that is perfect for those looking for a small town feel. The little campus is so comfortable to be on. The seasons are absolutely beautiful here on campus. St. Norbert's also offers many clubs and organizations for everyone to get involved and make the most out of their short four years here. It truly feels like home.
So far it's just ok for me. Average-above above academics depending on your study. Most professors are great, some not so much. Very pretty campus and mostly friendly people.
I came with my family for a tour. I knew the school was small but was expecting a little more. Everyone was kind. I wish there was more variety in the class offerings.
I love the campus; it is small and beautiful, situated on the Fox River. In the fall and spring it is especially beautiful. The class sizes are perfect because you get to know your classmates. Also, the professors truly care about you. While the tuition is expensive, there are a lot of scholarships. It would be better if this college had a more diverse population.
Very nice campus, everyone is friendly too. Class sizes are small but the academics are pretty mediocre.
I really like Saint Norbert and I am so excited to go there and contineu my studies. The campus is beautiful and it is amazing to know taht only professors work in the college.
St. Norbert College is a great place for anyone. It is a school that allows the teachers to be involved and they show their interest. Professors are always there to help and want every student to pass.
Everything is cold & white. The ground, the trees, the students, the professors. Referring to the weather and the people. They are representatives of each other.
This school has great academics , and most of the professors really care about the success of their students. The biggest issue I have with this school is the lack of diversity. The second issue is the food. The school claims that it is the best collage food in Wisconsin, but coming from Chicago, I have high expectations on food. But most of my friends like the food.
You would think a small school would have superb communication but there’s a lot that falls through the cracks. Above all though there needs to be a push towards ethnic diversity.
Made the absolute BEST choice to attend St. Norbert College. I had my heart set on attending Madison but then I visited the school and fell in love. The campus is gorgeous year-round, the people are so warm and welcoming, and the FOOD!! Wow. You’ll never get tired of eating at the caf. Lots of options and places to eat. Also teachers and classes are amazing, you’re able to ask questions and feel included in discussions. Surprisingly, there is a great party scene! Many students from UW-GB come to Norbs to party and there’s always something going on either in the dorms or a house.
I grew up in the area and fell in love with the school during my senior year of high school. I think that the atmosphere is what makes St Norbert's stand out from other colleges, the students and staff are really friendly and there's a great sense of community!
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I love St. Norbert for it's academics and the community it creates. It has great food and great professors but dorm life and diversity has definite room for improvement.
St. Norbert is a great college. It is a smaller school that has a great family feel to it. Sports are amazing. The sports teams are all very close and always support one another. The Education program at St. Norbert is sublime.
Nice people and caring admissions staff. Clean and manageable campus. I'm interested in the Education program
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