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Nice people and caring admissions staff. Clean and manageable campus. I'm interested in the Education program
Since the first time that I visited, the campus felt like home. In general St. Norbert met all of my needs. It's small, close to home, and it is a great liberal arts college! The students, professors, and staff members are all supportive and helpful. The only thing I'd like to see is diversity in the student body.
The SNC communications program is excellent but not enough to make up for the lack of diversity. The percentage of white, wealthy, in state students is positively shameful. If you want a true education you need to be exposed to all cultures of life.
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A very good school in a very safe neighborhood.Great professors and a great campus. One of the best liberal arts colleges around.
the scheduling for classes is a debacle. Wait lists at a small private expensive liberal arts college is unacceptable ! First priority is to make space for students to take classes. The days of "wait listing" are over , you don't get alumni by limiting classes....the environment should be to encourage learning , not waitlist it.
Campus is beautiful! Holds great events and campus is extremely welcoming. Very inclusive with their commitment to communio/community. Food is great!
I enjoyed the friendliness of the professors and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the tools and resources for success in class.
I've loved every minute at Saint Norbert College. The theatre and english programs are excellent, as is the study abroad program. However, There's very little diversity here. If you are part of a minority group, there are resources available to you. The campus is beautiful, the classes are engaging. The dorms aren't terrible, but they could have more of them and better parking spaces.
The most beautiful and inspiring place to be. I was terrified of being on my own but have never experienced a more welcoming community. I think of this college as home and long to be there. Everyone is inviting and there is always a smile on someones face, plus the chicken tenders are amazing!
At Saint Norbert, there are so many diverse opportunities to take a hold of. Whether it be the academics , sports, extracurricular activities, staff, or even students, there is a sense of calm that hangs around the campus. The friendly feeling of being at home settles in when on the campus.The food has always been divine, many different choices to choose from. It's a wonderful college to attend and great things to be discovered by going here.
St. Norbert College has been the fairy tale college for me. I feel like a big fish in a small pond, but I don't feel constricted. The sense of community that St. Norbert strives to provide is not a joke. You really become close with everyone you live and interact with. The professors are always willing to help. The only thing that can occasionally be challenging is balancing the work and community involvement load. Some weeks you wonder how you will survive. But there really is no better place to be if you want to feel like you're part of the family.
St. Norbert has great professors. They are always willing to meet with their students. They really want them to succeed. The college also has a great Educational program.
I'm a college basketball player at St. Norbert College. I love the atmosphere at the games even though we did not get to play in our own gym this year because it was under construction. There are plenty of clubs to join, and there is always something to do on campus. Although there are not a lot of activities or places to go around campus, we like to take about a twenty minute drive to the Green Bay area to find some fun to do. The student life is great, and it is really easy to meet new people even though there are not too many that go to school here. The small classes give us the opportunity to go in and talk to the teachers if needed, and that makes this college a great return on investment.
Saint Norbert College has already provided me with a wonderful learning experience. Because it is such a small community, it is very easy to get to know you professors and they are always willing to help. The atmosphere is very friendly and inviting.
Honestly, I love it here. It's a very white campus, which is the only downside. I wish there were more racial and cultural backgrounds, but other than that it's amazing. I've learned so much in my first year, and I feel like the professors and advisers really care about you. There are tutors available upon request free of charge, which is amazing. It's pricey, but there are sooooooo many benefits!!! I've never felt unsafe here either. My mom bought me pepper spray before I came, and I can't recall a time that I've even thought about it. I'm proud to be a Norbertine Knight :)
Very personal, have your best interest at heart. great class debates and discussions. Campus is beautiful.
I love how small the campus is. Most of the professors are willing to work with you when you need accommodations.
The food is wonderful and the staff works hard to make everyone feel like they are home.
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St. Norbert is such a wonderful college. It has the most beautiful campus- I feel like I'm in a movie everything I walk to class! St. Norbert makes you feel like you belong there and very welcome. They want you to succeed and will help you to succeed. Their 4 year graduation guarantee is a plus as well!!
I really love SNC! The campus is beautiful and so clean. The people are all wonderful and unbelievably polite. The academics are great and very diverse, with the teachers being very involved, even if they sometimes forget office hours. I do not go to parties, but I have heard from friends the sober parties are very fun and they have a great time there! I am no athlete, but my friends seem to really enjoy the athletic program here. The teachers are amazing and they really add to the overall experience. I feel very safe here, there have been a few reports of "attacks" on campus, but each time, people are physically injured. The food here is delicious and I have definitely gained my freshman 15, but no worries, the new fitness center is almost complete, so I won't have to worry about gaining any more weight! Overall, I really love the school and everything that involves it!
My year so far at St. Norbert has been nothing but excellent! All the people I have meet are always nice to me and act like we've known each other for a long time even though we would have just met. The professors there know you all by name in every single class and the best part is that they are willing to work with you and even give you extra time to do assignments . The greek life, social groups, and clubs on campus is also amazingly awesome we all do so much for the community and the school it always is a fun time to meet and talk to new and different people and that is what the school is all about!
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