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Very expensive, but well worth the money. Great professors, and the skills you learn will well prepare you for the real world. (The food is #1 in Wisconsin for a reason, by the way)
Overall great experience. It's obviously expensive but worth it IMO. Freshman and sophomore living situations are pretty rough but get better after. Food is great for campus food.
One of the best things about my college experience at St. Norbert was how many activities I could be involved in on campus. I didn't have to choose between being an NCAA athlete, doing service, studying abroad, being a student government representative, or competing in mock trial; I was able to do it all. With scholarships, the cost was very near a public university and the four year graduation guarantee made SNC a great financial choice.
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Simply put, the best four years of my life! SNC is a welcoming community, they guarantee four years, and the food and facilities are so much better than the more than dozen schools I visited. De Pere is a great town to walk around, everything you need is less than 3 blocks from campus. Athletics win all the time, especially the 5-time national championship hockey team. SNC really pushes getting off campus and into the community for internships and as far as the flourishing study abroad experience. While one of the few colleges left than requires students to live on campus all four years, there are so many unique options for housing including houses and apartments with vaulted ceilings, fireplaces and underground parking.
I loved my time at St. Norbert. My professors really cared me as a person and helped me to reach my career goals.
I love the campus life. Being a smaller school, you become familiar with more people and develop strong, long lasting relationships. St. Norbert is a giant family and I couldn't imagine being somewhere else.
I have really enjoyed my time at SNC. It is such an amazing community with so many opportunities. The campus is gorgeous and the surrounding area is filled with things for a college student to engage in. One of the most amazing things I have noted is the accessibility of professors here on campus and the opportunity to get involved not only on campus but with service outside of the campus community. SNC encourages it's students to become active citizens and community participants and works to give students a well rounded and rigorous education founded on strong principles of togetherness, dedication and hard work.
I think this college is amazing. Everyone at the college is extremely nice, and the resources are endless! Not the mention the food is amazing! So many ways to get involved as well.
I wanted to go to Marquette University all throughout high school and didn't want to compete athletically in college. My parents convinced me to apply and visit St. Norbert after I got recruitment letters for volleyball and track just to please them. Once I got on campus, I was blown away by its beauty and welcoming feel. I felt at home and decided, very shortly after my visit, to deposit.

I just recently graduated from St. Norbert and I can confidently say that my parents did the right thing by pushing me to check out this college. I was able to study abroad, play sports, and get a top-notch liberal arts degree with very little trouble! This college has really shaped me into the person I am today. The faculty and staff are wonderful and genuinely interested in you as a person. SNC preaches about being a welcoming community and they definitely deliver! I don't regret making the choice I did for my undergrad.
St. Norbert is a very close community. Most of the students are friendly, they're still your normal college students though. Their program for Education majors is really nice because you get in the field early. Some of the counselors tell you that you do not need to take a language course but they neglect to inform you that you have to test out of the language in order to not need to take any language courses.
I would like to see more diversity on campus, with ethnicities, socio-economic groups and politically. I think there’s a lot to learn by accepting different views.
I adore Wisconsin and can’t imagine living anywhere else! The campus is quiet and peaceful, the students and administrators are very friendly. I can’t wait to start classes!
I am currently a sophomore here and so far my experience has been great! I live close to campus so I commute rather than on campus. My only complaint about the school is the diversity. Students at the school are overwhelmingly white, cisgender, and straight. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in general but as a minority student, it does make social life at the school slightly harder and more intimidating.
Saint Norbert has a great atmosphere. They students and faculty make you feel welcomed and part of the community as soon as you step foot on campus. There are many help resources both academic and personal.
St norbert's motto is "Communio" which comes from the latin word of community. St Norbert goes above and beyond to make every student feel welcome. Whether you are a religious studies major or a electrical engineer minor, St Norbert has a place for you!
I love St. Norbert. As a Music Ed student, I feel that with this major, corners are cut to meet the four year plan they have for their students. The work-load can be overbearing, but ultimately possible.
The only downside to SNC is the price. The food is the best in the state, the exercise facilities are brand new, and the professors truly care about their students. They all make an effort to learn your name and your story, and it’s not too hard for them with class sizes capped at 35 (though usually they aren’t bigger than 20).
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St. Norbert College is a great campus that is full of welcoming people. We are all about communio and if you ever need help with anything everyone is always willing to help. The food is amazing and the staff is super friendly. They have so many resources open for students if they ever find themselves in need of any kind of help. They are very supporting and open to anything. I have grown not only as a student but also a person. I feel like this college is my home and I will miss it deeply when I graduate in a few years.
The staff and coaches have been very welcoming, considerate and professional. The campus and facilities are well cared for and very efficient. The educational opportunities and feel of belonging are stellar.
I love the academic portion of St Norbert. The professors are all amazing and definitely willing to do anything to help a student succeed. On the downside, the expense is so high, there are times it does feel like attending is not worth the tuition paid. Although the academics are of high quality, the student life is too much of a party scene and has little to no diversity on campus.
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