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St Mary's was a beautiful school it was by the water the people that i was around were all so kind and were helpful I cannot wait to go to school here. It is a great environment for learning and was peaceful and the professors seemed great and very helpful and many people told me that they loved the school
An awesome college with great teachers, who are always willing to help you out. The athletics are great; they are competitive, but there is still a focus on school. Your coaches realize that you are there for school first, and that is the main priority.
Wish I didn't drop out, had a really good time and hopefully will be attending again sometime in the future.
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St. Mary's is a beautiful campus. Like all colleges, it has it's issues. The campus works hard to make sure that when there is an issue it gets fixed in a timely manner. The professors are all fantastic and the students (for the most part) are kind and outgoing.
I absolutely loved my time at St. Mary's and wouldn't trade it for the world. Attending a small liberal arts school afforded me unique opportunities, like working as a TA my freshman year. The professors are enthusiastic and accessible. The students are quirky and the campus has a family feel. Because of that, rumors spread quickly and the latest campus incident can quickly dampen the mood. However, to me, the benefits outweigh the cons. There is not much to do in the greater community, but campus is so beautiful that sometimes it's hard to leave anyway. The career center was really helpful when I was searching for opportunities both during and after college.
Professors really care about the success of their students. They are always willing to go the extra mile. The small feel makes you feel at home. The students attending are very judgemental free. It is a great environment. Food is AMAZING
I got involved in Athletics however I found it difficult to communicate with the school about billing. I love the atmosphere and it is a very welcoming community.
Hidden gem of a school! Rigorous academics that challenge you in the best of ways. Students are special and there is a really unique sense of community here where everyone is essentially a big family. It is in a rural area though, so if bonfires, a beautiful river, and gorgeous nature are up your alley then this is the school for you!
The campus is amazing. Nothing beats a close-knit community right on the water! Every school I visited, I continuously thought to myself "this is great... but it's not St. Mary's." Everything is perfect about St. Mary's. The small class sizes, the dedicated teachers, and it's the most affordable waterfront place you can find! The only red flag I see from St. Mary's is the limited majors. Lucky for me, I am studying to be a teacher in the St. Mary's five year teaching program. However, not everyone can be so lucky. The educational side to St. Mary's may not be for everyone, but the campus is to die for!
I love the small feel of the campus. There is a lack of an overwhelming feeling when I step into my classes due to their smaller class sizes, which is a bonus for me. The professors are incredibly helpful and understanding, and I have found all of my classes thus far to be incredibly helpful. It also helps that the campus is quite beautiful, especially the sunsets over the St. Mary's River!
I made more contacts at St. Mary's than many of my peers and friends at other much larger institutions because of St. Mary's small size. You will see every student on the walking path to class, in the Great Hall for meals, at the waterfront for recreation and relaxation. I enjoyed the academic rigor and variety of my courses and left college feeling more capable of learning things for myself and exploring the world around me. St. Mary's cherishes and encourages the individual while promoting community and preserving the natural environment.
My experience at St. Mary's College of Maryland has been wonderful so far. My professors are great and invested in our education. Everyone here is friendly along with the beautiful landscape of our campus that gives off a pleasant calm needed during the day to day of a college student.
I chose St. Mary's primarily because of the impression I got from both the students and the professors when I visited the campus. My inclination was right, as those interactions remain the most important factor to me to this day. In addition, I can critically think about the world around me due to the quality of my education. I do not take this skill for granted. Thank you SMCM, my home away from home.
Best school experience one could have. Great campus, great river, great staff! This school set me up for success. The food is first class! Coming around the bend and seeing my beautiful campus put a smile on my face every time.
Amazing school! Great, challenging academic program and wonderful social and extracurricular life. SMCM prepared me for grad school and beyond and the river will always feel like home.
St. Mary's offers an unparalleled experience in higher education. As a professional in an area of law that requires a deeper understanding of scientific and other cross-disciplinary subjects, I know that the well-rounded liberal arts structure of St. Mary's laid the foundation for my success. The professors are devoted to teaching and challenging their students, which is generally unheard of these days. The small size and beautiful semi-rural campus setting mean that you will forge relationships that will last a lifetime while developing personally and academically.
I look back on my time on The River with such affection. St. Mary's helped make me who I am today, and I'm grateful for the things I learned and the people I met.
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SMCM was an amazing experience. The campus is beautiful, the faculty are caring, the students are fascinating. It is a private liberal arts experience for a public price -- truly an undiscovered gem.
I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Computer Science. Since graduation I have worked at 2 Fortune 10 companies and have a great network of other SMCM alumni to connect with. My time at SMCM was great; the small class size, diversity of students, and dedication of the faculty to the success of their students provided a great culture that cultivated learning. I could not be more happy that I made the decision to attend St. Mary's.

They offer a wide range of on campus housing (dorms, suites, apartments, and town homes) and most students live on campus for all 4 years.
An excellent school on the water with top notch academics, professors deeply invested in each students future. I was given experiences in the lab and classroom that rivaled master's level work, and far exceeded my peers at other large schools.
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