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I enrolled in an online class. The Instructor did not respond to emails. He then promised to help me get a tutor and did not follow through. The 1st exam was scheduled for the day AFTER the deadline for a 50% tuition refund. I had to drop the class. I contacted Administration and got nowhere. The Dean was flippant and dismissive of my concerns. I know it's Community College but if you have ANY other options take it. I hear good things about St Charles Community College.
I signed up for an online class. The Professor did not return emails. He promised to help me obtain a tutor, never did. The 1st exam was scheduled the day AFTER the deadline for a 50% tuition refund. No chance to get any $ back. I went to a Dean who did nothing. I know its "community college" but if you have any other options take them. Plus the departments NEVER talk to each other enrollment and registration was a nightmare.
The dental program will be an amazing opportunity for me . I went to visit the campus. I like the way the students are taught.
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The teachers are wonderful and the nursing program I am currently in is outstanding. The campus is full of resources to help students succeed and I've met a lot of great friends with the same goals as me.
STLCC offers a variety of 2 year degree options. They also adequately prepare students to transfer to nearby universities. Many of the staff are helpful while others are simply average. This school provides a jumping off point to build a career.
I began at STLCC the year after I graduated from high school. The school has a great many of resources and such a large diversity. When you walk in, someone always talks to you, whether it be a student or staff. The cafeteria is pretty good too, it is small, but the cooks there are so friendly! There is a large diversity between students and staff too, which although it gets confusing sometimes, it is really cool to learn about other people and be able to learn and hear from different perspectives. This school is great and I feel very welcomed here, no matter how different I may be from some other people, they still take the time to hear us out.
Attending St. Louis Community College-Forest Park was not a good move academically for me. I sometimes wish I would have attended a different school because I had a terrible overall experience with that school. The resources were average, but the staff working in the resource offices (like financial aid, registration, ECT.) were always rude. I have several professors mix me up with other students of the same race therefore, marking me as absent. Also, I had many professors lose my work during my 2 years there. The school definitely needs to make some internal fixes to their institution!
I like St. Louis Community College at Forest Park because I have been out of school for a number of years. When I returned I was excited about the one-on- one assistance available for all students. The staff is very friendly and the professors that I have had classes with have been available to answer questions when needed to ensure I am able to be a successful college student.
I am so glad I choose to go here before attending a 4 year college. The professors are helpful, and offer a lot of resources. Its affordable and helped me get my GPA high enough for scolarships. Defintely a great first step into college world.
The staff and the experience on campus are excellent. It's a good place to go if you want to save money.
The faculty is not helpful, nothing is streamlined, and I have been misinformation and hear others being misinformed many times. If you have a problem or an issue, you get the run around and many different answers. Financial Aid is a very unhelpful and does not give you the answers you need. There are a few good faculty that really care and try to go out of their way, but that is fare and few between.
I love this school. The teachers are amazing and as long as you try they will pull their weight and help you succeed. Everyone is so helpful.
You definitely get your money worth going to this college. All the professors in my surgical technology program want you to pass. They always trying to find a way to get you that extra point if needed. Definitely a good investment for any two year program to start a great career.
I enjoy the variety of classes offered at this campus, however the students seem less than grateful to be there. There are students consistently showing up late, not participating in group discussions. This bothers me because I am an older man going back to college and they seem to be taking advantage of it. I'm working hard for my education and they are putting forth very little effort. The other campuses I've been to, I have not had this experience.
During my time at Forest Park, I was able to meet and work with quite a few of outstanding professors. The instructors were truly passionate about what they were teaching about and cared for students as well. As far as classes go, I would definitely recommend attending Forest Park.

But, aside from the classes, two departments that need some work are the financial aid and advising. Most of the time they make you feel as though you're inconveniencing them by being there or do not keep up with paperwork.
My experience at this school is warming. The professors are really nice and are willing to help with any questions or problems you may have. I've been fortunate to have the professors I have and also my classmates.
I have taken classes here for four years. I have seen some of the craziest and most interesting things at this school. I really love the quality of the professors and I would like to see and improvement of communication within the school. for example signing up for classes for the summer has been challenging. I have a checklist of tasks to complete for my enrollment that I cannot finish because no one in FA, Advising, Counseling, (really anywhere) have answered their phones in 3 weeks.
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I absoylove that I attend Forest Park. This school is expanding my mind and changing my life. Ima so happy I picked this school. The teachers are great. The tutors with the Trio club are awesome. I have a 4.0! Started school in January of 2016. I am happy I stopped prolonging my life and choose to go to Forest Park. The counselors are awesome. They are always smiling and willing to help. They try there best to get you the answers to the question s you came in with. This school terrific, I love it. I feel safe because every time I look up I see a police patrolling the area. It's great.
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