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Lots of connections and knowledge gained at St Louis College of Pharmacy. Could be less expensive, and the school needs to find its identity
I recently visited St.Louis College of Pharmacy for the first time during a Preview Day, and I was no less than satisfied. I loved the environment that this school had to offer: it was clean, organised, and just the perfect size. I hope to one day attend this school.
This college is so amazing. The people there are so generous and helpful. They make you feel like family there. All of the curriculum is based on pharmacy, so everything you need to know about becoming a pharmacist is there. I highly recommend to anyone out there wanting to pursue pharmacy as a career.
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St. Louis College of Pharmacy is full of caring students and professors. This school has a close knit bond that does not ever fail to help struggling students.
Stlcop has a beautiful newly constructed campus. Everyone here is very welcoming and helpful because they all want to see you succeed. Classes are made easier because peers are always there for assistance as well. Teachers try hard to teach effectively and overall do a great job.
There are know issues with safety when you are on campus, there are security guards everywhere. That is mostly because of where the school is located, so do not be alarmed campus is safe, just use common sense late at night. If you want food have it delivered many places deliver to campus.
There are some courses you will wonder why you have to take them, but they usually aren't too bad. The professors are helpful when you ask questions. The class sizes vary from a few people to every one in your grade, 200ish people.
Living on campus is nice when you can wake up 5 minutes before your class and still make it before time, it is also a good option if you prefer to study late at night because its a short walk to the library. The surrounding area is not very bad, but you have to realize we are in the city and its not always the safest place. Security can give students rides back to their apartments as long as they are relatively close when it is dark out.
So far at STLCOP, there are good things and bad things like any other school. One of the bigger draw backs is that most people are focused on studies rather then making the most of college. Although, if you come to the school realizing that this is a pharmacy school and you are expected to study and do well to more on. Here you do not have to compete with other students for spots in the professional program so everyone is willing to help each other out if they need it with tutoring or study guides for exams and even getting jobs. So for me the benefits out weigh the drawbacks because even if I went to a different school I would not have done much else besides studying.
The school does its best trying to teach how to drink alcohol responsibly and the meaning of consent in order to avoid sexual assault.
The courses are difficult, but professors try to be as helpful as possible.
There is a good alumni network. Job prospects are very high.
Rooms are very small, but also very close to class.
Sororities and fraternities are not huge, but they are some of the biggest extra curricular activities available.
This is more of a medical school. Not too much of a focus on athletics, more focused on academics. We are getting a new athletic complex tho, so that should make it better for athletes.
No one here judges you if you do awful or fail a class. Everyone is here to help. It's a small school so it's easier to stay focused on the big picture, especially since all the students or working towards the same degree.
The past 3 years at St. Louis College of Pharmacy have been the most difficult and rewarding years of my life. I went there straight out of a small town high school. StLCoP is a small college in the middle of a rather large city, but it still manages to make each and every student feel unique and valued. However, the college just changed from a 6 year program to a 7 year program. In light of that, I would not have chosen to attend StLCoP.
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I love how everyone is working towards the same common goal.
We don't have a health center, but we're literally surrounded by hospitals, so it really isn't an issue. We're a tiny campus with tight security and as far as I know, there are very few (if any) incidences of sexual assault, none of which occur on campus.
Nobody really cares if you are part of it or not. There are no sororities, but there are two all-female fraternities and one co-ed fraternity. There are one or two all-male fraternities, but as a general rule, none of them get too cliquey. You also can't pledge until your second year.
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