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The Financial Aid department could have mentioned outside scholarship/financial aid help without me inquiring about it later.
With the program I am in only day classes are offered therefore it has not been convenient at all, but you learn to adjust, they have set classes for the program I am in so there is no flexibility in classes. I have had a hard time finding a place to transfer credits.
The computer labs are not that great half the time the computers do not work. The library is extremely small. There is only one printer so therefore half the time your running around for paper.
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The wireless access is good, as I said before the computer lab, library, and printer services are not all that great so I would defiantly be sure to have a personal computer and printer.
My favorite class is A&P I loved my instructor she took the information and turned it into something that we could all understand it was amazing. The instructors are there for you anytime and I don't think most schools have that they truly care for there students and build a relationship with them. The one on one contact is great. My experience here has been amazing and that would be a major reason as to why I would choose to come here if I had to do it over again.
Students have to work exceptionally hard to get to the end so I think a typical student at my school is very goal orientated, hard working, and very dedicated to being successful. The diversity is amazing you see many different cultures at school, and diversity is accepted well.
The online courses are awesome you get to do them in your own home setting and they are very good at letting you know exactly what they expect from you. Your instructors are still available to talk to should you need help in the class.
My instructors are amazing, the curriculum can be a heavy load at times, but if you work hard it is not all that horrible. If you have difficulty in an area your teachers are always there to help you. You just have to be open enough to tell your teachers that you need help. There is LPN Patient care tech, and many other options available.
I believe this program is not for everyone you have to be very goal orientated and know that this is what you want you have to want it as much as you want to breath but what nursing school doesn't require you to want it bad in order to succeed. The work load is heavy esp since this is a accelerated program but you learn to go with it. I have been mostly to rehab facilities for my clinical, but have been to urgent care, and a nursing home.
The teachers are very caring about their students most of them go out of their way to assist you in areas that you feel you need help. The teachers are able to work with you one on one and are very individual based.
I believe that the education I am receiving is worth it. I believe my financial aid office could have offered some areas to look for scholarships. I would suggest going and verifying and checking in with them each semester.
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