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The academics and professors at St. Lawrence are excellent, however there is very little diversity of campus with a majority of the students coming from upper class, wealthy, white families.
Students smart, very preppy, come from a lot of money! Weather not so good.
Athletics very good, very competitive. Students are friendly. Dorms Ok.. newer Dorm is best. Area/community - not much going on. Not many hotels. Winters are cold.
I love the liberal arts education, because it gives em the opportunity to experience material outside my major. The professors are all very dedicated and want to work with students, which is what I wanted in a university.
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St. Lawrence University provides a warm, tight-knit community and friendly atmosphere. Academics are great and networking opportunities are endless. Great professors and a great community. Small class sizes with about 25 students in a typical course. Not much to do in Canton, NY but there are always things you can find. One down-side is that there is not much diversity, but I think it is starting to get better.
Attending here after prep school was total downer. The curriculum reads like a midwestern public school. The classes were boring and often taught by assistants. The aura of wannabe preppydom reeked of desperation. And winter lasts from October to April. Then the ice thaws and its Mudville. You'd be better off going to community college or just joining the workforce.
If you're a minority, chances are you won't fit in here. There are minorities on campus, however, they majority is white. And the programs and things to do during the weekend is mostly white-based things. The academics are great, but the social life not so much.
St. Lawrence is incredibly focused on the learning and well-being of its students. St. Lawrence compels students to be well-rounded and worldly in encouraging them to study abroad, join interesting clubs, take a variety of classes, and pursue research. Professors are always there to support students.
Although it may get too cold in the North Country, the extreme cold weather is what leads many of St. Lawrence University's students to be filled with passion, hard-work, and create a strong community with each other. On top of that students in this campus truly care about making a positive mark on the world. This small campus allows for a friendly face in every classroom, club, and dorm life.
Don't come here if you are not a preppy, ignorant and uncultured New Englander. You will find 88% of the students here are like that. No diversity at all. Students here, in general, are completely not interested in the outside world ar all. They want to forever stuck in their own little world and die in their preppy New England dream. Everyone here dresses the same, talk the same, and think the same. Mostly shallow, superficial and uncultured. Too much basicness. Also, if you are from a city, I strongly recommend you do not come here. Trust me, you don't want to deal with the countryside people.However, I do like the professor here. Especially Katherine Wolfe and Olivia Cedric. Academics are descent.
I transferred to St. Lawrence from another university and am so glad I did. These four years were some of the best of my life. Fantastic people, great professors, strong sense of community.
SLU is an awesome place to go to school! I am only a freshman here, but I have enjoyed by first year so much! Everyone is extremely nice, and it is easy to find a friend group! The campus community is very close, I will say that must be partly due to the fact that off of the campus there isn't much to do! St. Lawrence has great relationships with their alumni, and offers amazing help in career services! Overall, I love it here!
St. Lawrence is truly a family tight unit. It small structure in size does not match up to its full potential. The employees here at SLU invest so much of their time into the students so that we can all get the degree and education we want. There is so many various clubs, athletics and activities to do. The alumni connection branches to all parts of the World which makes this small family into an even bigger one!
SLU was in a very small town, with little to do. The tight nit campus allowed me to easily find lifelong friends, those of whom I still keep in touch with. I was involved with athletics for my first two years, both of which were great experiences. I was able to learn how to prioritize efficiently between the academics and athletics. Additionally, the small class sizes allowed me to form close relationships with my teachers. The academic atmosphere was constructed in such a way that made learning, asking questions and test taking, easy and manageable. My four years at SLU were some of the best years of my life. I was able to grow in my studies, which allowed me to find what I really wanted to do for my future career. It gave me the determination and desire to go out into the world and create my own path.
St. Lawrence has a beautiful and active campus. Students are passionate, academics are rigorous, and professors are wonderful. There are so many ways to get involved in clubs and student activities. Though the surrounding area is very rural and campus can feel isolated, SLU students are never bored as there is always so much happening right on campus.
The alumni network is huge. That is one thing the school takes pride in. They have many resources to connect you to alumni that can help you get an internship or job or even give you advice for your field.
I love the class sizes here. One of the reasons I chose this school was because of the class sizes. They really enhance the quality of learning and ensure that students are getting the teaching and help they need.
During orientation the school stressed to us all our resources when it comes to Safety. The school is very interested in our safety and do the best to make sure the students feel safe.
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I feel I have one of the better dorms, but the dorms could use some updating. The atmosphere is great and the school does a good job on random assignment for first years.
Greek life is not huge on campus. There are two fraternities and four sororities. I like that you can be apart of Greek life if you'd like, but there's still so much more to be apart of if you're not interested.
Being a D3 school, everyone is still very interested in seeing how the teams do. Hockey is huge here so the school will get the most involved for hockey season. What I like though is that there still is a chance for walk ons. My friend tried out for the lacrose team and made it and I'm trying to walk on to the ski team.
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