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SLU has been the best college experience I could ever wish for. I am surrounded by not only fantastic people but people who more often or not are on the same if not more academically motivated. We like to have fun here whist getting things done. It is a great balance.
It may be a good fit for some but very isolating for others. Many boarding school and wealthy prep kids. The academic advising isn't as helpful as they promote. Before sending your child here, I'd suggest spending entire weekend in Canton, not just a quick tour. There is literally nothing to do, it's far from airports and train stations so they will be stuck.
To say that this school is a total bust would be an understatement. I have been mocked, spit on (literally), and ostracised by my peers due to the simple fact that I do not drink alcohol or do drugs (I medically cannot). To have been lied to by the admissions department that there is "sober options available" for students is another bust. There ARE NO SOBER OPTIONS AVAILABLE! Student Government tries really hard but no one shows up to these fraud events. The local area is a joke, residence halls are trashed almost weekly, and everyone seems to have come from the same 5 prestigious boarding schools in New England where everyone is white, rich, egotistical, elitist and talks, dresses, and thinks the same. I am definitely transferring out this year. STAY AWAY! If you do not drink or do drugs you will be left out, and develop signs of depression.
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Amazing school. I went during a tough time in my life so I didn't get everything out of it that I should have but I would definitely recommend it. A more isolated campus close to the Adirondacks so not ideal if you're looking for a big city experience but great student involvement and academics.
St. Lawrence University offers a college experience that would perfectly suit anyone; from their 24-hour library which features numerous study settings, which accommodate any learning style, to their themed housing for upper-classmen, to their picturesque location, to their free laundry and environmentally-friendly campus, SLU truly captures what it means to be a modern school.
This school holds strong pride in its “diversity.” But my first day on campus I quickly realized that there really wasn’t much diversity. Not to mention the only thing to do for fun at school is get wasted on the weekends. Not great for someone who doesn’t drink or do drugs.
My favorite part about St Lawrence University is the community that forms once you arrive. I was worried at first about making friends since I am shy, but that was not a problem. Within the first day or two, I had made a group of friends that lasted throughout the school year and even now. In this time period, I also gained new friends throughout the year, one of which will be my roommate this coming year. One thing I would change about St Lawrence is the meal plan for freshman. We had unlimited swipes at the dining hall, but the pub had all types of food a majority of the day. I ended up having to add more money both semesters so that i could continue going to the pub to get smoothies and wraps.
It's very diverse, but there are also a very large amount of wealthy students. The academics are not that challenging, and the professors care a lot about their students. However, as far as student health and wellness, SLU is VERY lacking.
St. Lawrence University is a very close-knit college with a diverse and peaceful campus. My favorite thing about SLU is the sense of community within the student body, and the positivity that everyone has towards their studies.
St. Lawrence is a beautiful, rural college. It is a small sized college with so many nice people. There is a large sense of community here. The teachers here are very willing to help, and want to get to know you personally. There are many clubs on campus, and you can always find an activity that you like even if it isn't a club. There are 3 other colleges around St. Lawrence so there is a large amount of college students that you can connect with. The only downside to SLU is that there is a little disconnect between the administration buildings.
Good, small liberal arts school in Upstate, New York. This campus is always beautiful and students and staff are all very friendly. It could offer more food options for students, especially those with food allergies.
I absolutely love St. Lawrence! The school is a very unique community with lots of opportunities in both academics and socially. The first year problem that St. Lawrence offers is a great way to get to know the people you will be living with. I'm excited to spend the next 4 years at such a great school!
St Lawrence is a very small school with not a lot of club/extracurricular participation I would say, aside from sports. Professors are all very nice and personable. St Lawrence also has an extensive alumni network
Saint Lawrence has so much to offer students. The administration is so happy to help every student establish and achieve their academic goals. The students make a small campus feel close-knit with friendly faces that greet you when you pass. Warm smiles from everyone on campus make the winters bearable. The networking opportunities at St. Lawrence are like no other, your future beyond college life is made such a priority at this school.
The classes are simpler than any course I took in high school. There is nothing to do outside of dorm parties, the Tick-Tock, and Java, which between the three get old after about two weeks. The food here is absolute garbage (whether it be at Dana or one of the few restaurants in Canton), if you're from a city (or anything resembling a city) you will be bored out of your mind. The people here are closed off and arrogant. I can't imagine being more miserable at any other school and I can't wait to leave.
St. Lawrence University afforded my the opportunity to study off-campus twice in two very different settings. The first time I lived off the grid in an intentional community, calling the Adirondacks home with eleven other individuals. The second time I traveled overseas to Kenya where I studied the intersections between environment, development and culture.
Great academics, involved student body, great alumni network, and professors that are involved in students future
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St. Lawrence is a good school with a tight community of students. The teachers are all very smart in their fields and make you want to learn.
St. Lawrence University is a great liberal arts school that has an outstanding alumni network. I have been able to get lots of one on one help from professors which has made it possible for me to succeed as a student. Working for college admissions has also been an amazing experience and has made me into a much stronger public speaker and has opened my eyes to new opportunities.
I grew up in the area, so I thought coming back would be an okay idea. Soon I found out I was wrong. The students are mainly rich, preppy, snooty students. The professors have a mind of their own and don’t notice if something is wrong. I had zero advising. All of this led me to feel extremely alone, anxious, and had no help with what to do next. The food is terrible and living in a further away dorm from everyone else doesn’t help. Not recommended at all. There are far better places to go for cheaper and for a better education.
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