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I personally haven't gone here before but they visited my school and they sound like a great school. If you're into nursing this is a great school and they have different types of skills and manikins. For example, they have manikins giving birth that sound cools its a very good school of what I heard of and they have really great scholarships. Also if you dont want to spend a long time in school this is a great place to be.
I have worked at St. Joseph's Health for 15 years as an LPN. I have had the privilege and honor of working with new grads and students over the years. They prepare them to enter the work force. I also work along side the clinical instructors who are always with the students. I will also be entering my first class at the CON on July 5th in the evening weekend program. I am very excited to enter my first class towards my RN degree!
SJHCON is an exceptional school with exceptional people working there. The difficult 1 or 2 instructors are exceptions to that rule. In short, almost all of the instructors there are incredibly helpful and invested in their students' success. I have, on rare occasions, had a difficult interaction or experience with 1 instructor in 10, but nothing that we could not work thru. Also, the school's administration have their heads squarely attached to their shoulders. Mrs. Markowitz, Dr. Quigley, and Mrs. Sheldon are all terrific administrators that set a great standard of practice and tone for everyone else in the school. Dr. Quigley did graduate work on the topic of men in nursing, and this makes male students much more comfortable entering into this "woman's profession". This is a great school for students serious about being well equipped for success in the nursing profession. If you want an easy ride or are unsure what you want to do with your life, then maybe go somewhere else first.
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I will start the RN weekend program I. July and my experience is very good. So far every person has been very nice and all current students I met love the school and can't say enough good things about it.
While in my 3rd semester I encountered some personal issues regarding my health and well being and lets just say it wasn't taken into account for how the semester ended. Along with my health issues I also had personal issues that impeded my progress.
This school is good enough for the self-learner, almost to a fault as they hold your hand and then pull it away without any warning. You will do well if you can get to the end and pass the boards. However I feel they need some newer professors as some are not up to todays standards, while others are great teachers.
The facility is always looking for ways to accomodate the students. Whether it be with office hours, or access to their email.
No matter what the class size, or the professor, they each look at ways to make their teaching style individualized. They take time to make sure that each student gets the help they might need.
They are always thinking about our life outside of the walls of the classroom. Thinking about way to make each of us more diverse. They take pride in their internships, and programs outside of the campus.
I have not used the online sources often. Not because they were not great, but simply becuase I perfer face to face interaction, and not something so technology based.
The diversity at the school varies. From different races, to simply different age groups. None of which affects our studying or interaction with one another.
I always knew nursing school would be expensive. I guess I have always looked at it like, you are paying more to get a better degree.
Not only is the faculty there to help you finish college, they are there to help you afterwards. They not only help you get your degree, but help you find a way to pursue it. With many recommendations, and helpful hints, they look forward to finding a career for each of their students.
The professors are always there if you need them. They are able to help with any questions, and always more then willing to help explain things into further detail.
The nursing program is intense. it is expected even before you start the program, that you will get out of the program what you put into it. It takes a lot of hard work, and determination. I am constantly reminding myself of the big picture, and to take baby steps.
There are many resources on campus that are available to all the students. They are easy to access, and always friendly when you have any questions that need to be addressed or answered.
This is a very in-depth well developed set of courses.
don't really know or use
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In this state it would the conveneince of online programs
Don;t really know but think it okay
no schalarships available. It's difficult to get any money if you are part time and an on line student. You end up doing stupid surveys like this one hoping you'll get some money, knowing you probably won't.
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