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St. Joseph's College - New York Reviews

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I love St.Joseph’s. I like the close-knit community. The professors are very helpful and location is good.
I did take all my classes remotely and I think that professors have done great job this semester. The workload was okay and they managed to keep us on track. I think I learned a lot during this semester.
I only had a gpa of 3.1 and got accepted I can't wait to apply for this college. It was my second choice but I am currently applying to a lot of scholarships so i can attend!
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I haven't been enrolled yet but I excited and I can't wait to attend. The area is really nice though, so it's great.
St Joes is a small school located in the city. There is many different things to do around the school. The dorms are located in dumbo right by the promenade which has awesome views of the Brooklyn bridge and the city. Food choices near the school are endless but on campus food pricing for the quality of food isn't that good. One positive is that you can order almost anything you want at the on campus food location. The professors at the school are very helpful and small class sizes make it so that you connect better with your professors. Athletics seems to be very promising the only negative is that outdoor sports use facilities not on campus so fans have to travel in order to watch games.
Online classes depending on the professor can be a very great experience. Some classes are very laid back and you have to teach yourself. other classes with great professors are really enjoyable and run smoothly as if you were in a class room.
Saint Jospehs is definitely a college everyone should look into in terms of academics and how resourceful they are. I am currently a freshman and already within the first week they made everyone feel welcomed and it’s such a nice environment to be in. It’s in a great neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn and overall getting use to college life for everyone it can take longer for others but in the end it is absolutely worth it to come here.
Even though it only my first year hear I will say the school has been very welcoming and helpful towards not only the freshman but with everyone that is in there school. They always want to make sure your in a good mindset and that we can do it. Even though classes can be stressful at times and sometimes paying tuition could be a bit confusing at first once you get the hang of things at St Jospehs you’ll enjoy it. It’s small I’m a nice neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn and overall if you are looking at colleges for really any major check this school out. :)
This year my first online experience with St. Joseph College and honestly this school is just so great in providing their student with assistance, academic or emotionally help to make online successful for every student. They are connect with me through out the online learning, so I don't give up.
My experience is just top of the world because this school is not small, it provide student with tremendous to grow and become your own future hero.
Really affordable and welcoming environment from the students. The honors program is not necessary as you can still graduate with honors without being in the program, only plus is the free credit which helps with saving money but it's already super affordable. I like the campus, but dorms are off campus, you can use the provided shuttle or take the train to go back. The dorms are in a good place in comparison to NY but stupid in terms of school vicinity. School food is alright, the lunchroom is small and the whole campus is just made of old homes. It's good enough but no one knows about this school. Plus there are security guards rather than access cards, so you could fake it and they'll let you in...
St. Joseph's College really cares about their students. They go above and beyond to ensure all students are taken care of.
Academically best colleges and return on investment. Room and board of the campus is very pleasant with safe and sound environment. Professors are well experienced. St. Joseph's College offers online degree programs to make it as simple & convenient as possible to get your degree
The professors here are amazing. They care deeply about the students. There are a variety of classes in each subject and the students there are extremely kind. You would feel very welcomed here.
St. Joseph's College is good college. There are multiple activities that you can do on campus. You stick with classmates within the major that you are studying.
I just started my master's program at this school and I must admit that it has been a great experience so far. The student/ faculty atmosphere feels more intimate because it's a small school. The classes have been a pleasure to be in. The professors have been extremely helpful in making sure we learn the materials. I recommend this school to others.
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I am a incoming freshmen student and i really like the school size here as well as the hospitality here and much more.
It is a good school if you want to see something on campus you are able to try and get it on campus.
The financial aid office and counselors could have been more helpful, but overall, my classes were engaging and I had a decent education.