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St. Joes is exactly as it is described. A commuter school. Everyone goes to their classes then goes home there is hardly any socializing and it is hard to make friends. You usually are only friends with people you already know from high school, making friends is not easy. While there are activities on campus, it isn't easy to get involved because activities are usually in the middle of the day. The idea of a commuter school is like a second high school, except you do not know everybody. You also must park off campus and take a bus for one semester as a freshman which is inconvenient and annoying. Also the school only provides $60 a YEAR for on campus food, which is not enough especially if you are at school all day. While I am doing great academically, I am looking into transferring because of the vibe on campus.
Saint Joseph's is a great school. The staff and faculty are there for you every step of the way! They do not want any students to fail. Many options for tutoring sessions and the professor are all available if you can not make it to the tutoring center. The education system is great! Yet, the parking and side walks are horrible very small parking and sidewalks consist of grass/mud.
My experience at this school has been amazing. The professors can be really helpful if you go for help. The school offers many opportunities. Since it’s a small school staying involved in school clubs and organizations can be beneficial and helps you interact with others!
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St. Joseph's college is great for local students who want a 'private' education that is super local. My professor for my freshman orientation class often switched and made up grades off of no rubric... she told me I got 100 on my presentation than dropped it to a 90 with no real reasoning except that she "changed her mind."Everything about this school is hit or miss. The parking is also a nightmare. You have to park off campus for one semester of your freshman year and when you are able to park on campus the school has security guards that make sure you are parked in the student sections and that you have the proper parking pass because of you don't they will hit you with a parking ticket.The food isn't good and it's expensive. They only give you a $60 meal credit which is nothing compared to the local community school that provides $200 each semester.
The class sizes are great to work in (no more than 33 students per class). Professors are also usually very available to work with you for extra help or if you just need someone to talk to. There isn’t much diversity at this campus, although it is a commuter college at the moment. There are a lot of clubs on campus, but I wish that the clubs would do more and be more active as they have so much potential. Overall, there are a lot of opportunities and great professors at this college, and I would definitely recommend other students to come here.
The professors was very resourceful and productive with their teaching technique. I would definitely recommend this college to anyone who want to continue to persue their higher education goals
St. Joseph's College is great for students who don't want to go away. It provides a great college atmosphere. You can easily make friends that will last a lifetime like I have. Also, the school provides professors that know what they're doing and take pride in what they teach. Small classrooms give students attention from professors and give them extra assistance they may need. Overall St. Joseph's is good for any college student.
Excellent school. Professors and advisors are very caring and passionate about their jobs. There is always someone there to help you when you need. The students are also very friendly. Great college campus and experience.
At St. Joseph's College, the staff to student ratio is very well, and ever professor that I've had was able to make time to meet one-on-one with me. Tee school is very inviting and has many clubs and activities to get involved in.
Not much to do besides class Greek life or sports. No one us ever on campus beecause is s commuter school
St. Josephs college is a great college for those who are serious about their academics. The campus is nice and the class sizes are small usually up to 25 students. Your professors will know you by name and they are usually very helpful and considerate. The only thing I would change about sjc is that there is little opportunity for a fun social life here because it is a commuter school without dorming it is a bit harder to meet new people.
St. Joseph's College prepared me for the career I have to today, and made me want to continue my education by obtaining my Master's, which will then create even more wonderful opportunities in the future for me. Education has always been my passion and this college was and is still a top rated school for education majors because of the great courses they offer. There are so many professors who made me realize my potential in becoming an educator and gave me all the help I needed to be successful. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the education I received from St. Joseph's College.
This is a very good college to attend. All of my professors are very engaging and knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. I am currently going for business administration with a minor in economics. This is a great major of study and this college made me very passionate. The student body is pretty friendly and they are very goal driven. However, there is a real lack of diversity on the campus. You have to come from a white, Christian background to get the most out of this college. You also have to be very involved which is great but it costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, not many students work here and I feel that working a job that you love can really influence your major. The career center has been very good so far in terms of heling me with a summer internship.
St. Joseph's is not a community college and it's not an uptight Ivory Tower. It's a driven, private college on the South Shore, LI in a vibrant area.
This place is cool. You'll notice this aura of confidence people have on campus. Like a 'we're doing this thing right' sort of thing.
So I'm currently in the Child Study Program and the coursework is dense but doable. Theres a theory application strategy they use to help us perceive things fundamentally. And there are periodic career assessments to assist with our trajectory.
There's also a good balance of Student Life here too. Lots of college life programs to join (clubs, religious & cultural orgs., etc...). and connect with peers.
Intimate campus. Small classes. Invested professors. Very safe. Plenty of clubs and organizations available.
St. Joseph's College - Long Island is a great commuter school! When you step onto the campus from the parking lot you are immediately intrigued what the day is going to bring to you. There are many opportunities to get involved in Greek life, intramural sports, school spirit and a bunch of clubs!
They will be adding residential living in the next 2 years which will be a great add on to the school. Something I would like to see different is updated cafeteria food. The menu never changes and you have to always go off campus for food which makes it harder to stay involved in whats happening in the school.
security and administation is always around incase there is an emergency.
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very helpful when it comes to internships and work studys.
Night life is okay, it is a commuter school so the bars arent too far.
Over all my process into gettting into that school was relatively easy. Once I got in all the paper work and spoke to who i needed to speak to they were very quick with the paper work and infromation I needed to have. I wish financial aid was better for their students and they gave more opportunities for scholarships. The registartion part was relatively easy, sometimes it can get confusing but staff and professors are helpful. Workload is sometimes very hard and tedious...each professor is different. Some classes are defenitely pointless at times but overall the classes are helpful and will help in your life of study. Child study is one of the most popular areas of study that the school focuses on.
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