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St. Joseph School of Nursing - Rhode Island Reviews

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As a student at both CCRI and St. Joe's, I can honestly say that CCRI is by far the superior program. Credits from St. Joe's do not transfer. For the money you spend, the education should be worth something and it is not. The curriculum and lab equipment is antiquated and the instructors are behind the times. The program should be discontinued. They cannot even provide their students with appropriate clinical experience with real human beings. Mercury thermometers have been obsolete for a long time St. Joe's! This is not a college program and it is not a college. It is not a college atmosphere and they are not what they claim to be as instructors. Do not let them talk you into spending $25,000 per year for nothing. Go where you can really learn at a real school where you can set the foundation for a great career.
Like most schools there are a mix of people in different demographics, ages and learning levels. This school is no exception, all most all the students are will to help out a class mate who is behind, there are different study groups and then there are people that just cram the night before. Everyone seems to help each other out, with the small amount that are for themselves or just butt heads. Overall it's a good group
The curriculum is very hard, it's nursing school once you are out in the real world with your RN there is very little room for mistake. You need to be quick, a critical thinker, and know your stuff. Study, study with very little time for fun right now. The professors know there stuff and if they don't they will get back to you with the correct answer. Classes are the same for everyone, registration is for the supplemental classes that we take at either CCRI or RIC. WE get to register first so we have first pick of what we need, the only problem is when you are a freshmen level first semester you're limited.
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I think the academic experience is a lot different from normal college nursing programs. We learn a lot more, we are in clinic and doing hands on way faster than some of the other schools in RI. We also learn some courses in more detail than others. At St. Joe's we have a semester of Pharm which in intense, as well as one semester of Nutrition. We are ahead of the game in some things, but lacking in a small library with only two computers and a very small computer lab with maybe 12 computers in it.
As for job opportunities I wish they would have explained that some of the local hospitals would rather see RN with BSNs then diplomas.
No Challenge Available – although the required material is covered, and covered again by different teachers there is no room for advancement past the most basic material covered in lecture. Beyond the limited scope of material presented is the limited range of professors knowledge. In my experience at other schools professors were the most valuable resource in their field, being extremely knowledgeable in all manner of study related to their focus, however the opposite is the case here. This is such a problem that its hard to get an answer for even a basic question without the professors themselves looking it up. If i wanted that type of education i would have gotten my degree online!
Ugh... Nursing Students – probably a typical experience, but i have found that my class consists of a variety of types of people (straight out of HS, college transfers, second degrees, and older folks) but the one thing that 95% of them share is their incessant anxiety about school. i suppose that may be a redeeming quality to some but frankly is bugs me. EVERY test is the end of the world to these people like ts the hardest thing in the world to pass a 100 question multiple choice test on general med/surg and psych with BASIC med. calculations... however despite my annoyance with most of them i have not found one person that has been standoff-ish or rude and we all work together fairly well
Ena Is the Best – The financial aid officer at st. joes is the nicest, hardest working person there. She personally handles every students FAFSA. i have not had to do a thing to reapply for money since the first semester
Dont Let Them Fool You! The only reason i attend this school is because i was roped in at an open house by promises of a hands on learning experience different from the nursing school i was already at. However, they neglect to tell you that "hands on" implies tedious repetition of simple monotonous tasks that have already been mastered. They also boast their outrageously low student to teacher ratio when in reality you only ever have one instructor available at once during clinical rotation or in the classroom. Unfortunately for me, the only thing i can say about the program in a positive light is that the material has been a breeze, despite how they may present it. On that note, if you are a fairly intelligent person who does not require a ton of attention to complete tasks and are comfortable with the routine of school i would not suggest this school. I have found the majority of teachers to be condescending and outright rude to me because i have expressed concerns at the amount of time spent on trivial material and procedure. just my experience though..
Network Is Ok – you can work on their library but i think it needs more space and also more computers so the students can use.
Nursing Is Not a Joke – you need to be prepare for the worload especially went u study pharmacology is very interesting but also hard to deal with it. Clinicals is the other side of the coin that u need to look is going to get some get used to it but u become more relax as you go along.
A Compassionate Group – For me the student body is perfect, a mix of 18-40 year olds, all with one goal of being a nurse in mind.
Very personal, very up to date and the teachers are always available to help.
A Personal Experience – St. Joes is really a wonderful place to go to school if you are focused on nursing. It only has nursing students, its one building, and there is no campus, its connected to a hospital. So if you are looking for "college life" this is not the school for you. If you are looking for a school with a great nursing program where all of the teachers know youre name and want to make you the best nurse you could possibly be, this is the school for you.
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