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St. Joseph School of Nursing - New Hampshire Reviews

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This school shows respect, caring and sensitivity towards all, honoring the dignity of each person, especially the poor, vulnerable and suffering. Also, they deliver all services with the highest level quality, while seeking creative innovation which motivates students in the nursing program.
My experience so far has been very good, however, it is such a struggle to transfer in existing credits from other school. Every class that is transferred must be reviewed and approved by admin before credit is awarded.
I am earning my associate degree in nursing by the end of this month and am very appreciative of the efforts my instructors have put into preparing me for the N-CLEX exam. But, more importantly, I feel prepared to step into my nursing career with confidence, knowing that I have received expert instruction, advice, and support from everyone at SJSN. After a less-than-stellar experience at another school, it is reassuring to have had that support. I'm looking forward to being the best nurse I can possibly be!
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While there have been some bumps in the road, St. Josephs truly works with the students. All appropriate credits transferring right in without any hassle.
While we don't use online courses per say our nursing books are online and the program is absolutely wonderful and very user friendly.
They have numerous representatives come in who provide students with info to go right into their BSN during the end of the year job fair. It's both a great way to make connections and see what options are out there.
While each teacher teaches a little differently, they truly try to make every student apart of the classroom time and feel included. They work with every student when you need anything from encouragement, private study, or just a quick chat about life. The instructors are exemplary, and go above and beyond.
Nursing is a booming career and St. Joseph's hand locks the "cream of the crop." They tell you you are the best of the applicants and encourage and motivate every step of the way. They instill confidence needed to be a strong nurse after graduation.
The curriculum is very challenging but not impossible. Prepare to have your butt kicked mentally here!
St. Joseph School of Nursing is superior amongst schools. Their curriculum is very challenging but they support their students 2000%.
They really helped me succeed in the class
The staff at Saint Joseph School of Nursing are really helpful and help me out with anything that I had questions!
A lot of our alumni will come back and teach our students and faculty will help you landing jobs upon graduation
We have our own library we share with the hospital which provides the adequate resources. There aren't really athletics or other activities which is okay because there isn't enough time between studying and learning
I have had a very easy transition with this school and they have accepted a lot of my credits, I enjoy my school very much :)
I enjoy the faculty and the opportunities and learning experiences
Our professors are extremely educated and some of the best professors I have ever had
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Our classroom is the best regarding all diversity, men and women and extremely outgoing
I thought everything was very straight forward and I enjoy that they continue to help us with scholarships
Nothing special besiides your classes there's. notbbhing else
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