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St. John's is filled with diversity and opportunities to immerse yourself in further diversity. I was given the opportunity to study abroad in 3 difference counties. I studied in Rome, Seville, and Paris.. St. John's study abroad program is one of the best things that the school offers their students. I was able to learn new languages, meet new people, and learn about new cultures. All St. John's college students should embark on this journey in order to indulge themselves in discovering not only some of the world but themselves.
St. John's University is a great academic institution. It has a lot to offer- such as amazing athletic teams, a convenient location, diversity, unique programs, and much more.
St. John's is an amazing place to be with tons of opportunity and growth as a person and as a contributing member of society. It's staff and community is not only loving but it also embedded in the Catholic faith. Although this place is amazing, there is always ways for improvement and growth such as with its Public Safety matters.
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It's a good school with a beautiful campus an they have a lot of helpful opportunities on campus like a writing center, and student advisers that help us. Although they are not organized, at all.
I love the diversity and the campus a lot. the school is very involved and there is so much to do. If you commute or not, you are still apart of St. John's.
There are a lot of problems here. Students here, especially freshman, only care about protecting themselves. I was threatened TWICE in one semester, by two different girls in different contexts,
threatening to be "physically violent". People often follow protesters just to tease or discourage (chanting "Build The Wall" during the Love March). Many of the professors often just lecture, make you take notes, then dismiss you. St. John's Hall also has a serious house centipede problem. I've seen maybe 5 in one class and 7 in another. The university also uses diversity as a marketing campaign and it tires me out; we have people within the faculty that students have complained about - that being racial issues - and the under-classmen barely celebrate their diversity, attending events only for food. They don't offer much financial aid if you're not super poor, either. I really am beginning to not be satisfied with my last semester at St. John’s.
St.Johns is known for its diversity, it's impossible to stick out like a sore thumb. St.Johns offers such a range of classes that even if you dread school you'd want to go to class because you'll find the classes so interesting. A lot of the professors I’ve encountered have a devotion to wanting to create a better future for the future leaders of this country. Professors who put as much energy as they expect are the professors you'll find at St.Johns. It’s such a warm and energetic environment that gives you the willpower to want to succeed as well. Of course, college should be an experience outside of the classroom and St.Johns provides that too. In the winter there are endless amounts of winter wonderland themed events from carriage rides to its own amusement park right on the great lawn. There are clubs for gays, black, Asians, fashionistas and even clubs just to have great conversation. Overall, St.Johns was my number one choice and couldn't imagine fitting in anywhere else.
Definitely a great sense of community. Coursework is challenging but also interesting and fulfilling at the end of the day. There are definitely some wonderful professors that have made the transition from high school a lot smoother.
Great school. Currently in the PA program and it is definitely worth it. Professors, students, organizations, and facilities are all great. Food on campus is great too!
I had a great time at St. John's! Being apart of the Big East Conference was really cool and fun. The sports really brought the school together. The night-life was fun, and also Manhattan is not far away. The bars close-by were true college bars. There are subways and busses very close by. There are banks, restaurants, stores, etc is walking distance. The campus is very pretty, you don't feel like you are in Queens when you are on campus. St. John's offers plenty of majors and it was an average academic college depending on what major you are in. My professors were always helpful and the classes are not big. There is something always going on. It is very easy to make friends. Fraternity and sorority life is popular here.
What made me choose St. John's was their Study Abroad Program! I'm excited to be given the opportunity to go to Italy in May! They have a lot of different options for food. The campus is beautiful; you can see the city from a nice spot with a bench. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other out! Wonderful Enviroment!
St. John's is a small community that's filled with opportunities and people that are willing to help you. If you take advantage of the things they offer, I don't see why anyone cant be successful.
In St.John's University, professors, students and faculties are very nice and genuine. Students will feel home to study here. With its diversity on campus, students can broaden their horizons. However, sometimes, there is still some problems in this school. For instance, the Chinese students are stay with each other and speak Chinese. Even though this is the problem from the student body, school should aware of it. Otherwise, the diversity on campus would just be in name only.
The professors and staff are extremely welcoming and despite it being a big campus, everyone makes you feel welcomed.
I originally applied to St. John's because they accepted my college credit from my high school in Queens, NY. I got in and was originally a commuter student but on impulse I decided to become a dorming student. That decision changed my life forever. My almost 4 years at this school have been amazing and the opportunities offered were incredible. You want a good school? This is it.
A diverse school that offers many different majors. They offer many different study abroad options, however, they were unable to give me any aid for studying abroad so I was not able to participate in these programs, but they seem nice.
St John's is geared for students with Christian roots. They way heavy on religion and do not budge on many of the "rules" they have written. They have safety patrol for student on campus only and if something happens to you outside of St John's and they see it they really don't help you.
Review St. John's University - New York
St. John's University, the Staten Island campus is smaller than the Queen campus but the faculty and professors are very pleasant and there are many clubs and groups to get involved in. If you have a question anyone on campus will be able to help you or will able to send you to the right person to get your question answered.
I attend the Staten Island campus and plan on leaving immediately. I entered this school hoping to have a joyful experience, the campus is very clique oriented, if you aren't a part of a sorority then you're essentially nonexistent on campus. I rushed a local sorority only to get hazed when I came out to the school they did absolutely nothing about the situation...i thought being a catholic university they would take my experience seriously and they did nothing whatsoever. I would not recommend this school for anyone who has self respect for themselves. If an extended high school experience is what you want..this is the perfect school for you, if not I would not recommend St. Johns University - the Staten Island campus as an option.
The overall experience at St. John's University is amazing. It's life-changing, really. You meet so many people with different cultural backgrounds and different stories. There are so many opportunities for community service, internships, etc. The only thing I would like to see a change in, is the quality of the bathrooms. Those need upgrading. Other than that, you will not regret your experience at St. John's University.
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