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St John's really is a wonderful environment. The professors truly show a passion about their work which makes academia enjoyable. However, the university does need to adjust their policies on the reporting system. It seems that they are in favor of keeping things quiet.
I like how St. John's University is close by to where I live and they have great facilities. Their fitness center is open on all school days throughout the day making it convenient for me to sneak in a workout since I workout 4x a week at a different gym, but sometimes I can't workout at that gym so I have this to resort to. There are two places to eat your own food or buy (huge variety) and public safety is always willing to help. They would help with a locked door car if you forgot your keys, or if you feel unsafe they can give you a ride (or if you're physically incapable). Overall, it is a great experience and everyone is friendly.
This is a very expensive small private university. However, there is a lot that they offer because of that. There are many events throughout the year such as, carnivals, fireworks, winter ice skating, coffee nights, countless free food events, free vendors from well known places, etc. The campus itself is very nice and beautifully designed with flowers, seasonal decorations, modern buildings and technology, and more. I love my campus and I enjoy being there. However, certain professors are out there to ruin your GPA or some are very lazy. I think academically, this school does not line up with its other commodities.
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I am a freshman and I live on campus and all I can say that living on campus is pretty boring there is not much to do. The dorms aren't that great either. The force a lot of kids into a room. Like there can be three people in room meant for two. They do not maintain the dorms very well either. The food is gross and the classes and professors are avereage. My advice would be only come here if you really want to otherwise this place is a waste of your time.
Don't come here. I made the mistake, and, now, I am transferring. It is sad because I thought it was a nice school, and I believed that the officials really cared about being hands on with the student. However, all the officials are lazy, all they care about is getting your money, getting you graduated, and keeping retention. I was sold on a lot of bullshit, but the environment of the school is toxic, and I have yet to meet a person who really is in love with going here.

When I wanted to transfer, my advisors were no help and just played dumb just so that they can boost their terrible retention rate. I would get answers like "well, we don't do anything you have to ask that school," and, when I needed a college official to fill out my transfer forms, I got "oh, I have never heard of that."
St. John’s has very good programs and majors. Some of the professors are great others not so much. I find it difficult to interact with a lot of the students there because we don’t really share the same interests.
I am currently a high school student that is very interested in St. Johns University and I found it extremely excellent
My friend went to St John's and her experience was average. The diversity there is not as good as it should be. The professors are not as helpful. The courses however, are good. the classes are good and it consists of a small amount of students. The medical field at St. John's is big. i feel like if the other fields were as good as the medical field, then it would have a better rating. The courses were rigorous and you have to do the work. There were no "easy A's." Each grade I received I earned. The faculty were helpful and always willing to provide any assistance needed. The doctoral project was the most challenging for my friend. Although a dissertation was not required, the Applied Research Project (ARP) consists of the same elements of a dissertation. The literature review, proposal, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination is required. An oral defense of the project is also required.
Even though it's a chatolic university, St John's has students different religion and cultural background. You dont feel unaccepted just because you have different opinion.
Attended SJU must be the biggest mistake I made in my whole life. I was a transfer student of SJU, which means that I had to deal with all kinds of Department such as financial aid, administration, and registration all the time.

The most disappointing thing was the staff in any department mentioned above never functioned. Every time when I got a problem, I either gave a a call or visited concerned office, all the personnel worked there just did not know how to help you resolve the issue, all they can do just told you sorry they cannot make it but they will let their supervisor know about it and try to see if it will be worked out later.

However, they would never contact you later or really care about your concernes. If you did not keep contacting them yourself your problems just would never be addressed well.

Never pick any colleges that do not have a effective processing system.
There has been mice in may dorm, other dorms have had cockroaches, there is always a problem with everything. Donovan hall is is often referred to it as the ghetto. RA's are allowed to enter the dorms even if you are not present in the room. The public safety is often very nasty to you, the food is disgusting. They are extremely strict and hand out violations for everything. If someone is caught with something in your dorm and does not fess up to it everyone gets in trouble. The fines are insane, they strip you of any privilege that you have, probation periods are extremely long, they make you take classes if caught with drugs or alcohol. They will use speculation against you. They often contradict themselves and pinpoint you.The guest policy is ridiculous even for just signing into another dorm and if you don't sign out its a violation against you. Overall this has been the worst experience and I would never recommend this college to anyone.
The diversity and acceptance that St. John's gives out is what makes the campus so great. contrary to the belief that a Catholic institution would be opposed to gay rights and equality, St. john's is just the opposite. The University has done an amazing job at including everybody in both classes and off-campus activities. The amount of opportunities that St. John's offers to do things for the community is also noteworthy; there is tremendous efforts to help the communities around St. John's and abroad. With these activities, students are able to find common ground and feel a sense of similarity and family; this is the embodiment of St. John's University.
I've really enjoyed my time at St. John's. The friendships that I have made here will probably last a lifetime. The student community is amazing and the area itself is pretty diverse so everything is in your reach. One issue I have is that some professors need to pay more attention and have a more student-oriented curriculum. Some professors simply read off the slides which is counter-productive to a learning environment.
The campus is so beautiful, they're constantly making improvements to buildings in hopes of improving the studies of their students. They also have a beautiful study abroad program.
St. John's University is a campus of diversity and openness to change. They strive to be inclusive and allow students platforms
The campus is really well taken care of and organized. There are many opportunities given to students not only on academic standing but also on social standing. St. John also highly values the voice of the students, frequently asking for student's opinions on their work and improvement. To the students who are financially burdened, it offers merit-based scholarships and other outside scholarships.
I had a good SJU experience. The most important thing I will change is for the school to have a less rigid schedule for their Tobin College students
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The Psychology faculty is amazing and as a graduate student, I have had many opportunities to get assistantships and fellowships.
Set on a large campus with a large selection of majors for each students' interests. The staff are readily available to assist students on campus, providing academic services. The student body and staff are also very diverse, coming from different cultures and religious associations.
St John has a decent campus, very diverse. Though the feel didn't feel very unified. Payment plans at St johns are terrible, I wish the university had offered more options.
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