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The professors are very helpful and knowledgable. Class sizes are small and personal, and many teachers offer a variety of assignments to make sure that their students have the best opportunity to succeed in the class. The campus is small but nice and quiet!
Through it all, this college provides academic advancement as the years go on. I love seeing the changes of various majors and degree types that weren't there 10 years ago. All and all, it is a great college for the price and it has a bunch of potential.
St. Johns is a place where you feel welcome by everyone. The teachers are involved in your educational well-being, whether you are a past or present student of theirs. The events the school has really brings a sense of community and homey-ness.
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I attended St. Johns River State College through my high school's dual enrollment program. I had the ability to take four college level classes including comp 1, comp 2, college algebra, and human nutrition. SJR provides many student resources, including extra office hours for classroom and other types of aid. Their website is very informative with links to contact administration, office hours, locations, and student research portals. The online service provided at SJR is a very organized and easy to follow system.
Sjr has helped me a lot with reaching my goal of achieving my AA. They have been helpful with signing up for classes but some of the professors have not been the best. If I had better professors i would have enjoyed more. The office is also not that great at helping students.
Good professors in my opinion they’ve always been helpful and academics not much else the campus is pretty much what you would expect from a community college
So far, St Johns River State College is a pretty decent but nice college. I definitely would recommend it to my younger peers that are looking for colleges to apply to.
My time at St John River State College was overall a pleasant experience. I loved the small class size as it allowed for better class participation and one on one access to the instructor. What I'd like to see change is more student activities for those attending classes in the evening.
Very helpful. Offer online and on campus classes. Teachers are helpful. Could use a little more variety of classes and times. Could also use more programs, or availability of courses.
I was a student at another institution before I switched to this one and I have to say that I truly love this school more. If I could go back and start all over I would much rather have started working on a degree at this school. The faculty and students are extremely friendly and informative, I would highly recommend this school to anyone attending college.
Saint Johns River State College is a really good school. They have dual enrollment for high school students and they have a huge selection of programs for students to chose from. They are very helpful when you need help with financial aid or anything else school related that you may have any questions about.
St. John's River State College has good professors, helpful staff, small class sizes, and a beautiful campus.
St. Johns River is by far the best college I have ever been too. The campus sits right on a nature filled lake which makes the atmosphere so relaxing and peaceful. The students and staff are always very friendly and are always willing to help out. I had the choice to start here and switch to a University but I actually chose to stay with SJR just because I love the college so much. I really recommend anyone who attends or would like to attend college to check SJR out, it is truly an amazing school.
I’ve attend this college since my senior year of high school. The campus staff is willing to help students reach their career goals. Provides all the help and sources we need. Free tutoring for people who struggling and provides computers to people who can’t afford them at home. They make it every way possible to helps students with their problems.
While my time at St Johns has been short, I believe it is a good school. This school provides the opportunity for students to attend from several counties, with campuses in Palatka, St Augustine, and Orange Park. Additionally some four year degrees are available. Many of the professors are knowledgeable and helpful. I would love to see the Palatka Campus grow into even more. The potential is there. St Johns River State College should grasp onto the doors and open opportunities to expand the degrees available. Many of the youth in our community leave the area due to seeking degrees that are not available at SJRState. This college is a great starting place and I hope they continue to expand. Show the students that you too are willing to conceive, believe, and achieve.
I transferred from another local college to be closer to home for nursing school and I am so glad I did. The schedule options were flexible for prerequisites and the advisors are great for academics and financial aid.
SJR has three different campuses with different campuses. I go to the St. Augustine campus. It's very lively there and the environment feels safe. My education is a fair price at SJR, making it easier to pay for classes. There is also a transferring program that can get you guaranteed into UNF if ever planning to go there.
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Great small town feel. Low cost way to earn your AA. Lots of online options. Friendly staff who are knowledgeable and helpful.
Great college, I feel welcome here. Its my first time on college and I was feeling like a duck out of the pond, the staff help you go thru all the process. They want us the student to be successful.
I enjoy this school because the classes are smaller than at a university, allowing students the opportunity to have closer relationships with professors. The advisors are very helpful when one has questions about their degree credits. Because this is a state college, some of the functions aren't as "lively" as a university may be, but they are still fun to attend and it's still a great way to meet new people and learn about campus clubs and organizations.
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