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Over the years I have seen St. Johns grow with the town. I remember 8 years ago it was a stepping stone for students. Now they are staying in the local area and earning degrees. Every time I need to call the school or have any questions the staff is always there to help and actually enjoy helping their students.
St. Johns is a very mediocre school and takes no effort to be apart of in a college. They dont care about your needs and only want but do give the students a feeling of home almost. Its a very small school or it feels like it, and the professors are either amazing or terrible.
It was all around a good experience. Most of the teachers where attentive, and the campus was small but serene.
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Saint Johns is a great institution with professors and staff that aim to help you succeed! It has been a great stepping stone for me before I go to a larger university and I will cherish the memories I have made here forever! Go Vikings!
Overall it has been a good experience at SJR State. There have been 1 or 2 teachers that really had no business at a community college, but otherwise the instructors are very knowledgeable and relate well to the students.
Saint John's River State College (SJRC) is a fantastic institution. From the one semester I have attended SJRC I can see the huge impact it has had on the community. My courses (although not always racially diverse) offer perspective from parents, wounded vets, high school students, and many full-time students who are also employed full time. The vivacity of youth mixed with the experience of age creates truly unique conversations. Generally speaking, the professors are fantastic. They all care deeply about their subject matter and about the success of their students (I know firsthand). The only downside besides lack of diversity is the student life. Student social life is fairly limited, there are only about half a dozen clubs. To end it on a high note, the parking is AMAZING: there is ALWAYS a spot relatively close to every building.
‘‘Tis college is a nice, clean a very educational, this college takes pride in there education and being the best it can be. It is affordable and very helpful. The only reason I gave a 4 star is because you have to talk to several people to resolve a issue may one occur
St. John's is a great school. The professors are always willing to help both during class and their office hours. The tuition isn't that expensive if you qualify for financial aid or have other scholarships.
I am attending SJRState as a Transfer Freshmen and an Active Duty military member. The experience I've had so far has out preformed my expectations. The staff, professors and even other students are amazing and helpful. Although I attend at the Orange Park campus, not main campus, the campus, student life and actives are still above par!
I am a dual enrollment high school student, so all of the SJR classes I have taken and am taking are not on campus however I have visited the campus and in my opinion it's lovely and has a great staff. Their education program is good, not too heavy but still riveting. Overall it seems like a wonderful place to attend especially because the community it is located in is amazing. Online opportunities and resources are phenomenal.
St. Johns River State college is very organized and so very helpful in anything that you may need. They offer such an interested staff to walk you through the steps to get you where you want to be.
St. John's River State College was the first stepping stone in my path of life. St. John's River State College has made transitioning from high school to college a breeze. Faculty works diligently to solve all issues and help students out in every way possible.
Extremely affordable, and I don't think I'm missing out on any information I would have gotten from a 4-year university!
Staff and teachers are helpful and welcoming. I haven't had one bad experience from a professor or student.
Cafeteria has a good tasting small little restaurant.
There's a plenty of places inside outside to study all over campus.
There's also a free tutor lab, and you get around 200 free pages that you can print for class.
I am taking online classes and for the first month and a half of class my professor never communicated with anyone in the class and the assignments she put up were unclear
I'm currently enrolled and I overall just love everything about St.johns, from the professors to just the campus, the counselors, etc. Amazing school!
Orientation was very unorganized and the faculty was not very helpful. I didn't feel as if I will be getting a worthy educational experience. But I will still remain positive and continue on seeing the bright side of this school.
St. John's River State college is an institution that truly cares about the success of its students. Whether attending college for the first time, transferring, or going back to continue education, I would definitely recommend this school to others.
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So far, Math, English, Business and Tutoring educators have been great!
This college gives students every opportunity to succeed with many tools available both online and within their 4 walls.
The campus is beautiful. Covered access from building to building. Beautifully landscaped to include a boardwalk over a lake with sitting areas to meditate while watching the fish or turtles.
The food in their cafe is reasonably priced and of great quality. They call their customers by name when greeting them. The student area has a pool table, pingpong table, gaming room with big screen t.v.'s and is next to the bookstore and security office. The library is substantial and includes sound proof rooms for study groups. A separate area next to the library has several computers available to students and with enrollment gives 200 free pages of copy. Love this college!
I attended St. John's State College starting in 2011 as a dual enrollment student. I graduated in 2015 with my associate in arts degree. I throughly enjoyed my time at SJR State and plan on returning in 2018 for their ASN-RN program.
I really love the small classroom sizes at St. Johns River. You are able to develop relationships with the professors and you can get more one on one attention. I wish the college would offer more bachelors degrees.
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