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St. John's College - Annapolis Reviews

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The curriculum is different from any other school. Reading classical books and sharing thoughts in classes may not sound interesting, but being attentive to what other students say brings to light ideas that were not known to you before.
The academics are life changing. If you care about your intellect, do yourself a favor and go to St. John's. If you are more interested in a good social scene, amazing facilities, fine dining, and competitive sports, expand your search.
Most colleges prepare you for a career. SJC prepares you for life of continued learning. It is not for everyone and the high acceptance rate reflects that students largely self-select for this place. To succeed here you need to love to read and have an appetite for the challenging, the disquieting, the revelatory. When I hear about students at other colleges today expecting "safe spaces" I chuckle. SJC is like the Marine Corps for your intellect. If you make it to graduation, you will know what it is to strain every intellectual sinew. You will know Aristotle, Shakespeare, Kant and Darwin, but not C++, cell biology, or feminist social theory. However, no intellectual exercise after college will ever intimidate you. You will be able to read. You will be able to write. You will be able to talk about important things. You will have some idea where all the ideas we take for granted come from. You will be comfortable considering possibilities others find dangerous and frightening.
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St. John's provides a truly unique and incredible academic experience. The polity is one of the most vibrant and interesting communities I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. The desire to learn and improve one's thought is present in every aspect of life at St. John's. From academics to athletics I have never seen people approach new and challenging things with such drive and zeal. The discussion based classroom empowers us to think for ourselves and to push the boundaries of that thought. The tutors (our professors) are the perfect facilitators of each student's progress.

After two and a half years here I can say with some certainty that this was the right choice for me. I would be hard pressed to describe what could provide a better preparation for graduate school, and, more importantly for life as a citizen.
I couldn't have dreamed of the life-changing education provided by St. John's. What most schools call professors, we call tutors because they don't profess. Tutors are the most experienced learners in the classroom, there not to run the conversation, but to provide an opening question and guidance along the way. Because it is a discussion style classroom, you are really in charge of what you are talking about and learning. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and there are always events going on downtown, only a 5 minute walk from campus. When the town is sleeping, SJC usually has something else happening on campus-- parties or social gatherings. There's a wide variety of clubs on campus geared towards your interests, and they are always evolving depending on our polity. It's an amazing place, with intelligent and successful students who go on to be everything from doctors and engineers to lawyers and businessmen to PhD teachers and winemakers.
I feel more safe on this campus than I do in my own home. The public safety officers are wonderful at what they do. There is practically no crime, people can leave bags anywhere. There are no blue lights, but you can just yell and someone can hear you.
Unless you have graduate school afterwards the job prospects are pretty dim. career services try to help as much as they can and the alumni hire a fair amount of graduates.
the classes we take are regimented and there is practically no choice. I love each class and the class styles are wonderful with very small classroom sizes. The teachers are wonderful and passionate.
The dorms are a bit small, but good atmosphere for reading. The best are Gilliam and Specktor. The rooms are a bit pricey, but so is everything else.
We don't have any, so it could be the best. We do study ancient Greek, so that is pretty great.
The only reason I am saying its great is because its great for the type of students we have here. No one cares about sports here, we are all here to learn. Our gym would be sub par for other schools, but it is perfect for us. The intramural teams are a lot of fun and there are a lot of group workout classes. Out school spirit is only seen during the annual croquet match.
This school allows students to learn in their own way and how to articulate what they have learned. This school is unique because of the classroom setting and size. The best experiences here have been in the classroom discussing with my fellow students. I would do this program all over again in a heartbeat.
Lots of discussion about sexual assault. That doesn't mean that it happens any less frequently.
Great alumni connections. Great career center. Lots of opportunities/encouragement to intern.
I love my school. I know that everyone on campus has some kind of problem with something, but overall it's worth it. There are pros and cons to our small size and everyone taking the same classes, but whether or not you'll like that depends on you.
The dorms are average, to a bit small. We had a bit of an incident with the roof caving in at PACA during a blizzard. However, dorms are super close to classes which is incredibly convenient, and as long as you aren't in Randall, you're probably good.
Our Greek life consists of translating Meno and wondering WWSD (what would Socrates do). Overall, I would say that Greek life is very important to Johnnies.
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No varsity sports. People don't really take intramurals seriously.
If you're someone who likes flexibility in courses and majors, taking only required classes can be unfortunate.
its a great campus and its an eyeopener. you start thinking about things that never seemed that important and that's the beauty of this campus it teaches you how to think. the don raags itself is great.
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