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The representatives are really nice and informing on all types of majors. The presentations felt warming at the open house and the science major tables really gave me a basis of courses I had to take for a biochemistry major.
Since the college is a small, private school, you can tell opportunities are limited, but there are still options for everyone to get involved in. The people can often be snobby or cliquey but just find those who suit your personality!
I love my college and the faculty. Everyone is very helpful and frendly but professional. I would definitetly recomment Saint John Fisher College.
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I love it at St. John Fisher. I'm going into my third year for pre-med Biology and I just love it. The small classroom size allows you to really get to know professors and get the extra help you need.
St John Fisher is a beautiful campus! The staff is wonderful. If someone needs helps there are people that are really kind and always willing to help others out. They have great programs and the advisors always help students stay on track. A person never has to feel lost because there is always someone to guide you.
St John's is an awesome school for sciences, especially nursing. The thing would change is a more diverse student body. White upper middle class New Yorkers are the overwhelming majority.
One thing that is heavily stressed when attending St. John Fisher College is the feeling of family. Whether it be from a sports team, a major, or some high school friends that you happen to see on campus, there is a warm sense of community that is felt upon the campus. Everyone has a smiling face or is stressing out over the same test (although this sounds horrible, you can make some new friends or study buddies this way).

Something I would change, however, would be the parking on campus. The college is small to begin with, with about 3000 undergraduate and graduate students total. The parking can be tight as there are staff and students who are looking for spots but must park on the opposite side of campus if the individual is running late. As it is, this individual would have to sprint in order to get to class on time or just a few minutes after it began. This is such a small price to pay for what you get in return at the college in terms of faculty, memories and more.
I went to St. John Fisher for my graduate degree. It was a great experience with very qualified professors and small class sizes. The down side, and reason for 4/5 stars is price, as the tuition was expensive when comparing to others.
An excellent choice in furthering my education. Great course and professors that want to help you. Excellent food, but no party scene at all
I owe my ability to be accepted into a graduate program to the professors and students at SJFC. Here I learned to think critically, objectively and found a true passion in the sciences. Fisher set me up academically to do well on graduate entrance exams and provided me with the tools to do research which allowed me to gain valuable bench top experience. Even though it is a small school, SJFC allowed me to stand above students from larger universities when applying to graduate programs.
I have been working my watch through the nursing program at SJFC and so far has found it great! We are placed on different types of floors for our student nurse program and the teachers really help you in the learning process.
St. John Fisher offered a warm, welcoming environment to begin a college career at. Everyone you encounter on campus is friendly and helpful, and makes you feel like you belong here. Classroom sizes are small and help you to get the best out of your education, and there is always a new opportunity to get involved with on campus or in the community.
This college is great, I am a transfer student here and this is by far the best school I have ever attended. The food is great, they have a wide variety. The professors are great as well and anyone is able to be flexible in order to help you.
This is a very good college with great opportunities throughout the community and upon peers. The professors are very helpful and the different ways to become more involved with your major is vast.
I have been at St. John Fisher for a year now and I love the college. Not only is the food great here but we have a gorgeous campus that is easy to navigate and always very well kept. I have gotten along great with all my professors, many of which have introduced me to many people in the business world as well as teaching things they have learned while out in the field. While here I have been apart of 5 different clubs as well as two on campus jobs which I LOVE. The school has so many things to get involved in from a very diverse set of clubs to sports and people. I live on campus and have made amazing friends because of this decision. The only thing that I would think about changing is the parking problem and more classes. Its hard for the college to find more space because of the small space they have available to work around but I know they are working on it, which all the students appreciate.
Fisher is an excellent choice for teacher preparation! The faculty and staff are exceptional. There are several opportunities to get involved on and off campus through athletics, clubs, community service, and field experiences. Tuition is costly, but the education you receive here is so worth every penny.
So far this has been a good choice for me. I struggled a bit the first year and they took action to get me back on track. I like this campus it is relatively small and easy to get around. The area has many close ammenities
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For the program I am in, all the professors are so willing to help you. Every one is willing to go out of their way to make sure you understand that material.
This has been the best experience of my life. The professors are helpful, class sizes are small and student body is great. The campus life is fun and the food is good. Make sure that you go to the sporting events because the teams are good.
Fisher provides a great environment for not only academic growth, but personal growth as well. The class sizes are small and all the professors are always willing to provide extra help, clarification or support in their classes. It is a close-nit community and we truly mean it when we say we are a part of the Fisher Family because that is how we act, as a family.