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I've been happy with my marketing program. What I've realized doesn't make me happy is the lack of diversity, it's non existent. There is so much to learn from different cultures and view points, it is essential to the college experience.
So far this has been a good choice for me. I struggled a bit the first year and they took action to get me back on track. I like this campus it is relatively small and easy to get around. The area has many close ammenities
For the program I am in, all the professors are so willing to help you. Every one is willing to go out of their way to make sure you understand that material.
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This has been the best experience of my life. The professors are helpful, class sizes are small and student body is great. The campus life is fun and the food is good. Make sure that you go to the sporting events because the teams are good.
Fisher provides a great environment for not only academic growth, but personal growth as well. The class sizes are small and all the professors are always willing to provide extra help, clarification or support in their classes. It is a close-nit community and we truly mean it when we say we are a part of the Fisher Family because that is how we act, as a family.
I love it here. Everyone is kind, supportive and student involved. The professors are tough, but kind. They strive to make great students and to prepare them for the future. I wouldn't have liked to pick any other school than here. I wouldn't change anything one bit. Maybe just more activities and events.
I love attending St. John Fisher College because of the community. The college would refer to the student population as a "Fisher Family" and they live up to it. When I walk down the halls and in the campus quad, I can say hi to so many people and I would get a friendly hi back. I can go to anyone around campus, both faculty, and students, whenever I need help and they would be happy to help me. I am currently receiving a great education while having the best time of my life living on campus.
St John Fisher College has been a great fit for me as a student. Although the majority of student are traditional, they are welcoming of non-traditional students. Being accepted into their nursing program was a big accomplishment. In comparing Fisher's nursing program to others in the Rochester and surrounding communities, I found that Fisher has the highest pass rate on the NCLEX exams. This tells me that they do a great job preparing their students for their nursing careers and make sure that they are ready to be employed as they walk out the door with their diplomas. In addition, their state of the art lab equipment is second to none, giving us great hands on experience in simulation.
It's a great school for anyone whether they have declared a major area of study or are still undecided. The staff and faculty there are wonderful and very helpful. The cost is a little high but the extensive knowledge of the professors is worth it.
I love St. John Fisher College. Best choice Ive ever made. Ive made lifelong friends there and feel so comfortable there. The professors are great and help out no matter what. Never could I imagine myself anywhere else.
St. John Fisher College offers a premiere education with a close-knit community and caring professors. I would recommend this College to anyone who wants a wonderful college experience in every aspect.
The teachers are different they like weird things which helps students to get out of their comfort zone. The classrooms are a small size allowing for one on one attention. The biggest downfall to this college is the excessive drug use and narcissistic preppy people that attend the college .
I liked the small class size because it allowed me to really get to know my professors. The food is really good compared to most colleges.
St. John Fisher has been an amazing college for me so far. They made my transfer from one school to theirs amazing. Staff everywhere to answer questions and help in anyway possible. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of. I am so proud and lucky to be able to attend St. John Fisher College and obtain my bachelors in Marketing here.
I transfered to Fisher after previously attending two other colleges. My experience at Fisher has by far surpassed my experiences at the other colleges. The campus is beautiful, very traditionally collegiate. The class sizes are small, ideal for learning. All of my professors are intelligent and kind and genuinely want you to prepare you to succeed in the real world. I feel like I will be highly qualified after graduation.
Fisher is a small school with a tremendous big heart. The students are truly a family with school spirit and a intimate sense of community. The faculty is top notch with a driving sense of commitment to help ensure every student has a sense to succeed.
St. John Fisher College is a great college to attend. Every student is generally happy to be here, they are very welcome, and there are always events to get students to come out of their comfort zones. The only downfall is of course the hard courses. Freshman are thrown into horribly hard courses to see if they are meant for their major, this happens at every school. In my experience, the classes are hard, but if you work hard and study enough, it will all be worth it. The professors are amazing! They will do anything to try to help you anytime. They are always checking their emails and are always willing to help.
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It is great because they gave students an opportunity to work .
I love the fact that each of my course professor are available in helping me with any question I have about the lecture or assignment they gave in class.
My school pretty has a great safety and security office in which they always have their car going around the campus to make sure that students, faculty/staff are safe.
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