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St. Francis Career College Reviews

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very exciting classes. Staff very helpful and peers are all on the same page.
It's a small resource room but there's always just 3 - 4 students in there at one time.
Classes are set and laid out already. DOn't have to worry about trying to "add" classes.
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Good Bridge Program – The school I go to has a bridge program and it seems very interesting and I would consider it alot. There are staff members that can help and encourage us the students to look at the bridge program, so we could look into getting higher education.
Easy Going School – I have no problems with the school my schedule is good and my credits from my other schools were received and I didn't have any problems.
Worthy Tuition – For the money that going to be paid to st. francis career college I am receiving all the education I need and it's worth it. Staff and instructors take their time to teach a subject that I don't understand and there's individual tutors available. I love the process and I haven't had any problems with financial aid office and the tuition is totally worth it!
St. Francis is a very religous catholic school I personally am not a catholic but I do Pray and respect the college by paticipating in religious practices
Registration Process – regstration was fairly professional not a hassle at all everything went smoothly with no worries what so ever.
Med Surge 1 – I feel that St. Francis Career College is a good experience for those interested in becoming a nurse in the health care setting because St. Francis owns numerous hospitals students are able to experience a lot of situations in th clinical setting.
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