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The campus itself is very nice. It has a great homey feel to it. The professors are great and being a student athlete, they are very flexible if you just ask. I really enjoy it here at St. Cloud State.
So far, I have had a relatively good experience at St. Cloud State University. I have met with professors or asked questions over email, and they were more than willing to address my concerns and help me out with them. Other adults, such as my advisor, also pointed me in the right direction as I was trying to figure things out.
This place has wonderful teachers and a great community. People treat you with respect, but they also speak their mind.
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I found the s=hosing and meal plans to be way over priced. There is so many racist white people that go there.
The workload given is not that bad but most people come to saint cloud state for being known as a big party school.
I've had a good experience so far. The cafeteria food is decent and there are plenty of other food joints around. I have made lots of friends and acquaintances through out the campus and attended lots of events hosted by the university. Despite this i cant help but be bothered by the "free speech" zones they around the campus, speech should always be free no matter where you are and it pains me to see this campus doesn't value that.
I love the atmosphere of St. Cloud State University! Everyone is welcoming and you feel like you can be yourself. There are many resources to help you with every aseptic of life whether it is counseling, tutoring, or even career services!
St. Cloud State University has much organization and has more students to join either an organizations or clubs than the University of Minnesota
I really like where it is located. For me it's far enough from home but not too far. Everyone is super friendly here. And the food is great.
College is cheap and has a big diversity. Campus food and dorms just sucks. However, It is a good place to study because you don't have much distraction.
This college was different from any college I toured or went to. I have never felt professors care for their students the way these professors did. The engagement in class was far more than I have ever experienced. What I wish was different was that most classes used class meetings as discussion, whereas I do prefer the traditional lecture with occasional discussions.
it great. I am going to start my classes there. And i already like it. The professor were nice when I met them. The food was nice along with the surrounding.
St. Cloud State University is a diverse and welcoming atmosphere that challenges students to become the best they can be, academically as well as personally. The professors, students, advisors, and so many more easily help you become the student you are destined to be.
I really like the diversity on campus you can walk a building over and meet people you never would if you didn't go here. I would like to see the campus food change it isn't that great and i'd like to see more activity in the sports programs
SCSU is a beautiful campus located next to the lively Mississippi River. I enjoy the scenery and surroundings of the campus
I liked that it wasn't too expensive. There is a wide range of classes you can take. The teachers are fair. There are a lot of food options. Lots of groups you can join.
I like it here, I don't live on campus so parking kinda sucks. Its kind of scary at night, but you can always call campus security to walk with you. I don't think this a very clean campus lots of spider webs.
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I love that this college has the business accreditation to set it apart from other schools across the nation. There really is nothing negative to say about this school, it really does provide a great education for an affordable price!
St Cloud State University is a place that embraces inclusion and diversity. It promotes tolerance and acceptance towards cultures that are different than our own through workshops and cultural events held on campus. Such experience allowed me to view the world through different perspectives while also enhancing my cultural intelligence.
St. Cloud State University is an awesome and fun college. I love it here. It's very friendly and diverse. Teachers are great people. They're here to help you, so don't be afraid to ask them question or help. Also St. Cloud State University is one of the cheapest university here in Minnesota. There is also the free city bus available here at St. Cloud, if you are a student and have a student ID.
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