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SCSU is a nice medium sized university in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. It is a wonderful school to attend, the professors are great, sporting events are a blast, nice community, and so much more. I would definitely recommend SCSU to anyone who asks. It is a great place and it really makes you feel welcome.
It is a great university and am into my 2nd year and hopefully expecting to accomplish something great here
I attend SCSU as a PSEO student, meaning I am dual enrolled and I attend college courses as a high school student. St. Cloud is a cute, easy to navigate campus. I have had professors I loved, as well as some that really did nothing beneficial for my learning. The food choices on campus are good, but minimal. If you are sick of the dining halls your only on campus choices are basically Chick-fil-a, Einsteins, Caribou, or Starbucks; that being said, it kind of sucks for food. However, as a cheap state college, I think St. Cloud is a solid choice and has really great programs for a wide variety of students.
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I had a great experience with fellow students. Wished there was more administrative support for students with adviser. One thing I would like to see changed is more office hours with instructors to talk to them about the course or access to their TA.
Average University with average facilities, departments, department members and Professor. The place in which the university is Situated is terrible. Hard to find jobs and markets nearby. Snowy winter, lack of proper management. It does not have Aerospace Engineering major. No on campus jobs for most of the students. Many international students especially from Nepal and China. However the teachers and professors are helping and kindhearted. Lack of fund given to students for research activities. Many many small fees acquired from students.
The best thing I liked about St. Cloud State University is the diverse communities of the student from all around the globe.
saint cloud state university is the center for international students. the university provides lots of opportunities including abroad studies. as i am an international student; i felt like i made the right choice for my first experience.
I had an amazing experience in the graduate program at SCSU. Professors genuinely want you to learn and grow, not just to pass their class but to better your profession. I always felt supported and understood, and my professor's truly cared about us all as individuals.
The St. Cloud State environment welcomed me right in. The first thing I noticed here is how everyone loves themselves for their differences and uniqueness, I think that is so important in the world today. And the amazing friends you will make here are plentiful!
They aren't much help as you have to walk from building to building to finally find what you need. Most of the professors are wonderful because they just want to see you succeed. Parking is hard to find and there is no order as to how that goes.
The campus is large enough, but a good distance so you don't freeze your butt off going in between classes. The faculty and campus is very open and excepting for minorities.
The campus itself is very nice. It has a great homey feel to it. The professors are great and being a student athlete, they are very flexible if you just ask. I really enjoy it here at St. Cloud State.
So far, I have had a relatively good experience at St. Cloud State University. I have met with professors or asked questions over email, and they were more than willing to address my concerns and help me out with them. Other adults, such as my advisor, also pointed me in the right direction as I was trying to figure things out.
This place has wonderful teachers and a great community. People treat you with respect, but they also speak their mind.
I found the s=hosing and meal plans to be way over priced. There is so many racist white people that go there.
The workload given is not that bad but most people come to saint cloud state for being known as a big party school.
I've had a good experience so far. The cafeteria food is decent and there are plenty of other food joints around. I have made lots of friends and acquaintances through out the campus and attended lots of events hosted by the university. Despite this i cant help but be bothered by the "free speech" zones they around the campus, speech should always be free no matter where you are and it pains me to see this campus doesn't value that.
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I love the atmosphere of St. Cloud State University! Everyone is welcoming and you feel like you can be yourself. There are many resources to help you with every aseptic of life whether it is counseling, tutoring, or even career services!
St. Cloud State University has much organization and has more students to join either an organizations or clubs than the University of Minnesota
I really like where it is located. For me it's far enough from home but not too far. Everyone is super friendly here. And the food is great.
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