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The thing I love most about St. Cloud State University is how diverse it is here. I see everyone of all ethnicities walking past me as I go to class. I believe the diversity here is amazing because you get a different point of view from every person you find, and all the stereotypes about different races go away in your head when you actually get to speak to them and learn about their experience and choices here in St. Cloud.

Something I would love to see be improved would be the way students cross the road. There has not been one time besides late evening where I see students cross roads without looking or without walking on the white lines. But other than that, St. Cloud State University is an amazing college and I’m very proud to be attending and to call myself a Husky.
What I like about St. Cloud State is that the professors are always willing to help their students and try their best to keep their students engaged in their studies.
I go to St. Cloud state university online and I am enjoying my experience. The teachers are very helpful.
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St. Cloud State is a good option for students looking for a cheap and respected college. They have come a long way to improve athletics, academics, and the campus itself. My main problems with the university include safety, weather, size, teachers, and campus quality. Downtown St. Cloud is relatively safe but burglaries and robberies were not uncommon which isn't reassuring. Being in Minnesota means that the weather will most likely be cold and SCSU is not an exception, commuting in the snow can be a nightmare.
I love the campus. Saint Cloud is definitely a college town. There are many opportunities for student work. I love the professors, they are very dedicated to see you succeed.
I enjoy most of the professors, although the math department seems to be lacking in good professors, and I have made many new friends who share the same passion for weather that I do!
There's a large, diverse, supportive international community which allows most students to involve into cultural affairs. St. Cloud State University also provides several study-abroad opportunities and encourages student exchange.
It is a safe campus with several food choices on campus. Teachers are hit or miss and you need to talk to other students to pick the right one. I would avoid arts and humanities departments as much as possible. I attended because of proximity and transferred out when I found a school the fit me better. Would recommend attending if convenient, but would not recommend traveling to attend. Not a terrible school, but there are much better ones out there.
St. Cloud is a good university! Very diverse. The professors I’ve had are great and very helpful! Great university to attend.
I liked how easy it was to find my classes and how easy it was to rent out rooms in the library to have a quit study space. I wish they had a better system for advising. My advisor never had time for me.
I began my schooling at St. Cloud State my junior year as a transfer student. From day one, SCSU was extremely welcoming and helpful with my transition. My application was processed and accepted within a matter of days, and I was immediately able to make contact with advisors and professors who provided me with guidance about courses and campus life. The campus itself is a very welcoming place to be. The professors are eager to help and knowledgable in their fields. There are many resources available for students from all walks of life, including countless clubs and organizations for every kind of student.
I personally have been to 4 different colleges, two being in different states. I have never felt more welcomed or more supported with my education. I am currently enrolled in the nursing program and the professors are amazing. They truly go out of their way to help a student succeed. I cannot speak more highly of the nursing program here.
A major downfall of the campus is the parking situations (as almost all colleges), but this college has worked out a way for it to work better. They have a shuttle that runs from the furthest lot into the Wick (the science building) which is close to most of the academic buildings. If you do not want to park on campus or cannot there is a drop off at the library for the city busing services.
St. Cloud State University is a very affordable and reasonable school. The campus is not very organized or impressive in any way, but for $3,000-$4,000 per semester, the value is incredible! I have had nothing but great experiences with the professors and students thus far. My main complaint is with disorganization in the administration and a relatively high amount of crime for a school that is not located in a large city.
Culture nights, students body, the professors, and the organization on campus. The St Cloud State University have different diversity of students and professors.
People here are awesome if you put yourself out to meet people. I was part of a small cohort, and they will always be there if I need them in the future for job opportunities.
I chose SCSU ultimatley because it was the only school in Minnesota that offered a degree for my major, Nuclear Medicine Technology. After my first year, I am very happy to say that I am glad I chose SCSU. It has given me the resources and opportunities I don't think I would have been able to get anywhere else- the main example of being able to spend a semester abroad as a freshman. The professors I have had genuinly care about me and my education and they have been very approachable. As a Minnesota state school, I believe it is a good bang for your buck.
I love St. Cloud State i will be attending this next fall. The city has a very clean layout and the people in the town are one of a kind.
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It was good. I liked the safety and most of my processors. The food is not very good, but the staff are really nice and helpful with food allergies.
I loved the hustle and the good vibes of campus! I transferred from the technical college and loved the big campus filled with students working hard and chasing their dreams!
I have really enjoyed my first year here at St. Cloud State. I found it to be a very welcoming school and campus. There are many great opportunities on and off campus. I would like to see the food at Garvey Commons improve, they have good breakfast but everything else is not the best.
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