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Honestly, I do not understand why there is so much criticism towards St. Cloud State University. Coming from Florida, I moved here for the hospitality program and have been nothing but successful. I left behind my family, friends, and comfort of everything that I knew. I completely started over with nothing to work with, but this school has been great to me. I have worked multiple jobs full-time throughout my time here, so I haven't been involved in much on campus, but there is so much offered that I could participate on any given day. The campus is beautiful, the dorms are actually much nicer than they are given credit for, and the academics are definitely worth what you are paying. I have loved every minute of this school and hope others in the future do too.
There are many activities to attend or participate in, and there are many groups to join. It was nice to live on campus and be able to walk to my classes and be a part of the campus community. I now plan on returning, but not living on campus. It is easy to get to.
About to transfer but looking into the program. It looks excellent. I've been looking at the Real Estate program and it is the most affordable and gives me the best opportunities to excel in my career from all angles.
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The surrounding area is lacking in diversity and opportunities. The campus has low participation rates for students. Many students comment which makes on campus life boring. As a business student the classes are average, could differentiate assignments more and offer more hands on experiences.
Now that my first year is almost over, I absolutely love this college, and I am 100% satisfied with my decision to come here for college.
iThereis 1 thing that I wish would change at the college and that is the cost. It is pretty high and I'm worried about not having enough money for my second semester. Niche please help me I would greatly appreciate that.
I personally love the people, the diversity of this campus is like no other. The sports teams compete like a major D1 school and are amazing to watch.
I really liked my experience here. Not great night life, and many of the professors are hard to understand. Otherwise was great!
This university is a not the worst school to go to. There are downsides though because there are a lot of people who do not like to be in St. Cloud because there are a lot of refugees/immigrants that do not speak English as a primary language. If you can look past that you will do fine at this school.
Very diverse campus, very friendly staff and students, great place to meet new people and learn new materials.
SCSU is a nice medium sized university in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. It is a wonderful school to attend, the professors are great, sporting events are a blast, nice community, and so much more. I would definitely recommend SCSU to anyone who asks. It is a great place and it really makes you feel welcome.
It is a great university and am into my 2nd year and hopefully expecting to accomplish something great here
I attend SCSU as a PSEO student, meaning I am dual enrolled and I attend college courses as a high school student. St. Cloud is a cute, easy to navigate campus. I have had professors I loved, as well as some that really did nothing beneficial for my learning. The food choices on campus are good, but minimal. If you are sick of the dining halls your only on campus choices are basically Chick-fil-a, Einsteins, Caribou, or Starbucks; that being said, it kind of sucks for food. However, as a cheap state college, I think St. Cloud is a solid choice and has really great programs for a wide variety of students.
I had a great experience with fellow students. Wished there was more administrative support for students with adviser. One thing I would like to see changed is more office hours with instructors to talk to them about the course or access to their TA.
Average University with average facilities, departments, department members and Professor. The place in which the university is Situated is terrible. Hard to find jobs and markets nearby. Snowy winter, lack of proper management. It does not have Aerospace Engineering major. No on campus jobs for most of the students. Many international students especially from Nepal and China. However the teachers and professors are helping and kindhearted. Lack of fund given to students for research activities. Many many small fees acquired from students.
The best thing I liked about St. Cloud State University is the diverse communities of the student from all around the globe.
saint cloud state university is the center for international students. the university provides lots of opportunities including abroad studies. as i am an international student; i felt like i made the right choice for my first experience.
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I had an amazing experience in the graduate program at SCSU. Professors genuinely want you to learn and grow, not just to pass their class but to better your profession. I always felt supported and understood, and my professor's truly cared about us all as individuals.
The St. Cloud State environment welcomed me right in. The first thing I noticed here is how everyone loves themselves for their differences and uniqueness, I think that is so important in the world today. And the amazing friends you will make here are plentiful!
They aren't much help as you have to walk from building to building to finally find what you need. Most of the professors are wonderful because they just want to see you succeed. Parking is hard to find and there is no order as to how that goes.
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