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I have been very blessed to be a Bluewater Middle College student. This program is amazing!!! It certainly has given me a great opportunity and a head start. The advisors have been so helpful. This program is amazing!!!
I have had a lot of help from my advisers at St. Clair County Community College and I can't thank them enough! They have pointed me in the directions towards my career goals, when I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do.
I have decided on getting a degree in psychology. I am very satisfied in the workload of these, it's an average amount of work. All of the teachers make my psychology classes fun and interesting.
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I would choose my school again for many reasons. The classes are small and comfortable, it makes it easy to be able to ask questions or get help with anything you need. The campus is easy to get around, there are signs showing students where all the building are, it would be hard to get lost. All of the teachers are there to help you succeed and don't mind helping you at all!
I haven't been at St. Clair County Community College for very long, so I haven't had any experience with transferring credits. Although, I have heard many great things about transferring credits and it doesn't sounds like there are many problems with doing so. I had a great experience with flexibility of choosing my classes. I work full time, so I thought it was going to be very hard for me to find classes that would work with my college course schedule. It ended up being much easier than I thought! I was able to enroll in all of the classes that I wanted, while still working full time. They had many class times to choose from, I was not disappointed at all.
I thought online courses at St. Clair County Community College was a great way to learn at your convenience. I was working full time and really wanted to take courses, so I wouldn't fall behind on my credits. I decided that online courses would be perfect, since I didn't have time to go to the campus. It was really easy to take online classes because the college has you take a practice online course! I never had any problems taking my courses online and will eventually be enrolling in more soon.
When trying to figure out what career I wanted to pursue I had no idea. I was told to talk to an adviser about potential options that I had in mind. I am so glad that I did! When I first started classes, I was almost certain that I wanted to do something in the medical field. After talking with a couple advisers, I realized that the medical was not for me and I now I am planning on getting a degree in psychology.
There are many different class times available for most classes. The only frustration i went through was because I didn't schedule right away and the classes I wanted filled up.
Personally, I enjoy the real classroom as opposed to the virtual one. I like to be able to ask questions during a lecture and not have to wait for a response to an email. I even like taking tests in the classroom because it creates less distractions. It is much easier for me to follow deadlines and assignments when I have a person telling me face to face what the plans are. However, I do enjoy the convenience of not having to be somewhere at a specific time.
There are many different majors available at this school. There is even opportunities for 4 year programs, and this is a community college. Classes are small and most are high quality. They offer competitive programs for students who are serious about their education. Overall I've had a great experience here.
Of the people that graduate, many get jobs in their field. In my specific program, the rate of employment after graduation and testing is very high. I do not anticipate it being a problem finding employment after I graduate.
The workload is heavy, but relevant. This is one of the best nursing programs in my state, and they have received many grants for state of the art equipment because of that. I am so lucky to have an accredited nursing program so close to my hometown.
The teachers and advisors were very helpful when I changed my major. They got me into the program I wanted as fast as possible, and I am now on my way to a career in my field in less than two years. This program is one of the best in the state and I am extremely excited about the opportunity my college has given me.
It is easy to schedule classes for the days and times that I needed. And if I could not make a class it was easy to get the information I needed from my professors.
It is very easy to take online classes and not too much work but still keeps you involved and busy.
I have not really looked into any post-grad services.
There are some teachers that are very helpful and teach very well. Some teachers are very hard to understand though. But, this is how it would be at any school I believe.
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There are a lot of job fairs and information about a variety of jobs which is helpful.
I just recently changed my major. But, so far the school has been very helpful in telling me what credits I need in order to transfer.
This school is cheap and you still get a fairly good education.
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