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I honestly really like it here and there's a huge variety of people here so there's no peer pressure on anyone even non traditional students.
it is a nice campus has good class selection. the teachers are good but but the campus life is non existing. and the diversity is not really there . if you are looking for a party school this is no where near it. the local area is nice but it is closed off people around there are stuck to their friends group.
My time spent at St. Charles Community College was filled with many experiences both good and bad. I chose this two year school because of the A+ program which allowed me to access two free years of college. That was a major upside to my experience that helped me outweigh the bad. For the most part, I have enjoyed nearly all my professors, however, no teaching style is alike. Some professors are very determined to get to know their students and help them outside of the classrooms and others are simply there for the hour or so you're in class. I've had amazing and very credible teachers who use different styles to learning like open discussions and team projects while other professors read off of powerpoints and I was stuck learning from the book.
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If you're looking for a college to save money and focus on studies, this is the right school. It's a good college to start at, if you aren't sure what you want to do in the future. However, if you're looking to make friends and be involved in the school, this isn't the school for you.
Everyone just comes here to get their stuff done and go home, so you need to put yourself out there to make friends and meet people. Overall, its a great alternative at a cheap cost.
People are very antisocial and don’t communicate very well. It’s just overall an ok school if you only plan on getting your education
It's great for a student who doesn't quite know what they want and doesn't want to spend lots of money on gen ed credits. I would not recommend for anything longer than 2 years.
We all know that college can be extremely stressful. From budgeting to time management and beyond. What I love about STCC is that it's flexible and affordable. It's a great place to learn and rather you're looking for a career change or to jump-start your bachelor's degree, the opportunities are endless!
My two years at SCC have been awesome! The staff and teachers are extremely nice and helpful. The campus itself is beautiful. My favorite part about SCC is that its easy to get involved in a club or activity. Lastly, SCC cares about its students.
The math department is intense considering teachers’ dedication to student success being all over the spectrum. The resources to help you do well are there, you just have to use them. The financial aid and academic advising departments are spotty with how helpful they can be. The advising office seems more interested in getting you on their roster more than making sure you’re on the right path and actually advising on that aspect.
The professors care about your success. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The campus is safe with the on site police station.
I enjoyed my time at Saint Charles Community College. It is an excellent place to begin your secondary education, because the instructors are committed to teaching the material and making sure each student thoroughly understands it, rather than publishing research or textbooks. The math courses were challenging but they prepared me for the upper-division classes in electrical engineering at my graduating university.
Campus, Faculty/Staff
It is a nice campus. Easy to navigate around. Some of the faculty and staff are friendly and helpful. I find it strange that I have to take a number in order to speak with an advisor, financial aid advisor, or to add/drop a class, even though there is no one else waiting before me. It made me feel like I was at a DMV. When you drop a class, you are not informed that you need to inform the Cashiers Office about processing your refund. There is no where in the school’s website where it indicates this process.

I had one instructor that was really nice and helped put my worries about the class at ease. I had one instructor, who seemed friendly but distant and aloof.
It was honestly a good place. I got to meet alot of interesting people and I really got the chance to apply myself and work hard for something.
What I like about St. Charles Community College is that it is very affordable and open to everyone. Something I would like to see change, is more opportunities to make friends there, such as more extracurricular activities.
I really do love how clean and nice the campus is. Its very large and you do have to walk a lot of if you take a variety of classes. Though, the food is a bit expensive and its better to just bring it. They sometimes have good stuff, but after a while its about the same.
Some of the financial front desk ladies are very rude. But the school is great. Simple, good teachers, good price, easy online system. Nice campus, feels safe. Parking is crowded, be prepared to do some walking. Food is high!
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Great campus, good selection of night classes. The professors are very invested in the success of their students and really care about whether they do well or not. Campus at night is well lit and feels safe.
I attend St. Charles Community College as a dual enrolled student, attending high school for half the day and taking 2 college classes at SCC. I enjoy the flexibility the college offers high school students. I believe SCC is a good bridge to a 4 year university
Overall, I feel like the professors truly care about their students. They make sure their students are understanding the material and getting the highest grades as possible. My fellow classmates are also very friendly and helpful to each other. I'm very glad I chose to start my education off here.
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