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Hated it. Massive layoffs created the horrible staff. Do not come here if you have any different opinions. Felt like high school drama all over again.
I am a new student at St. Kate's University and my experience so far has been wonderful! My admissions counselor has been helpful and she responds to questions and emails extremely quick. I follow a Facebook group with fellow Katies and they always speak highly and are available as well to answer questions about discussions, professors, etc. so this does bring comfort as well! I am super excited to begin my journey at St. Kate's in their Occupational Therapy Assistant program.
I started my nursing program here at the Minnepolis campus. Faculty was absolutely horrible except a few. I hope they change this program or no one will want to go here, let alone pass the NCLEX.
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The staff is Great! They are also very attentive to my needs as an online student.
The instructors respond quickly to all of my questions or concerns. They have multiple avenues available for communicating. You can chat, email, or call and actually get a person to assist you. The support staff continues to follow up with me and assist me as I continue in the occupational therapist assistant program. They help to ensure I'm registered for the correct classes and ordering the necessary books and supplies that I need for each course. All the books I have ordered for these classes have been delivered in a timely manner. I have always been able to obtain any assistance that I need whether it is in regards to the classes, assignments, registration, and future requirements and plans that I need to be prepared for.
I went here recently to get my masters in social work. This was an incredibly welcoming school with great staff. I always felt safe at Saint Catherine University. Thank you!
I am enrolled in St. Kate's online program for an associates in occupational therapy assistance. There is very little communication between professors and students. The lessons don't feel like they're preparing you for actual employment and their fieldwork 1 study program was uninformative.
Incredible and supportive community. I was able to find and create a strong community here. I was offered ample opportunity to challenge myself and knew each of my professors personally. It was a fantastic place to spend four years.
I am working as an international admission assistant at St. Catherine university, and I helped many students to get in. Actually, I think that St. Catherine is the place for every young girl to be in. Women education helped me gain confidant, and believe in myself as a women. It is important for every women to feel that way, so we can fight for our rights, and have more women in the industry. What I love about St. Kate's that everyone tells me you will get a great job because you attended this school
St. Catherine gives me the opportunity to take ota online so I am still able to keep up with all my other responsibilities.
I completely love the campus. The Professors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pronouns, sexual orientation, racism, and etc. The campus overall is extremely safe and students are encouraged to be active on campus and are empowered. The campus also makes sure to have a lot of amazing events to educate students and keep the motivated in their studies. I highly suggest this college for students who want to learn!
In my experience so far at this university I have seen much cultural diversity but not much catholic representation for it being a catholic university. I have also noticed that the majority of students who speak up are like-minded when it comes to political views which is discouraging.
I have enjoyed my experience at St. Catherine because I have learned a lot from my classes and have had an opportunity to study to be an OTA. I would not have been able to study this field without St. Catherine. A few things I would change are some of the interactions with the professors. I wish that some of them were more interactive and would respond with better answers and in quicker time. But for the most part, St. Catherine has been an important part of my education and I have enjoyed it!
I like how everybody makes you feel welcomed. The professors actually get to know you and help you in so many ways
I love this school. The professors truly care about your education. The campus is beautiful and safe. The area is easy to get around with or without a vehicle.
The experience and diversity at this school is amazing! I receive scholarships from the school, and they are very helpful with students with disabilities, students with financial instability, and student-parents.
I have had a very good experience at St. Catherine University. I would like to see more diversity there.
Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. However some classes that are required seemed unhelpful to those with varied life experiences. As a all women college it is very it is very empowering. As a college the food is sub-par like most.
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my sister told me about it, it is really great college. the school is a diverse school, they have so many opportunities. they have so many things
Okay. So I like the student environment but the faculty doesn't do much to make sure you stay enrolled. In fact, my advisor did not know how to properly set up my schedule to actually graduate on time. Be careful if you're a transfer because it is difficult to make connections with students after the first year.
I’m enrolled in the online OTA program and all staff and professors are very helpful and encouraging!
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