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My wife just graduated with her Master's in the medical field with over $100,000 in student loan debt to be offered a job in the $50,000 range. I, being a teacher, also only make about that much with similar amount in student loans.

When I e-mailed St. Kate's and asked what their goal was for reducing the burden of student loans on the people who go there, their answer was basically "nothing."

Good school with good professors, but do yourself a favor and get a more affordable education. Mine and my wife's economic outlook and potential to do anything remotely reasonable with both our MS level education is abysmal and depressing. Save your money and chose a different college.
A very diverse school which is eye opening and nice. There are good academics
and the classes make you learn and challenge you. There is not much social/party life on campus besides what's put on by groups/clubs.
As someone who had a bachelor's+ degrees I was looking into enrolling in their OTA program. I spoke with their admission's counselor & sent over my transcripts. I was appalled, they were going to make me repeat all the prerequisites needed, even with a bachelor's degree for their OTA. I realized it was a scam & they were not going to work with me. I decided not to pursue this program.
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Im an OTA online student, just starting my labs, they have been easy to work with and very helpful in helping me to achieve my career goals.
I loved the mission of educating women to lead and influence. St. Kate’s cares about feminism and social justice, which is deeply rooted in its curriculum. If you care about the same things, you will enjoy seeing that here at this University. Like every other place, St. Kate’s has its issues that need resolving. Some of these problems have been swept under the rug, which has been disappointing, seeing what its mission statement is all about. That’s part of becoming a person here, and not just a student. You learn about the things you do and don’t want to carry over as a leader after you graduate. It is a great school and I’ve met some of the greatest friends a person could ever ask for. I love that we all support each other in our shared interests surrounding feminism, social justice, sociocultural awareness, diversity, and overall empowerment.
I have recently been accepted in the online OTA program. Everyone who has contacted me have all been super helpful and extremely nice! Whenever I need an anwser or help with anything, I am able to email, call or text anyone! They are extremely helpful and positive and believe in furthering your eduacation! Doing an online program in a different state can be stressful. St. Catherine University does a wonderful job with communicating with you and getting back the anwsers needed as soon as they can! I am highly impressed with this school!
St. Catherine University is grounded in helping women achieve the highest degree possible. St. Catherine University teachers are willing to help each and every student that they can. This school is full of opportunities and helps students in any way that they can. There medical field is very demanding and has many expectations for students and takes that field very seriously. Even though St. Kates can be very expensive, they help students with Money Management programs and others resources like scholarships to help students pay for there schooling and have ways in which students can save and find ways to help the expense of college a little easier.
I very much enjoyed my first year at St. Catherine University and am greatly looking forward to the coming school year. I felt a strong sense of community at St. Catherine from day one and was extremely grateful to be immersed in such a diverse and open-minded university. St. Catherine feels like home to me because of the relationships I have been able to make there and the comfortable atmosphere on campus.
St. Catherine is a loving and welcoming community full of such amazing people! The campus is perfect size for that small feel. People and staff are so amazing and helpful with anything you need.
I have loved my time at St. Catherine. The professors are all very helpful. Their curriculum is challenging and I am very appreciative of that.
The professors are very helpful, and there are opportunities for research if you ask. The advising isn’t the greatest, it is definitely up to the student to be on top of their plans.
St. Catherines is a religious and private college that focuses on academics and success of their students. I have never experienced such a welcoming and helpful place as this school, they are committed to their motto and encouraging everyone from all different backgrounds. Another really good thing about this school is the health insurance that they provide, even though the mandoatory cost added on to your tuition can be an added stress if you are coming out of pocket for payments. They also offer monthly payment plans to help pay for course work, but it seems that if they allowed you to make payments after graduating it would be way more helpful to a full time student. Other than a few minor things that could be enhanced to help low income students, the overall experience of the school is outstanding! The staff and teachers of this school go above and beyond their job titles to make everyones experience extraordinary.
I like how there is an online program for a career in Occupational therapy and the program is flexible so you can work full time. The school is also religion based so there are classes you’re required to take that are based on Christianity and I really like learning more about my faith. The program provides some tutoring and resources to provide preparation for licensure once you graduate.
My school experience is good, but they don't keep up with the dorm buildings that are on historical list. I like the focus on helping their values and the liberal arts in their classes.
The campus is gorgeous and the ceremonies are wonderful! The cost is ridiculous but I suppose you pay for what you get! There was a financial aid advisor who was the absolute worst and hope is no longer working there.
I felt like I was challenged but I still felt at home. It was nice being on a small, beautiful campus. I do wish they offered more science classes in their weekend program
I am a new transfer to this university and I love it! All the staff and professors are truly amazing and really understanding, coming from another university where the professors didn't care about their students and if they were actually understanding the material, St.Kates is incredible and such a great place to get a degree from
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I am a transfer student that has recently got accepted into the online OTA program. I like it so far, my advisor has been very helpful with the process in getting me registered. I am excited about my education while attending the St. Catherine's University Online program and feel I am being guided with all the right tools to be successful. I am eager to get started and have already registered for all my summer courses due to my advisor scheduling a conference meeting this past weekend. I do love the flexibility of the program, it's been a dream so far!
This is only my freshmen year, but I am really enjoying it here at St. Kate's. I love that we are in the city, but the campus feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. If you are looking to go to parties, St. Thomas and UMN are right down the road. The professors are very accommodating and understanding. The only thing that I would want to change is that everyone leaves on the weekend. St. Kate's and St. Thomas are suitcase schools. It gets really quiet on campus during the weekend unless some event is happening.
I feel that the professors and faculty really have an investment in me and my education. As a traditionally liberal arts school, I am a little disappointed that much of the school's focus has been shifting away from the fine arts programs, and I do hope that the university gave more focus to what it was founded on.
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