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The campus is gorgeous and the ceremonies are wonderful! The cost is ridiculous but I suppose you pay for what you get! There was a financial aid advisor who was the absolute worst and hope is no longer working there.
I felt like I was challenged but I still felt at home. It was nice being on a small, beautiful campus. I do wish they offered more science classes in their weekend program
I am a new transfer to this university and I love it! All the staff and professors are truly amazing and really understanding, coming from another university where the professors didn't care about their students and if they were actually understanding the material, St.Kates is incredible and such a great place to get a degree from
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I am a transfer student that has recently got accepted into the online OTA program. I like it so far, my advisor has been very helpful with the process in getting me registered. I am excited about my education while attending the St. Catherine's University Online program and feel I am being guided with all the right tools to be successful. I am eager to get started and have already registered for all my summer courses due to my advisor scheduling a conference meeting this past weekend. I do love the flexibility of the program, it's been a dream so far!
This is only my freshmen year, but I am really enjoying it here at St. Kate's. I love that we are in the city, but the campus feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. If you are looking to go to parties, St. Thomas and UMN are right down the road. The professors are very accommodating and understanding. The only thing that I would want to change is that everyone leaves on the weekend. St. Kate's and St. Thomas are suitcase schools. It gets really quiet on campus during the weekend unless some event is happening.
I feel that the professors and faculty really have an investment in me and my education. As a traditionally liberal arts school, I am a little disappointed that much of the school's focus has been shifting away from the fine arts programs, and I do hope that the university gave more focus to what it was founded on.
I sought a school that didn't waste my money on men's football and I wanted access to a lot of social activities that were not part of the stereotypical "party" scene. How foolish of niche to demote St. Kate for possessing those desirable traits.
St. Catherine University is a beloved institution to me. I grew into a strong, intelligent and capable woman in my time there which made it possible for me to succeed in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where I earned both an MS and PhD in the field of conservation.
I love St. Catherine University! My aunts went there before me, so that's how I got my love for the beautiful campus. I love the liberal arts program, especially since I plan to become an English major. It's also a good college for people who plan to study nursing and American Sign Language.
I really enjoy the education I am getting at St. Catherine University. I feel like the professors care on if you succeed or not. I have had a positive experience going to this school.
I loved St. Catherine University. Professors truly care and want their students to succeed. The student to professor ratio is very small, so you really get to know your professors. This campus is truly beautiful. I love the fact that I live in a big city, but I feel like I am living in a small town.
I love St Kates! I only wish that the classes were more affordable and that there were more lab locations for the OTA program. The staff is super friendly and helpful.
St. Kates is an empowering community focused on making the best of your future. Professors here are dedicated to helping you succeed and support you with aspirations in life.
The amount of support from campus faculty and staff as well as peers is so great. Many courses to choose from and my learning experience is always growing.
My experience at St. Catherine University has been smooth. I am currently an Occupational Therapy Assistant(OTA) student taking online courses. For OTA being such a hands-on profession, I feel that St. Catherine's OTA program does a fair job of presenting the material in an online setting.
They try to provide many different activities for everyone to get involved in with this being such a diverse campus. Great professors that care for there students and want them to succeed. The cafeteria quality is going downhill and is often hard to find food to eat on campus when you have certain needs or are picky.
I love the welcoming environment and how kind everyone on campus is. The classes are very engaging and there's always something to do. Though, I think they can do better with their housing options for upperclassmen. There's nice options, but are limited. Or if anything they can fix up the old buildings.
I love everything about St. Catherine University. The atmosphere, the people, and the focus on education was exactly what I was looking for. I love their nursing program. They not only have a wonderful program, but they also have an a amazing nurse practitioner program. I have only been here one semester, but I have already been presented with so many fantastic opportunities.
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I love the academics of St. Kates -- I don't think I would get such a quality education at a bigger college. The professors really care about you and work with you to make sure everything's going well
Everyone at St Kates wants you to succeed. They have also been a big help in navigating the admissions process as an adult college student.
The diversity among students and staff was great! Really enjoed learning about others through different assignments and activities in the different courses that I took. One thing I would change would be the events for students and thier families. Most of the event's that were held at school would fall on nights or weekends. This made it very difficult for me to actively participate in most of the events at school, which there were quite a few last fall that I would have loved to be a part of. They other thing that needs work is the parking situation on campus. There are not a lot of spots to park, most are tiny, and when you do get a spot, you may have to walk to the completely other side of the campus just to get to class! Other than those two things, my experience with St. Catherine University has been great thus far. I would highly recommend this school, especially to those women out there, wanting an education.
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