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I love everything about St. Catherine University. The atmosphere, the people, and the focus on education was exactly what I was looking for. I love their nursing program. They not only have a wonderful program, but they also have an a amazing nurse practitioner program. I have only been here one semester, but I have already been presented with so many fantastic opportunities.
I love the academics of St. Kates -- I don't think I would get such a quality education at a bigger college. The professors really care about you and work with you to make sure everything's going well
Everyone at St Kates wants you to succeed. They have also been a big help in navigating the admissions process as an adult college student.
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The diversity among students and staff was great! Really enjoed learning about others through different assignments and activities in the different courses that I took. One thing I would change would be the events for students and thier families. Most of the event's that were held at school would fall on nights or weekends. This made it very difficult for me to actively participate in most of the events at school, which there were quite a few last fall that I would have loved to be a part of. They other thing that needs work is the parking situation on campus. There are not a lot of spots to park, most are tiny, and when you do get a spot, you may have to walk to the completely other side of the campus just to get to class! Other than those two things, my experience with St. Catherine University has been great thus far. I would highly recommend this school, especially to those women out there, wanting an education.
The professors are amazing and the campus is beautiful! I always feel very welcomed on campus and there are plenty of opportunities for students.
In High School, I have my top two schools that I wanted to attend are the University of Minnesota and Saint Catherine. At first, I was thinking of attending at the UMN because it's much cheaper than attending a private college for women. That is what I had thought but, University Saint Catherine University is an excellent college for the woman. They have a lot of great programs with a lot of great professors and students. It a small private college compared to many other colleges. However, I feel welcomed by a small community, and everyone is friendly. I did not regret attending at SCU and wanted to continuing on this path and will have to face many more obstacle in this journey.
I really enjoy my professors and classmates at St. Kate's. I am on the Minneapolis campus, so there does tend to be limited resources (i.e. there is no food service other than vending machines). Otherwise, from what I understand, the St. Paul campus has plenty of resources! They also responded very thoroughly to the shooting in September and are always working toward keeping campus safe.
If you want to be able to express yourself in any way, come to St. Kate's. It has such a loving and accepting environment that you will find your group of friend almost immediately.
The classes are small enough so that the teacher isn't overwhelmed and you can focus on your coursework. The teachers also are very kind. I had a teacher who told the class that the English department designed the course so that none of their students had to buy a textbook and that everything was online. I thought it was very considerate of them considering the yearly cost of textbooks for students.
St. Catherine University is one of the most wonderful places to go to claim an education for yourself. The environment is safe and welcoming and there are so many people there to help you through tough times. Everyone on campus is like your family, there is no judgement and they welcome you with open arms. There are plenty of classes and clubs to choose from and there is never a dull moment. Even though this university isn't a "party school", there are still many ways to have fun off and even on campus. The only downfall is missing home-cooked meals and being broke half the time, but that's always included in the college experience. Altogether, St. Catherine University is a fantastic place to be.
This is my second year at St. Catherine University and I always feel so lucky to have chosen this school. I have a great learning experience every day and I feel like I am always guided to think in new ways and stuff I have never even considered before. I also love the social justice aspect and how it is connected in most of my classes
Attending St. Catherine University has been an amazing experience. The connections and experiences I have gained changed me forever as a person. There is a real women power culture, and you feel at home when you are on campus. I would recommend this University to anyone who wants a strong and enriching education.
This school is all about making sure that women grow into powerful leaders in order to change the world. I love that mentality of the school.
Great professors. Patient and knowledgeable. Class sizes per student was sometimes alot but it worked out ok.
I am an adult non-traditional student and I love the St. Kate's has been very open to the different types of students. They are one of the only colleges that I have found who offer a nursing program in evenings and weekends. I wish that more colleges were more willing to offer greater opportunities to non-traditional students who are trying to further their education. They also have a wonderful parenting connection program and offer study help to parents and easy pick up and go snacks and food. They have programming opportunities that you can bring your children to and they also have family housing! I am so impressed!
The staff is extremely friendly. Due to having a great connection with my professors, I was able to gain 3 different types of employment through their collaboration. I couldn't have asked for more when every help I needed was at this university.
I am currently about to start my second year at St. Kate's. Before I came here I went to a local community college. I would go to my classes, some time do my homework and just wait until the next time I could turn on Netflix. One day I woke up and decided to change my major. Once I started St. Catherine university the professors and community of the school change my direction 180. My professors and advisers held me accountable for myself. Our class sizes were small so I was able to have that one on one connection with my professors. My classmates and I were able to spend time together in easy open areas on campus for us to study. At St. Kate's the Catherine CORE class helps you find things about you as an individual. As a current student and soon to be graduate I would highly recommend not just looking at this school online, but visit and take a walk around the beautiful campus and meet some people there. This school will change your life.
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Very friendly. Everyone I met there was a beautiful person. There are 4 or 5 other campuses near by, so meeting new people is a breeze. Easy to navigate. There are so many clubs you could never be bored.
The education I'm getting I believe is not comparable to any other school. It's unique and feels tailored for me.
St. Kate's is a community full of strong, empowered women who strive for academic excellence, and are passionate about making the world a better place through education and action. We believe in making college fun, exciting, and challenging, and preparing students to graduate with the tools to change the world foe the better. We work hard to create a diverse environment with a plethora of thinkers and scholars, all passionate about creating a community.
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