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I completely love the campus. The Professors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pronouns, sexual orientation, racism, and etc. The campus overall is extremely safe and students are encouraged to be active on campus and are empowered. The campus also makes sure to have a lot of amazing events to educate students and keep the motivated in their studies. I highly suggest this college for students who want to learn!
In my experience so far at this university I have seen much cultural diversity but not much catholic representation for it being a catholic university. I have also noticed that the majority of students who speak up are like-minded when it comes to political views which is discouraging.
I have enjoyed my experience at St. Catherine because I have learned a lot from my classes and have had an opportunity to study to be an OTA. I would not have been able to study this field without St. Catherine. A few things I would change are some of the interactions with the professors. I wish that some of them were more interactive and would respond with better answers and in quicker time. But for the most part, St. Catherine has been an important part of my education and I have enjoyed it!
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I like how everybody makes you feel welcomed. The professors actually get to know you and help you in so many ways
I love this school. The professors truly care about your education. The campus is beautiful and safe. The area is easy to get around with or without a vehicle.
The experience and diversity at this school is amazing! I receive scholarships from the school, and they are very helpful with students with disabilities, students with financial instability, and student-parents.
I have had a very good experience at St. Catherine University. I would like to see more diversity there.
Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. However some classes that are required seemed unhelpful to those with varied life experiences. As a all women college it is very it is very empowering. As a college the food is sub-par like most.
my sister told me about it, it is really great college. the school is a diverse school, they have so many opportunities. they have so many things
Okay. So I like the student environment but the faculty doesn't do much to make sure you stay enrolled. In fact, my advisor did not know how to properly set up my schedule to actually graduate on time. Be careful if you're a transfer because it is difficult to make connections with students after the first year.
I’m enrolled in the online OTA program and all staff and professors are very helpful and encouraging!
5 States for the teachers because they care and they really connect with students. From my experience, I have had great interactions with teachers and the opportunities, have gotten great aid and help financially and scholarly, and benefits of being at this school have definitely been worthwhile.
My wife just graduated with her Master's in the medical field with over $100,000 in student loan debt to be offered a job in the $50,000 range. I, being a teacher, also only make about that much with similar amount in student loans.

When I e-mailed St. Kate's and asked what their goal was for reducing the burden of student loans on the people who go there, their answer was basically "nothing."

Good school with good professors, but do yourself a favor and get a more affordable education. Mine and my wife's economic outlook and potential to do anything remotely reasonable with both our MS level education is abysmal and depressing. Save your money and chose a different college.
A very diverse school which is eye opening and nice. There are good academics
and the classes make you learn and challenge you. There is not much social/party life on campus besides what's put on by groups/clubs.
As someone who had a bachelor's+ degrees I was looking into enrolling in their OTA program. I spoke with their admission's counselor & sent over my transcripts. I was appalled, they were going to make me repeat all the prerequisites needed, even with a bachelor's degree for their OTA. I realized it was a scam & they were not going to work with me. I decided not to pursue this program.
Im an OTA online student, just starting my labs, they have been easy to work with and very helpful in helping me to achieve my career goals.
I loved the mission of educating women to lead and influence. St. Kate’s cares about feminism and social justice, which is deeply rooted in its curriculum. If you care about the same things, you will enjoy seeing that here at this University. Like every other place, St. Kate’s has its issues that need resolving. Some of these problems have been swept under the rug, which has been disappointing, seeing what its mission statement is all about. That’s part of becoming a person here, and not just a student. You learn about the things you do and don’t want to carry over as a leader after you graduate. It is a great school and I’ve met some of the greatest friends a person could ever ask for. I love that we all support each other in our shared interests surrounding feminism, social justice, sociocultural awareness, diversity, and overall empowerment.
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I have recently been accepted in the online OTA program. Everyone who has contacted me have all been super helpful and extremely nice! Whenever I need an anwser or help with anything, I am able to email, call or text anyone! They are extremely helpful and positive and believe in furthering your eduacation! Doing an online program in a different state can be stressful. St. Catherine University does a wonderful job with communicating with you and getting back the anwsers needed as soon as they can! I am highly impressed with this school!
St. Catherine University is grounded in helping women achieve the highest degree possible. St. Catherine University teachers are willing to help each and every student that they can. This school is full of opportunities and helps students in any way that they can. There medical field is very demanding and has many expectations for students and takes that field very seriously. Even though St. Kates can be very expensive, they help students with Money Management programs and others resources like scholarships to help students pay for there schooling and have ways in which students can save and find ways to help the expense of college a little easier.
I very much enjoyed my first year at St. Catherine University and am greatly looking forward to the coming school year. I felt a strong sense of community at St. Catherine from day one and was extremely grateful to be immersed in such a diverse and open-minded university. St. Catherine feels like home to me because of the relationships I have been able to make there and the comfortable atmosphere on campus.
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