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St. Bonaventure University Reviews

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I love Bonas so much,walking on campus is beautiful and its a second home for me. The staff and professor's are amazing and anytime I need help I know I can receive it.
Worst school ever.
Awful food, place and weather.
Its better to go prison than coming here.
Safety and security is useless, at least, one drunk guy is taking to the hospital every weekend.
Students are annoying and selfish, also irritating.
Its incredible that there is no parking slots when there are only 1500 students, make no sence.
If you like to drink and smoke weed, this is your place in the world !!!!!
Classes are a joke, getting a degree here id useless.
Did i mentioned how bad the food is ? Well IT IS !
Pro Tip, dont ever come here please.
I absolutely love it here and even though the winters may be brutal they are worth it when you see the campus in the spring!
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Caring faculty -- My advisor remembered me 10 years after I graduated and offered to write letters of recommendation for me for grad school.

Location isn't great. It's a small town, isolated from major cities, so internships weren't readily available.
It is a very small university, which is not for everyone, but that is what I preferred. Very good experience.
Great town , small class sizes where you get to know your instructors . Here you are not just a number or dollar sign . Great campus too
The students here are some of the most uniformed ever. This education here is a waste of time. This is your typical catholic school that will sell you anything you are willing to pay for.
I loved my time as a student during my undergraduate. I made lifelong friends there, the class sizes are small for the most part. Also, the professor genuinely cares about their students. However, now that I am in gradschool, I am treated very differenetly, and its a much more negative environment.
I have not spent much time at St Bonaventure yet due to the fact that I am transferring to the school in the fall of 2018. With that being said, I have already developed a very good opinion of the school. I have two cousins that are now alumni of the school and constantly express to me how much they enjoyed it there and that even though it is a more expensive school, that it is very much worth the extra money.
Great school with awesome opportunities and close community. The professors are great and since they cap classes at a very small number there is great one on one contact with professors.
Great college experience can be put into one term: Bona Bubble. When you're inside St. Bonaventure, you are immediately wrapped in a bubble of family, no exclusions. Through the tough winters and seemingly quiet town, students and teachers become extended family. Teachers are not only academic resources, but great mentors and counselors. The cold does bring people together because the Bonaventure Bond is unbreakable even when you graduate.
This school will be out of business in the near future. There is no benefit of attending this college. High tuition and poor education. I’m not sure why anyone would attend???
Overall, the college is great! It is centered around family and Franciscan values that more people should live by. People are USUALLY friendly.
DOWNSIDES that I notice are the occasional talk about drinking and partying. If you are a student that does not party or drink, then you might feel uncomfortable and may find it hard to relate to these peers but if you are able to focus on yourself and don't give in to peer pressure, you should be fine and l. There are soo many clubs you can take part in such as the Laugh Pack, plays, sports, Mountain Community Leaders, and much more. The campus is big on Sustainability and Environmental education. Another Downside I notice is that if you are an environmental Science major, there is only one professor that teaches most of the related and required courses that you need to take so if you don't like that professor, you are stuck with him.
I received my Master's here and all my professors were amazing! The class sizes were smaller so if you are the kind of student who needs more one-on-one attention this is perfect. The professors were also very caring and understanding which is sometimes hard to find.
My experience at Bonaventure has been amazing so far, and I have only completed one semester. In the first semester, I have met people from all over the world who I consider lifelong friends, I have been pushed academically by my professors to strive for the best, and I have grown as a person, especially growing spiritually. Some of my favorite things I have had the opportunities to do through Bonaventure were going to Mount Irenaeus and even the baseball games in the Reilly Center. Within the first few weeks of the semester, Bonas became my second home. Bonas is and will always be home. I feel I am in the right place when I walk across campus or when I interact with other students, professors, and alumni. I could not imagine being anywhere else and being able to say that "I am a Bonnie" is such a special feeling.
This school is an extension of high school. Little to do, overpriced, no diversity. At least I got out of the house.
Waste of money! 100k to become a teacher??? This college is not for professionals or anyone looking to be a leader in the private sector.
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St. Bonaventure is a small town university that has D1 athletics in the Atlantic 10. St. Bonaventure really caught my eye because I enjoy small classes with more one on one time with teachers who can help me achieve my best potential in the classroom.
I love St. Bonaventure!! It is such a warm inviting atmosphere and everyone is like a huge family there. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. If I could keep going back I would!
The university is a small school, which provides great opportunities to get to know both students and professors well. The professors, especially in the biology department, really do care about the needs of the students and are always willing to take time to meet with them as necessary. However, the small school environment does make finding some opportunities difficult, such as more niche clubs or classes. However, overall, the student population is very helpful and kind and it is a great place to be.