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Saint Ambrose has a rather impressive campus with a new Rec center that really adds value. Dorms are also above average with nice suite rooms.
St. Ambrose is a very beautiful campus with small classes so one is able to fullfill their college degree. The professors are easy to contact with one on one meetings. The campus is open to many career opportunities with many helpful resources. As a Exercise Science major the cadaver lab is one of my favorites. As a student I am exposed to a small class with many different types of anatomy. I also played soccer and made some great memories. St. Ambrose was the right choice for me.
I love attending St. Ambrose University! Most of the professors and staff are very helpful. The atmosphere and students are welcoming. Some changes that I would like to see are more guidance when it comes to the resources that the institution offers, as well as clubs that we are able to become involved in.
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When I went to visit St. Ambrose University, I fell in love with the campus. At first I was very hesitant, with it being so close to home. But once I stepped on campus, I had a feeling that, that is where I belonged. Everyone that I meet and talked to were so nice and welcoming.
I really enjoyed the academic opportunities St. Ambrose has to offer in addition to the great housing options. This makes it a great all around environment to spend your college years.
I love attending St. Ambrose. The population is just big enough that you see new faces every day but small enough that you see your friends all the time. Same goes for the campus size, it’s a great size! Not too intimidating, easy walk from one end to the other. Great facilities, and the teachers really push you! Very happy with my decision to attend here.
I really enjoyed St. Ambrose. It is a smaller private college and it is a tight knit community. Classes were great here because of the smaller class sizes. It allowed much more individualized learning and the teachers actually knew your name.
Overall great school. Small school environment makes it a more personal experience. Teachers know you personally and care about you and your achievements. Gorgeous campus with above average dorms. Food quality is not that good. Very friendly environment.
A very well rounded University. Acedemic and Sport are incredible. Niche has scored the a B. Like the small size along with the professor student ratio. Location is perfect in the Midwest all 4 seasons.
St. Ambrose is a great university. The location makes it feel like home, but still away at a 4 year school. They offer many resources to assist students in transitioning well into college life without letting them fall.
Great administration and faculty. The student body is nice and there is a wide range of classes and majors. Some of the classrooms are run down and would benefit from renovation.
St. Ambrose was one of the best decisions of my life! I love it here and I've made great friends and strides in my education!
Great small school with many opportunities. The small classes allow you to really build a relationship with instructors and advisors. The only bad part is that the area around the campus is unsafe
St. Ambrose is a very good school, its a smaller sized school with small class sizes and a smaller campus as well. However there is room for improvement such as better parking. The one thing about St. Ambrose is it is located in a sketchy location but security does do an excellent job with making the campus safe for students.
Visiting St. Ambrose University was really great college experience, the campus looked great when I first arrived there. I met a lot of good people at the school, when I was there I was able to make new friends and enjoy my overnight stay on the campus. The dorm rooms were actually really nice from what I originally thought they would be. I thought it would be really cramped with barely any space to breath but I was immediately proven wrong. I also enjoyed the food a lot there as well, it was a great first college trip experience.
St. Ambrose is home. It has brought me to my best friends, provided me the best education and has never let me down. The small class sizes, incredible faculty, and endless extracurricular opportunities has molded me into who I am. I am forever thankful for St. Ambrose being a part of my life.
I love the close-knit community of St. Ambrose University. I have not met a faculty or staff member that hasn't been of the utmost help or assistance. Everyone here is encouraging of the student's goals and future aspirations. I love the personal connections that I make with other students, professors, and staff. I also love the Catholic, liberal-arts atmosphere.
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Saint Ambrose is a small private school that offers good educational opportunities. It has a vast community with many things to do and the professors are very knowledgeable in their field. They are very easy going and helpful. The campus is not to big or small and the people on campus are nice. The area around the school is nice.
I love being at St. Ambrose. I love the small school atmosphere. You really get to know your classmates as well as your professors. Help is easy to receive and everyone wants you to do your best. Also, there are many available on campus jobs as well as scholarship and financial aid opportunities. The university does an excellent job of working with each and every student and making sure they get all the help and money they need. The worked directly with my mom and myself to fit our financial needs when the FAFSA didn't correctly display our actual current financial status. They do a very good job. My only complaint is the food. It's not terrible, but it's not very good and very institutionalized.
I attended SAU for my first semester. While the professors were great, my financial aid package was a nightmare. Also, my advisor encouraged me to take 18 hours while working full time. This was my backup school at the time, but given the cost of tuition I wouldn't recommend for the floundering freshman.
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