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Overall Stcc is a great community college as for the academics and comfort. However I do believe the staff lacks in helping and working more hands on with students.
Stcc works, keep your nose in your books and head on a swivel. This school can lead you to succeed. I am graduating from stcc at the end of this upcoming spring semester from the project management program. The direct and guaranteed transfer to the university of Massachusetts makes furthering education easy and accessible. If it was not for Mass transfer programs like these I would likely not continue on for a bachelor's
I like the academic programs offered. I love the simulation lab that is incorporated into the nursing, emt,surgical tech programs. It allows you to learn skills needed to do your job upon graduation feeling confident. The professors I have had so far are knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The campus is walkable and has great security which makes you feel safe. The college has many programs and scholarships to help finance your education.
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One of the best things about Springfield Technical Community College is the over whelming diversity of people that attend as students and professors. The school is made up of all kinds of wonderful people from all parts of the world
Springfield technical community college is one of the most successful decisions I have done since I graduated Agawam High School. Professors are amazing and their first priority is to have students become successful in their major and ready for their future career.
STCC is overall a very good way to start your higher education. It is a cheaper alternative, which helps a lot in the long run.
It's great as a community college but they should have dorms if you choose to live in them if you wanted to
A great community college, especially for engineering, nursing and technical programs. Also has a great variety of certificate programs available. The small class sizes and helpful teachers were excellent in helping me to succeed. Also the low cost means practically anyone can attend as well.
This is a great college to attend. The campus is a fun environment, and all my professors are really easy going and very helpful.
The classrooms are a decent size with a max of 25 students unless your in a program there which can got to about 120 students. There are tons of resources for students and plenty of help available on hand to help students succeed. Most professors are available to contact with questions or conserns and can help guide you to what it is you need to improve. I'd deffinate recommend anyone trying to further their education to start here.
Going to Springfield Technical Community College definitely has givin motivation to seek the major I want to get into and basically start my future career. This school provides many programs that help out students to progress in our academic achievement. Professors are willing to help students out and also provide good feedback to succeed and pass their classes. Advisors are very helpful in helping you plan what's the best steps to take in order to get into the program you want and are willing to work with what's the best schedule for you. Overall for the 2 years I've been attending I would say this is the perfect community college to go to that is affordable and will help you achieve your future goal that you want to strive.
It's a great college lots of help with a great community that will go out with the information needed to help you understand and pass the course.
Good school for a good price. Advisors are always happy to help! Got my degree in It security here! My advisor met with me on a personal level. We actually hang out off campus now!
Springfield technical community college is a great community college! The professors are awesome and take the time to help the students. They really want you to succeed.
I took my Psych-101 class with Dr. Carr online and she was amazing. We regularly had to answer questions that were basically scenarios, which put us into real-life critical thinking. This helped me realize I hated being in the nursing program and wanted to focus on writing. I transferred out and I couldn't be happier, but I mean that in the absolute best way to Dr. Carr.
it was a very good one.
Excellent class schedules to work around my work schedule.
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It was difficult to navigate at first, however, the teachers are always available to help. Once, you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to access and navigate.
My degree now is an education transfer for secondary education. It's affordable, and all of my credits can be transferred to the other school, because they have already a contract or agreement to accept students from STCC.
Easy to apply and staff is helpful
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