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I love Springfield College because they have an amazing athletic training program and the atmosphere on this campus is like no other. I don't have any negative feelings towards this school.
Springfield College is a tightknit community that provides students with a tremendous amount of opportunity and experiences. The education from faculty, staff, and students are amazing, especially within each major offered. It is a school that is definitely worth looking into, and one that I would reccommend attending!
Springfield college is a smaller college that allows you to make a name for yoursled and stand out if you do great things.
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I love Springfield College! I just don't live on campus so I don't have to deal with people who are my age.
This school has every thing to offer! It's comfortable, makes you feel at home. The athletics are amazing!
The professors really care about teaching you, as well as your career path in life. Academic courses are awesome and exuberating and fulfilling to the brain, as well as knowing that the career path that you have chosen would be a great fit for you. Investing in your education is one of the greatest investments that you can possibly make in life. Springfield College makes it happen for the students to succeed. Diversity in the college is good, you meet people from all walks of life and we are all there for the same reason to get a degree to move in the right or charge our directions in life as well as make a difference.
I loved Springfield-Tampa Campus. I learned so much and the classroom size is small. I was able to get one on one guidance from the instructors and learned many things that I use in my day to day life.
What I like about Springfield College how students, faculty, and staff treat one another to create a feeling of community. The feeling of community is so strong that many consider Springfield College to be their second home. What Springfield College can work on, however, is building more residence halls. Although the campus is relatively small they have been accepting more students each new academic year, creating issues where freshman can be living in mid-year housing. If more residence halls are added then this will no longer be a problem.
Excellent school! Small campus but prefect size to make friends and the classrooms size make learning easier. Love it!
My favorite part about Springfield College is how much the professors care about each student's well-being and academic performance. Since Springfield is a small school, professors can take the time to get to know their students on a personal level which is something I greatly appreciated.
High School on steroids. Most, but certainly not all, professors are insincere and shallow. Dorms are filthy. Walk to the corner Dunkin Donuts or pizza place in the evening (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the most dangerous) and you really should consider wearing a bullet proof vest. Think I'm joking? Find a warm Friday around 9:30pm and walk west on Alden Street a few blocks (5 minutes) to grab some local food. Don't believe Springfield College's false advertisements and just try this simple brief experiment. Then count the number of abandoned houses and business at that corner. Maybe a half dozen? Whose living/orbiting in those abandoned houses? Exactly! (You guessed it- very dangerous desperate unstable people.) I could write for days but you get the point. Everything I've shared is my honest experience.
Springfield College is a tight knit community with it's students and faculty, built on the Humanics Philosophy. This philosophy educates students in spirit, mind, and body to build leaders in our communities in service for others. The college helps develop individuals as a whole to create great individuals for society. The low student to faculty ratio allows individuals to have a greater opportunity to develop academically while building relationships with professors to aid in future endeavors beyond college. Through the New Student Orientation, and other on campus activities, Springfield College allows individuals to grow an identity, express themselves, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.
Very great area and I love the homey feeling. To say the least, it is a home away from home. Everyone makes you feel welcome and the school mission, spirit mind and body for leadership and service to others, really is shown everywhere
I have had an awesome four years at Springfield College. I have met and studied with people who will be my friends for life. The campus is safe, clean, and welcoming and the teaching staff are top notch. The facilities and coaches available to college athletes are beyond exemplar and the overall culture of the school is very positive. I will continue at Springfield for two more years as I finish my Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. I feel confident that my studies at Springfield will allow me the opportunities necessary to excel and succeed in my chosen field.
I love the student atmosphere on campus. This campus has beautiful new buildings such as the learning commons and campus union that are fully assessable buildings.
Springfield College has a fantastic environment. I've never been around so many friendly people. Everyone on campus is extremely welcoming. It's an excellent school to attend if a student is active in sports, or wants a future career in the medical field. Even the less popular majors have excellent professors to help teach students and guide them to success. I never thought that college would end up feeling like a second home, but it does. Every time I return to campus, I smile.
The athletics are probably the best aspect of this school. It is what brings most students together and the sports teams also tend to be the biggest partiers, which provides a lively atmosphere for those who enjoy the party scene. Unfortunately, the school is extremely expensive and financial aid is quite poor. The tuition and expenses also increase drastically each year which has become incredibly stressful and difficult to deal with. The dorms are alright but many need a lot of updating. The dining hall food is improving, but the other options on campus are way to expensive and there are not enough healthy options.
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Springfield College is great! The students all share a passion for learning/academics but there also a big focus on athletics. Also one of the few colleges with a men's gymnastics team still left in the country which is very unique.
Sprinfield College's academics are great! However, living on campus this Freshman year I would have to say there is not much to do unless you are on one of the NCAA Division III Sports Teams here. The school offers activities usually once a night but I do not prefer these seeing as I am not interested in them. The Guidance Department here is very good though.
The class sizes are small which is nice. For the most part, I have liked all of my professors. The school does a lot to get the students involved, especially as a freshman with the New Student Orientation program. There is always a lot to do to get involved with. Every Thursday there are events on campus, and they have late night weekend events. It was not hard to meet people and a lot of people are really nice.
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