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It is a very community oriented school! I love how my passion for service and volunteering had been recognized here, so I got to continue in giving back while going to school.
I like Springfield. The community here is amazing, and coming from a small town, it has been my second home for the past four years. I enjoy my time here, and I have learned ample amounts of information for my profession that will prepare me for my future studies.
The professors there are fantastic and there are a lot of classes offered. The campus is lovely. However, even though they try to be inclusive, but their demographic isn't very diverse. This goes for the student body and the preofessors on campus. It's a great place though.
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Being on the Springfield College campus makes me feel at home. As a first year, everyone surrounding me is incredibly welcoming and the school offers some incredible opportunities to get to know others whether it be during night time activities or with clubs on campus, it's hard to not feel welcomed there
Springfield College is accepting of people from all walks of life. Everyone that goes to this school is so kind to each other. People always hold open doors for each other. Everyone has so much spirit and loves the school. They have some amazing programs. It is overall a great school.
Springfield College gave me the opportunity to go back to college after 20 years of not attending college, and made the transition very easy and welcoming.
Springfield College is a beautiful campus full of amazing faculty and staff who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their students have the best education/college experience possible. It's the type of campus that makes you excited to get up and go to class everyday.
The campus is beautiful and inviting. Investment is made into improving the campus and technology. Professors are supportive and schedule is accommodating. A great place for learning!
The overall atmosphere of Springfield College is extremely welcoming! The professors are extremely helpful along with all of the staff. All of the facilities at Springfield College are very modern and up to date. You can buy almost everything at their student book store as well.
I absolutely loved my time at SC. All the professors there really look out to provide the best education for the students, and the school focused on making everyone feel equally loved and appreciated.
I transferred into Springfield College in January 2017 for the spring semester. I have had a great experience thus far and can't wait to attend in the fall. I became involved in many groups and clubs, made friends, and have been successful in my classes. The professors are helpful and the staff are nice. The campus is beautifully landscaped and the wellness and recreation centers are well maintained. Overall it has been a very positive experience.
Springfield College is my home away from home. Everyone is very friendly either walking to and from classes or in other extracurricular activities. The campus has a lot of history behind each building and many traditions that you will become familiar with. There are plenty of ways to get involved and stay active on campus even if you are not participating in a colligate sport.
I transferred into Springfield College for this spring semester and so far, it has been a very positive experience. The food and dining services are above average compared to other schools, the gym and workout facility is well maintained, the teachers are effective and accommodating educators, and the classes are directly related to each major offered. The Humanics philosophy states that the spirit, mind, and body need to be healthy and in balance with each other in order to be successful. By following this philosophy and changing my lifestyle, I have never felt healthier than I do right now. The dorm selection is good, although some of the rooms need to be renovated. The library is under construction, however the blue prints lay out a beautiful plan. Overall, it has been a very positive experience for me and I can't wait to continue this journey of being at a 4 year school.
This college is great! The freindly, close atmosphere is truly what makes it unique! All the professors offer all they can to help make you a better student. They truly try hard to make you feel special and as if you are not just another number. Springfield college is a closeknit community...something one can not say about all colleges.
Fantastic school of higher learning, I just love attending there. Would be great to have the ability to work there
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Springfield College is a small school located in the urban community of Springfield, MA. SC has a great small school atmosphere and you will know or know of most everyone that you are in school with. Springfield is a great school for exercise science and exercise related fields. If you are an athlete you will fit right in as most of the school is on one of the college's varsity athletic teams or involved in intramural sports.
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Springfield is an excellent college with a tightly-knit community atmosphere. Class building are not too spread out from each other or from on-campus housing, which is nice during rough weather. There is a relatively small population in which most of us know each other, and during a walk across campus, often you will be greeted by name at least twice before you even make it to your lecture hall. Springfield College is well-known for its athletics, but there is a wide variety of other majors which have excellent programs. Each of the health science programs are especially good, such as the PA program, which has had a 100% pass rate for nearly a decade (currently 8 years). The campus is located in the center of the city of Springfield, but the college campus itself is suburban. If you like the fast-paced, busy atmosphere of the city, don't come here. If you like community, you can't get much better than SC Pride.
The school is very welcoming, that was the first thing that I noticed when I came to Springfield college for a visit. Being my second year here at the school it is all true I love the atmosphere. The academics is very good, and because it is a small school you get to have a good relationship with your professors. I am glad I came to Springfield College. The only down side is how expensive the school is, I am having trouble paying to stay at the school. They were very good with financial aid but even with that it is still too much.
I love this school, it feels like family, the friends the commaderie all the events. Academic performance is great if you work during the weekday they are good for you so you can go to school during the weekend. This is the best school I have been into coming from Troy University. I love all the Professors who take the time to spend with you and explain the assignments.
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