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The school is driven to make sure all of their students excel. The atmosphere is friendly, everyone holds the door for you and smiles. The professors are excellent, and work hard. They make sure there is plenty for the students to do outside of class as well. Great school overall, happy with my experience so far.
I recently transferred to Springfield College, and right off the bat they were very helpful with the transferring process and have stayed in contact with me ever since.
I enjoyed the environment for the most part and the connections made with the people I have met. One thing I would change about the college is how diverse the school is and the fact that they don't put as much attention into other majors like they do PT/AT/OT
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I have never met so many nice people in one place. Even though it is a pretty small campus, there are lots of chances to make friends and find your people.
I love the atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and supportive. However it is very expensive. If you are not looking to major in physical therapy, or another health field it may not be worth the money. That being said I am very happy I came here.
My daughter will be a freshman at Springfield College in the fall and has been accepted into the PA Program. The admissions counselor, Amy Park, has been so amazing in answering our questions and helping us through the college decision process. We have visited Springfield College multiple times and with each visit we were genuinely welcomed by the students and faculty. Such a great vibe at SC! I am so impressed with the kindness and enthusiasm spread throughout this campus from the President to the VP to the kitchen staff to the financial aide staff-and mostly the students attending SC. After attending the Accepted Student's Day yesterday, my daughter is absolutely certain she made the right decision to attend SC. The Mind, Body, Spirit philosophy is alive and well on this campus!
The place is beautiful, the people are so kind. The weather is different all the time. You get this different type of energy there and it isn't bad at all. It's very comfortable and if it isn't the people there will make it better.
Good school to go to. Overall there’s great athletics. There’s always something to do on campus. I’m getting my moneys worth here so far. Pretty good variety with academics. Diversity is decent. Most Professors are good. Food is decent. In a sketchy part of Springfield on one side but it’s managed very well and the neighborhood is next to the police station. Very safe so far.
Springfield College is a great community. It really helped me make so many new friends. I love how much school spirit this college has.
I have had the best experience at Springfield College. I love my friends, my classes, my dorm, and the size of the school. This place is very welcoming and you get to know a lot of people there. It is the perfect size if you want to be able to see new faces everyday as well as familiar faces of friends. The class sizes are smaller which gives more opportunity to build a relationship with your professors. I have made so many amazing friends and all the people I have met are amazing. This school is very sporty and athletic, and I love that about it. Overall, Springfield College is a great place to be.
Springfield College is a great college to go to especially if you are a working parent. The classes are not as long. You pretty much have all your work that is due for the semester.
I am a current student at Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Stidies. My professors are reasonable, helpful, personable and realistic. The campus is pretty, however not in the safest neighborhood. There are not a lot of local establishment within walking distance to the campus. As an adult student pursuing academia and professional growth, Springfield College is amazing. Weekend and online courses are flexible enough for those of us working full time and raising a family. I am seeking to further my education upon commencement from Springfield, and will obtain my Masters. Springfield helped build my confidence in the realm of education allowing me to see that I can be whatever I choose to be.
My expietence at Springfield College in my three years is that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. The friendships and connections I have made are unbelievable. Academically the teachers are very personable and care about you as a person. Athletically, Football we have a brotherhood where I’ve met some of my closest friends.
Springfield college is like an open community with its small number of students, everyone on campus knows everyone. The experience I have here as a current student is that this school is a resourceful learning commitment and everyone is here to help you succeed.
At the Springfield College Openhouse I was welcomed by many Springfield students they guided my mom and I to get our name tags and the information packet. The college had a safe, home feel, the residence room, and halls were big and neat. The college had a big gymnasium for sports, they offered many things to do at the campus such as movie nights, painting balling etc. It looked liked students were genuinely happy and enjoyed being at Springfield College. I had the opportunity to meet the Elementary Education professors and a few students from the department. They discussed how the teachers really cared about you and the professors are passionate about what they're teaching. They provided the tools you needed to start working right after college.
I love Springfield College because they have an amazing athletic training program and the atmosphere on this campus is like no other. I don't have any negative feelings towards this school.
Springfield College is a tightknit community that provides students with a tremendous amount of opportunity and experiences. The education from faculty, staff, and students are amazing, especially within each major offered. It is a school that is definitely worth looking into, and one that I would reccommend attending!
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Springfield college is a smaller college that allows you to make a name for yoursled and stand out if you do great things.
I love Springfield College! I just don't live on campus so I don't have to deal with people who are my age.
This school has every thing to offer! It's comfortable, makes you feel at home. The athletics are amazing!