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I love this college. It has great sports, academics, variety, and people. The staff are very involved with the students.
Classes are a small size, so they are great for receiving personal attention and help from instructors. It is a great atmosphere and student body. The campus could be more accommodating towards those with physical handicaps or disabilities.
They call me way too much but overall, I am happy with taking courses online for my graduate degree with Spring Arbor University. The professors are kind and so are my fellow peers.
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I have enjoyed my time at Spring Arbor University, though it has put me nearly $140,000 in debt by the time of my graduation. The school is located in a VERY small town with not much to do, but we rally school spirit for sporting events and annual school traditions. If you decide to come to SAU, you will be here for the academics, not the party scene. We have top-notch professors and small class sizes that allows students to really develop a passion for the course content.
There are some professors who are amazing; and others who are a waste of my tuition. The culture there is very judgmental and bland. There is not a lot of diversity and when anyone speaks out about something they believe in, they are threatened to be expelled. If this wasn't the only four year school close to home; I would transfer.
Spring Arbor University excels in providing outstanding educational opportunities to students by employing excellent professors who are extremely dedicated to their students, and setting up academic "extras" such as group experiences and international trips that truly make it learning about life, as well as a career. I would love additional extra-curricular opportunities provided, as it is a relatively small campus in a very small community.
Spring Arbor University is a place where community thrives. Learning is integrated with Faith there are no boundaries on what is studied. Campus life is meaningful and full of loving community.
I like the online experience and the fact that it's a Christian University. Time will tell whether the program I am currently in will be successful or not.
Spring Arbor provides small class sizes, amazing professors who are invested in their students, and great community! Attending here is one of the best decisions I've made!
I love my night accelerated classes the teachers are always helpful and responsive during the week if I have questions. I am planning on continuing my education here after I graduate in October.
The professors at Spring Arbor really care about their students. They go out of their way to help in any way they can. The professors take their time to fully explain what they are teaching to make sure everyone understands. Grading is fair. Spring Arbor has a good reputation with employers, from what I have heard.
Spring Arbor University provides a community that allows students to grow together and build friendships that will last a lifetime. The campus is filled with genuine people whether that be the students, professors, coaches, etc. Also a very safe campus to be on.
I enjoy the wonderful community that is present at Spring Arbor University - there are so many opportunities to build relationships here. I truly cannot imagine myself attending college anywhere else.
The environment simply put, is home. Everyone knows everyone and it is a wonderful atmosphere to learn and grow in I’m so glad I chose spring arbor
Spring Arbor University is a community. This university truly values community and values each individual student.
I absolutely loved going to SAU, the classes were great. However, my financial aid wasn't covering all my costs and I was owing around $1000 a semester. I had to drop out because I couldn't afford $350 a month payments.
Professors are so knowledgeable in their fields. They really connect with their students and try to get to know every single one.
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I have always loved being here. The professors are unique in that they genuinely care about their students. They are intentional about building relationships with students and their offices are open for both academic and personal discussion.
This is an unapologetic Christian University. The community is great. I have formed the best friends that I could have ever asked for in the two months that I have been here. I have no complaints about this school. God is at the center of this campus and my life has changed because of this place.
I went to main campus for my first two years, then entered into the global program in order to cut costs (it allows me to commute only a half hour from home while also working full time). During my main campus time, I lived in Muffit and majored as psych/social work. I loved most of my profs and felt genuinely cared for by them. Though the facilities in my dorm were not altogether reliable, the small community of women I lived with made it worth choosing a second year. I also made close friends with my CORE group, and a few others. I cherished those friendships, and still do. The academic advisers are also so helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. The staff really is intentional with students.
The reason that I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is that I feel SAU encourages some stereotypes about different groups of people, particularly men and women, which perpetuates some obstructions toward growing as an individual. Meal plans are also not ideal.
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