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The staff at SFCC were less than unhelpful. I felt like an inconvenience ALWAYS when I asked for help in any department. It is a cheap way to get your AA, but was hard to get through and I am looking forward to attending a university where the staff actually care about the students.
This is a great college, all of the teachers are extremely nice and well educated, and all of my classes have taught me a lot to further my education!
I liked that I could complete most of my general studies requirements for an affordable price. It’s also a good school if you want to transfer to a university after completing an Associates degree. Most of my professors were helpful and good teachers although like every school not every teacher was as effective as they could be. There was a variety of classes and class times so I could choose the schedule that worked best for me while still completing my degree on time. Also my high school AP credits transferred so I could finish my degree early.
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As a Spokane native and a Sophomore transfer student from the University of Washington in Seattle, Wa, attending Spokane Falls Community College was by far, one of the greater experiences and decisions I have made to date. A former athlete at UW, coming back home for the year was a growing experience. Obtaining two jobs, taking 20 credits a quarter online at SFCC, and eventually rejoining the sports of Cross Country and Track and Field, I found my time at SFCC to be beneficial to both my financial situation and busy schedule. Excellent quality in the academic and athletic departments all the same!
It has sucked honestly, I did running start and I wish that I had not because now all of the places I want to transfer to seem out of reach and it is really disappointing.
I am really liking the people that are there to help you get through the first challenges you face into the adult world.
I like the classes it offers, but I don't like the location of the campus because it is far from a lot of things. The staff/ teachers are nice and helpful and there are groups to embrace all different types of ethnicities/ cultures.
Spokane Falls community College is an amazing campus, when I first stepped into the campus i was looking at the map and a gal asked if i needed help. they really like their job and you can see it.
I went to Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) straight out of high school. I was surprised to discover the rapid increase of class pacing from my high school.
I love the Business major professors at this college especially. The professors are all very helpful and the campus is beautiful and fun. I feel my education has been wonderful coming from SFCC. I would definitely attend again!
I really enjoy the campus; it is a very beautiful campus, and well kept up. The professors I have had have been pretty good so far, and the staff is well informed and willing to help on all the questions you may have!
I am a High School student here via the running start program. Going to SFCC as a high schooler has been an amazing experience. I was able to cut my total tuition in half because of the program!
I’m only going for one year but unless you’re running start or this is you’re only option I would recommend it.
It's a nice campus, but very much so out of the way for students, and hard to reach out too in some aspects. Overall however, everything seems well placed and nice.
I like Spokane Falls Community College for the fact that it was a great transition from high school to college.
Spokane Falls Community College on the Pullman campus gave me the opportunity to continue my education when i could not afford Washington State University after getting academically dismissed. Spokane Falls has great instructors with experience at the University level as well. The office staff is very helpful and the tutors are available when needed.
Spokane Falls is a great place to attend right out of high school. The counselors and advisers are very helpful in helping you set up your two years and the classes that you need to take in order to graduate.
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I went to Spokane falls community college as a running start student my junior year. The teachers were iffy. Some were very good and others not so much. I learned a lot and most classes were taught in a way where not every one was included. The classes were about the size of high schools classes but they did not pay much attention to individual students. The campus is updated and very pretty and anyone who wants to just go to a community college in Spokane should definitely go to the falls. They have great food and perfect places to study. SFCC is a very peaceful, artistic campus!
I absolutely loved SFCC. The faculty was in general very courteous. The professors were devoted to their respective curriculums and were always willing to assist students with their work.

Additionally, a variety of resources were available to students, such as the library, the math learning center, and the tutoring center. Everything in the school emanates its resolve for individual student success. Looking back upon the years at the college, I see now that it was here that I developed a passion for the sciences, and my love for literature. With its characteristic charm, Spokane Falls inspired me to give my all - to study and work hard to achieve my goals.

The only aspect of this school I believe can be improved is its new student orientation. As it was my first college experience, I felt quite daunted at the school's many facets. Greater detail, and better explanation of the school's website and on-campus student resources would elevate this school's status to near-perfection.
Going here made the transition between high school and college very easy. The professor really do want to see you do well.
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