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My experience at Spokane Community College so far has been wonderful. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. I have been out of school for about 8 years since I graduated in 2010, and the teachers have certainly been patient and understanding with me. They make sure I fully understand the subject and if not they sit down with me and break it down to the best of their knowledge to help me better comprehend. The instructors are very good at giving us students resources. I also am very content with all the additional help that the campus provides. There is a food bank, student center which helps students find jobs, multicultural center which helps with scholarships and so much more. I myself as a struggling single mother has had to utilize the food bank and student center already and I am truly grateful.
All of the staff and anyone on campus is willing to help you and care about you. The professors are very understanding and constantly check inion your understanding giving you great feedback.
Spokane Community College is full of staff that are wanting all students to succeed. I'm very pleased with my experience at SCC!
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The staff is knowledgeable about campus services, program requirements, and job prospects after graduation. Very organized and professional.
I have been having a great experience here at Spokane Community College. I have really appreciated the help and guidance that the instructors and the staff have given me. I have been attending the branch in colville. Every time I have needed help for the staff in Colville they have ben very open and helpful. Canvas, the online program they use, took awhile to figure out how to use, but once I got the hang of it, it was easily navigable.
I would like to see more teachers that care about individuals, and more class options.
I enjoy the atmosphere of the campus, but feel as though the age gap makes it easier to be less safe. Some teachers are amazing while others have a burnt out teaching method. Registering for classes is easy if you do it within 3 hours of opening, otherwise you might not get a needed class.
My overall experience was good, however, there are things that can be changed. I appreciated many of the professors, they really taught me to love the subject they taught, but other professors didn't help me at all.
SCC is the only college I have ever attended so I cannot compare it to other college experiences. SCC has provided all steps necessary for my success as a student and I am very happy with the results to this point. The instructors are very competent and there is a lot of resources for students to learn and achieve their goals.
I enjoy this school. It is a tight not small college that has some very caring teachers. There is one in general that has helped me from the beginning of my schooling. She has helped me to understand the technical complexity of the starting of school. She helped me to understand programs I have never seen before and she is very encouraging to me when I lost hope in understanding classes. I have never meet another teacher so willing to work with someone though the troubles of life. Without her I don't believe I would have gotten this far. Other teachers at Spokane Community College are not so caring. I've had a hard time understanding some teachers learning technics with little help from them. I have even failed classes because of their inability to work with my learning style. I have also ran into problems with financial aid when I lost my mother to suicide. They would not fund me after I was unable to continue my classes because of my grief.
I have gone to this college now for 2 years, and it truly allows very good one on one experiences to help better your understanding in classes. Also professors are much more helpful in a smaller class size and that's typically what you'll find at SFCC and SCC.
SCC has the most AMAZING programs available to all levels of education. The staff, here at SCC, are here to help you every step of the way! Great Support system!
I love the small town feel the college has, and how easy it is to recognize everyone because the school is so small.. the thing that needs changed is educating, and informing people on deadlines for enrolling, and making important dates or tasks more aware.
Spokane Community College is really nice! The professors have all been amazing, and even the ones that had lesser ratings online or none at all have been fantastic! The student services are also great, the school administration definitely shows that they care about it's students. All in all I love this community college.
At SCC, the campus is very diverse and the students and instructors are all super nice. My first day, I already felt at home.
Spokane Community college is a very diverse place to go to school. Many professors really love to teach and that is apparent, but some instructors should not be teaching there, or at all for that matter. I enjoy going to school there.
The college is a local community college which offers a variety of programs. I have found the instructors very caring and willing to help. Those on campus are friendly and are helpful. They give you multiple way to learn ans have several options if you need help in any department.
I liked the diversity on campus and how welcoming all he students are but I hate how uneducated the staffing is. I have had many mistakes in my paperwork due to staff mishandling information and documents
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The school has a lot of great vocational programs taught by instructors with field experience. The class schedules are fairly good.
I've only had problems with this system. I started in 2011 as a running start student. Nobody returned any calls and the office was always "closed for lunch", even in the mornings.
Ive been going to Spokane Community Collage for little over a year now and i really enjoy it with the students and the teachers. i do wish that people that work in the office/financial aid/ registration needs to be more informed of their jobs, i dont know how many times i have been told 1 thing then told a different thing then different place, this is one of the first steps to students failure due to lack of knowledge in the office area.
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