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The communication from teachers to students, as well as, from the facility to the students is exceptional. There are many ways to submit work and take tests that you do not always have to be on campus or in a classroom to do so. The course work is covered well and there is a great student population as well. I am 10 years older than most of the students, and I don't feel like I am 10 years older.
The staff has been absolutely wonderful since I have started attending school here. They are always there to help and timely about returning phone calls. Most everyone there has helped me accomplish some part of my goal in becoming a medical assistant.
All the instructors are awesome. The auto program is one of the best around. Very well setup and ran program, with lots of extra learning resources. Its one of those programs, where the sky is the limit, and you are the only one that controls how far you go, or how much you learn. And all the certifications are either covered by tuition, or are included in the course of the program. If you complete the whole program, you end up with 8 ASE certifications, a associates in business, 609 refrigerant recovery, several Subaru skils training certifications, plus many more than easily obtainable. It is a great starting place to a unlimited future
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It's a nice community within itself. The teachers care about what they are teaching the students. And most teachers and staff create a bond with the students while they are there.
I love Spokane Community College. I have enjoyed almost all the professors there, and have had a wonderful experience leaning and growing as an individual. I will take all I have gained from SCC and will carry it with me into the future.
I am entering the medical diagnostic sonography program this fall at SCC. I am happy with the range of programs offered by the college, and most of the professors i have taken classes from.
The instructors at this college are excellent and really make it a point to help you learn and succeed. Almost all of the counselors and front desk staff are easy to work with and help answer any questions.
The programs offered are some of the best in the state with high success rates.
While I experience the same kind of issues that would arise with any community college, SCC has always been helpful in providing a solution to these situations. Great and passionate teachers!
I love this college, all of the teachers I've had so far have been incredibly helpful to me in my studies and work and it's been an amazing experience.
I have made many great memories at Spokane Community College. The classes are kept small (less than 30 students) so the professors can give more attention and care to the students. Most professors are very easily accessible and willing to help with any questions. There are also a ton of recourses available on campus if any student needs help with counseling, tutoring, financial aid, or anything else. Cafeteria food is not good though - I have never bought their food and I don’t think I will until the quality improves.
I am currently in my last quarter as a freshman here at Spokane Community College where I am playing on the women’s soccer team. As a collegiate athlete, most of my free time is spent at practice, in the weight room, or in my coach’s office discussing classes and soccer. I also have a job through the work study program at my college. Another place I spend a lot of my free time is at a local church called Life Center, which is right across the street from Spokane Falls Community College. At Spokane Community College, there is no student housing available, so I live in an apartment with two of my soccer teammates right across the river from campus which is only about 10 minutes away. Overall, I would say that I am very lucky to live in Spokane and attend Spokane Community College.
My counselor has been great about helping me with whatever I need and guiding me in the right direction for where I want to go. Most of my professors have been good and willing to help when its needed.
Let me start off by saying the staff and professors are exceptional at Spokane Community College. I can not explain to you how helpful and knowledgeable they are with everything and anything you would need help with. They are also friendly and welcoming to a "t"!
Excellent college that helps their students succeef. Counselors are helpful and respond back to emails in a timely fashion.
I spent four years in this college. I feel like they could remodel some of their buildings because you can tell that it is wearing down. But overall, all staff members and teachers were ready to help whenever possible which created a very welcoming vibe.
I am beginning my first year. Returning to school in my 30's is daunting but they have made the whole process so easy and have helped me navigate financial aid and scholarships.
Very close-knit college, engaging and fun place to be. Even at the satellites campuses, there's plenty to do and learn.
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I am currently taking my 2nd course both 2year courses. This is my 3rd quarter & i have found there is always someone who can help you with whatever you need to have a good experience and succeed in your goals
My experience at Spokane Community College so far has been wonderful. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. I have been out of school for about 8 years since I graduated in 2010, and the teachers have certainly been patient and understanding with me. They make sure I fully understand the subject and if not they sit down with me and break it down to the best of their knowledge to help me better comprehend. The instructors are very good at giving us students resources. I also am very content with all the additional help that the campus provides. There is a food bank, student center which helps students find jobs, multicultural center which helps with scholarships and so much more. I myself as a struggling single mother has had to utilize the food bank and student center already and I am truly grateful.
All of the staff and anyone on campus is willing to help you and care about you. The professors are very understanding and constantly check inion your understanding giving you great feedback.
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