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Spencerian College - Lexington Reviews

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A very well organized and friendly environment. The staff is highly involved with their students, and do everything they can to help with whatever they need. They are easy to reach, and always contact back as soon as possible.
i would suggest this school to anyone who is ready to jump start their careers.
It is difficult to be a full time student and work.
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After graduating career services at my college will help me with job placement in my field of study.
I really enjoy the small class sizes and the one on one time with professors.
I am in the MLT program which is one of the longer courses at my school but one of the most hands on.
I love the class sizes and the hands on experience.
The staff is very helpful!
I have never had any trouble with the flexibility of my classes. I have never been frustrated with it.
We have no conventional athletics or arts center. We do get involved though in philanthropy. We are active in making donations in money and blood. Our student events are mindful of our focus on our studies. Though inside our own communities we plan things like pot lucks for lunch and give cards to others when someone has accomplished something, someone close to them has died, and when someone has a birthday.
All of my expenses were listed and itemized on paper and was very trait forward.
It's a small private school. We got everything we need. We may not have athletics departments or galleries but at the same time, Everything that I need to keep me focused on what I started my schooling for is here - education, training and any kinds of help that I may need in the future
Before I got accepted into the program, I was already aware of the fact that i will be in school 8-4 everyday. The program that I am currently enrolled only offer day classes mostly because they try to schedule the clinicals around clinic hours.
I bought a laptop before i started school here. Not once did i need to bring it to school to work on any school load. There is always a computer available if i need it. Printing on campus is also student -friendly. As long as it is school related they let you print as much as you want.
They help you work with your resume and apply to prospect employers. They don't just leave you hanging like other schools.
Class sizes are very small, you get more one-on-one training and learning this way. Students get to know each other more and are able to work on study groups if needed because everyone is so friendly. I can be myself and not feel being judged by other people because it's such a small community that everybody help everybody to succeed.
Financial aid director was the best. He is very willing to help even though i wasn't one of the students he's really assigned to deal with, he still answered all of my questions.
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It is very diversed. I go to classes with people that are from different ethnic backgrounds and different age groups (17 - 45). Everybody is very welcoming and friendly, makes someone feel like they belong here.
My mentor and my department director have an open-door policy which i think is the best. They will help you with any questions that you have and they actually make sure that you are learning by checking up with you and meeting up with you at least twice a quarter, making sure you're on track with the program.
Professors makes it very personal for a student to there. They are always willing to help those who have any kinds of questions. They make me feel like my education is really important not just for me but for them as well.

Class work/ Home works are not overwhelming, sometimes, it's a lot but it's do-able. Professors make sure you know what you're learning before you even proceed to the next chapter.

Registration process was a breeze. There's no lines or waits. They actually work with you one-on-one with your registration process.

Plus Fridays and make-up Saturdays are offered for those who needs additional help with the school work. Most faculty is there to help any student go over what they're having trouble with during class hours.
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